How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing The Back of Your Ankle

We all know the pain of shoes that rub the back of your ankle.  When you’re trying to walk from A to B, the last thing you want are shoes digging into the back of your foot and making life difficult.  Walking should be easy and hassle free.  Shoes should enable you to do this, … Read more

Best Bunion Splint in 2022

Regardless of what type of feet you have, whether they’re wide or narrow, large or small, flexible or even tight for that matter, bunions will and always have been a pervasive issue. Bunions cause discomfort, pain, and tension. And when left untreated, not only does it risk negatively impacting your daily life, but it will … Read more

Best Bunion Corrector in 2022

Bunions are not fun. Period. They may look unassuming considering how small and unnoticeable they are especially when footwear is worn, so you can be forgiven for underestimating its impact on daily life. In reality not only are they a sight for sore eyes but they can affect the way one walks, runs, plays sports, … Read more