How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking with 7 simple tricks

How to Stop Squeaking Shoes

You can stop shoes from squeaking by trying the following actions: Place your shoes in the dryer, sprinkle with baby powder, try to soften the sole, add petroleum jelly and rub your soles, Rub WD-40 on saddle soap and finally Repair sloppy heels Related: Can You Super Glue the Sole of a Shoe? Does Saddle … Read more

How to Clean Twisted X Shoes

How to clean Twisted X shoes

Born in August 2005, Twisted X was created due to the popular desire to have quality, innovative, and comfortable footwear for lifestyle, outdoor work, and Western markets, setting it apart from the rest of the industry. Twisted X commonly comes in two types namely, the Roper and the Texas Ranger. In this article, we’re going … Read more

How to Clean the Bottom of the Shoes to Return Them

How to Clean the Bottom of the Shoes to Return Them

Getting a pair of shoes is always a nice feeling. But sometimes, after coming home from a retail store or ordering one online, you’ll realize that it isn’t the perfect fit or you simply don’t want them due to incorrect size or shape. You might have worn them already for 1 day and the outsoles … Read more

Does Shoe Polish Go Bad Or Expire?

Yes, shoe polish has a shelf life. Most shoe polishes endure for several years, however, if left unused in the original container for an extended period, the contents will generally dry out. Because the hardened pieces inhibit correct application, the polish may become less effective or ineffective. That’s the moment shoe polish go bad and … Read more

Do Shoe Stretchers Really Work?

Do Shoe Stretchers Really Work

The simple answer I found is that shoe stretchers really do work, but different fabrics will yield different results and you will need specific stretchers for the job. Natural fabrics will have a lot more give than synthetics and the key is to use plenty of product-specific shoe stretching spray. You will also need a … Read more

How Often Should You Polish Your Shoes?

You bought some high-quality shoes and you want to keep them in pristine condition, and rightfully so, considering how expensive they are nowadays. But while there are a lot of tutorials on how to polish and condition your shoes, there is not enough useful information on how often you should do it and when. How … Read more