Hoka Shoes for Beginners

Best Hoka Shoes for Beginners

The best Hoka shoes for beginners are comfortably cushioned, sturdy, supportive, and protective. Read more here!
Adidas Insole Replacement

Adidas Insole Replacement: What is the best insole for Adidas?

A good Adidas Insole Replacement should have a decent combination of cushioning, shock absorption, and flexibility. Bonus features include an antibacterial and moisture-wicking upper layer, breathability, numerous fit options and support for different arch types, heel cups for stability, and a contoured form. I honestly do not know why, but my daughter loves running. She … Read more
Gorilla Glue vs Shoe Goo

Gorilla Glue Vs Shoe Goo

Falling in love with a pair of shoes is not easy. The more you love a pair, the more you wear it, and the earlier it starts to wear and tear. But unlike most relationships, the love for your shoes doesn’t have to go away. There are literally a thousand ways you can fix your … Read more
Can you super glue the sole of a shoe

Can You Super Glue the Sole of a Shoe?

You can’t use regular super glue to attach a shoe’s sole. To attach a sole to a shoe you can use specialized glues that bond very well, but remain flexible. It is possible to superglue the sole of a shoe, but it may not be a permanent solution and may not hold up well under … Read more

Choosing the Right ESD Workboots for Your Working Environments

If you work near electronics, you need to protect yourself with ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) workboots. Find out when you need an ESD workboot, and where to buy a pair of ESD workboots that will keep you safe and protected.
How to Stop Squeaking Shoes

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking with 7 simple tricks

You can stop shoes from squeaking by trying the following actions: Place your shoes in the dryer, sprinkle with baby powder, try to soften the sole, add petroleum jelly and rub your soles, Rub WD-40 on saddle soap and finally Repair sloppy heels Related: Can You Super Glue the Sole of a Shoe? Does Saddle … Read more
best stripper shoes

Best Stripper Shoes

The best stripper shoes are stylish, comfortable, soft on your feet, and supportive. Read on to discover some of the best stripper shoes.
Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish

Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish?

Yes, saddle soap will remove the polish off your leather shoes. Saddle soap cleans and nourishes the leather by infiltrating the cracks and pores. However, it is critical to use it correctly and cautiously in order to avoid injuring the leather. Continue reading to learn how exactly does saddle soap remove polish and takes care … Read more

Best Wax Shoe Polish: how to revive your shoes?

The best wax shoe polish protects and restores your shoes and help you give them a mirror-like shine. Discover the best wax shoe polish.

Best Liquid Shoe Polish: Does liquid polish work?

The best liquid shoe polish conveniently shines your shoes with little effort and buffing. Read on to discover the best liquid shoe polish.