Safety Shoes for Women – 10 tips to make the best choice


A good pair of safety shoes is one of the most important items a woman can have regarding safety gear. Whether you work in a manufacturing plant, construction site, or any other hazardous environment, safety shoes can help keep you safe and comfortable throughout the day. In this article, we will take a closer look … Read more

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking with 7 simple tricks

How to Stop Squeaking Shoes

You can stop shoes from squeaking by trying the following actions: Place your shoes in the dryer, sprinkle with baby powder, try to soften the sole, add petroleum jelly and rub your soles, Rub WD-40 on saddle soap and finally Repair sloppy heels Related: Can You Super Glue the Sole of a Shoe? Does Saddle … Read more

How to Fix a Cut in Leather Shoes in 1-2-3

How to Fix a Cut in Leather Shoes

Word is out! Leather will always remain a popular material for shoes. Not only are they fashionable, but leather shoes are also a great investment as they become more comfortable the longer you wear them. However, there can be unforeseen circumstances that can sometimes damage your favorite pair of leather shoes. They may start to … Read more

Bobs Shoes vs Toms Shoes: Which is best to buy?

Ethical consumerism is a subject that’s on everybody’s mind. How can we live our best lives and buy things that we can fall in love with, while still helping those who might have less than us? Thankfully, companies are taking note, offering things like ethical sourcing of materials, zero carbon footprint options, and what we’re … Read more

Does Shoe Polish Go Bad Or Expire?

Yes, shoe polish has a shelf life. Most shoe polishes endure for several years, however, if left unused in the original container for an extended period, the contents will generally dry out. Because the hardened pieces inhibit correct application, the polish may become less effective or ineffective. That’s the moment shoe polish go bad and … Read more

What Socks To Wear With White Sneakers

So you’ve chosen the perfect pair of white sneakers, but, you don’t want to mismatch and be someone whose style people raise their eyebrow to! Well, whether it’s for a new style or personality you’re trying to express, white sneakers are the ultimate solution to gaining attention, props from others, and stylishly presenting yourself. We … Read more

How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Pumps

The main reason why your feet slip inside pumps is basically because of a lack of grip in the heel part of the shoe. You need to get that sorted out first in order to prevent slippage in your pumps and feel comfortable wearing them. We are taking a closer look at heel slippage in … Read more

Superfeet Green vs Orange Insoles

Staying comfortable in your shoes boils down to the kind of insoles you have. Therefore, if you start feeling uncomfortable often, it could be an indicator that your insoles need replacement. The problem arises when you have to choose between Superfeet Green and Orange insoles. Which of these two can remain comfortable for a long … Read more