How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Pumps

The main reason why your feet slip inside pumps is basically because of a lack of grip in the heel part of the shoe. You need to get that sorted out first in order to prevent slippage in your pumps and feel comfortable wearing them.

We are taking a closer look at heel slippage in pumps in this guide and will address the problem. There are many ways to fix the slipping problem with your shoes, such as heel grips and invisible socks. We’ll also share with you advice and tips on what you shouldn’t do when wearing pumps.

These aids may include specially designed pads and grips to fit inside your shoes or other preventative measures.

Make the Right Choice

When it comes to heel size of high heel shoes, they differ slightly from the heels found in normal flat shoes. So you need to choose the right heel for a much more comfortable fit to prevent cramped toes and lack of foot support.

Many people will prefer about half a size larger heel with their pumps than they normally use with flat shoes. This will provide ample foot support and help you to walk much easier to prevent heel slippage while you are walking.

Following are a number of ways to help you to prevent slippage while wearing those nice-looking high-heels on your feet. Always select a pump that provides proper support for your feet, heel to toe, to prevent the feet from slipping while walking.

Wear Shoes With Straps

If you find it difficult to find the right shoes for you with enough support for your feet, go for options with straps. Pumps that come with ankle straps included will help to keep your feet in place while you are walking, and they are not easily seen.

For those people who do not mind wearing straps, the more visible T-straps will help to keep your feet securely in place. This type of strap is much stronger than the ankle straps and will keep your feet safe and secure.

Straps will have the advantage of keeping your feet firmly in place, especially if you have problems with that. Many people have the problem where the heel of the foot is slipping out of the shoe, and straps may help.

Closed-Toe Shoes

On very hot days this might not be the best solution, because your feet may start sweating in the shoes. If you do not need to walk a lot outside in the sun or on the hot sidewalk this may just be the solution for you.

Close-toe shoes will help to prevent the feet from slipping forward and thus keep them in place while you are walking. The next time you go shopping for shoes, go straight for this type of pump and simply pass the open toe box shoes.

Closed-toe box shoes also have the advantage that you can use products such as talc powder inside the shoes. Talc powder will help to keep your feet cool and dry to prevent heel slippage while walking with your high heels.

Do Not Use Skin Treatments On Your Feet

If you know you need to go out and wear those pumps, skip treating the feet with lotions and other skin treatments. Those lotions may cause your skin to become too much moisturized and that may cause your feet to slip in the shoes.

Also, skin treatments will cause your skin to produce even more natural moisture and therefore cause slippage while walking. A good way to make sure your feet are dry before putting them in the pumps is to use talc powder on your feet.

The talc powder will help to absorb all moisture from your feet and may help to absorb sweat as well. 

Platform Sole Or Wedge Heels?

Those stilettos look very nice and they make you look good as well, but they are quite difficult to walk with. A platform pump will help to improve the heel slippage and provide more support for your feet.

Wedge heels will also help to have a firm footing while walking and your feet will be more secure inside the shoe. A platform shoe will help to level the feet out so there will be much fewer chances for heel slippage.

You will also feel much safer with these types of heels as it will be much easier to walk with. If you still want to wear those thin heels, try a shorter heel than you normally use to see if it fixes the slippage problem.

Use Heel Grips Or Heel Pads

Heel grips and heel pads are quite easy to install inside the shoe – just peel off the adhesive back and fit inside the shoe. You just need to press the grip or pad firmly inside the shoe that causes your feet to slip.

These grips are designed to be used in the shoe for exactly this purpose and it will cause traction on the feet. This will in turn prevent the feet from slipping and you will have a comfortable grip inside the shoe for a better fit.

For your convenience, these grips will easily stick to the inside of the shoe and cause a non-slip effect. These grips or pads will also help if the shoes are a little too big and slip while you are walking.

Easy Quick-Fixing Tips To Prevent Heel Slippage With Pumps

When you are having problems with heel slipping, try the following fixes to help you out:

  • Instead of the heel grips and heel pads, you can easily use double-sided tape for a quick fix and a bit of comfort
  • Some people spray hairspray over the bottom part of their feet to make the feet a bit sticky so it won’t slip
  • If you are using closed-toe box shoes, stuff your shoes with cotton wool
  • Wear invisible socks or shoe liners to help your feet to have a better grip
  • You can also try tights with built-in grips to prevent your feet from slipping
  • Shoe liners are also quite handy and may work perfectly for some people


Now you know how to prevent heel slippage in pumps so you can look fabulous without the discomfort of these fashionable shoes.