Can You Super Glue the Sole of a Shoe?

Can you super glue the sole of a shoe

You can’t use regular super glue to attach a shoe’s sole. To attach a sole to a shoe you can use specialized glues that bond very well, but remain flexible. It is possible to superglue the sole of a shoe, but it may not be a permanent solution and may not hold up well under … Read more

Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish?

Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish

Yes, saddle soap will remove the polish off your leather shoes. Saddle soap cleans and nourishes the leather by infiltrating the cracks and pores. However, it is critical to use it correctly and cautiously in order to avoid injuring the leather. Continue reading to learn how exactly does saddle soap remove polish and takes care … Read more

Are Vans Non Slip / Slip-Resistant? It depends…

Vans sneakers are non-slip or slip-resistant, for daily use. (so yes, they are slip resistant.) The outsoles of their shoes are made from vulcanized rubber, providing great traction on any surface. Are Vans non-slip certified in working environments? No. A certified slip-resistant shoe is required in working environments like restaurants, cleaning, etc. You might have … Read more

How Do You Clean Farm Boots?

how do you clean farm boots

Last weekend, I was visiting my friend’s farm with my kids. We spend the entire two days helping them out on the field and having a lot of fun. However, the amount of dirt, manure, and other cruds that our boots picked up was insane. We learned how to clean farm boots in order to … Read more

Do Black Socks Make Your Feet Stink

Do Black Socks Make Your Feet Stink

Here is a little known fact. Out of all your body parts, your feet release some of the most amount of sweat throughout the day in order to keep your body cool and your skin moist. This is due to the fact that there are more sweat glands on your feet than anywhere else in … Read more

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

Repositioning the knots on the laces is the best technique to tighten your Hey Dudes. Follow this simple 3-step process: Key takeaway when you’re looking to tighten Hey Dudes: Remove the knots from the shoe’s two sides, tighten the lace to the proper tension, and then tie a knot to keep it from coming undone. … Read more

How to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining : a comprehensive guide

How to fix peeling shoe lining

The best way to repair peeling shoe lining is to use a strong adhesive like super glue or shoe glue. You can restore peeling shoe lining with simple steps if you have the correct tools and procedures. You can fix peeling shoe lining with glue, tape or needle and thread. This article will bring you … Read more

How to Clean Non-Removable Insoles

How to Clean Non-Removable Insoles

A lot of owners, myself included, often clean the surface and the outsole of our shoes while forgetting that insoles are also just as important to keep clean. I have a couple of shoes in my rack I don’t use cause they simply stink! Insoles tend to absorb a lot of sweat and dirt from … Read more

How to Clean Twisted X Shoes

How to clean Twisted X shoes

Born in August 2005, Twisted X was created due to the popular desire to have quality, innovative, and comfortable footwear for lifestyle, outdoor work, and Western markets, setting it apart from the rest of the industry. Twisted X commonly comes in two types namely, the Roper and the Texas Ranger. In this article, we’re going … Read more

How to Clean the Bottom of the Shoes to Return Them

How to Clean the Bottom of the Shoes to Return Them

Getting a pair of shoes is always a nice feeling. But sometimes, after coming home from a retail store or ordering one online, you’ll realize that it isn’t the perfect fit or you simply don’t want them due to incorrect size or shape. You might have worn them already for 1 day and the outsoles … Read more