Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish?

Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish

Yes, saddle soap will remove the polish off your leather shoes. Saddle soap cleans and nourishes the leather by infiltrating the cracks and pores. However, it is critical to use it correctly and cautiously in order to avoid injuring the leather. Continue reading to learn how exactly does saddle soap remove polish and takes care … Read more

Best Saddle Soap

Best Saddle Soap

There are many different brands selling something they call saddle soap, but only a few of them sell the genuine product in its original form. Most add chemicals, and other substitutes to lower their production costs. Since I am very serious about keeping my leather boots intact, I am always in the search for better … Read more

What Do You Use Saddle Soap For?

What do you use saddle soap for

Hot weather is great, and I enjoy summer nights more than necessary, but it has a side effect on my winter gear. Genuine leather becomes cracked and dried from the heat as much as from exposer to UV rays, much like our skin does under sun. I use saddle soap to recondition all my leather … Read more