Best Saddle Soap

There are many different brands selling something they call saddle soap, but only a few of them sell the genuine product in its original form. Most add chemicals, and other substitutes to lower their production costs.

Since I am very serious about keeping my leather boots intact, I am always in the search for better leather conditioners. In time, I learned from experience to select the best ones.

What is the Best Saddle Soap?

Detailed reviews for each of the products in the table are found below.

What is Saddle Soap Good For?

Saddle soap is good for cleaning, maintaining, and conditioning of leather boots, jackets, handbags, belts, furniture, and more. Since leather gets worn out over time, you need a quality care product to protect it against dryness, grime, dirt, and salt stains.

The best saddle soap is mainly produced from lanolin and beeswax. Both of these ingredients are organic derivatives from animals. They moisturize and protect the leather well. It is best to clean your leather goods only with a rag and some saddle soap. No other method will provide the deep cleaning they require.

If you want to learn more about how and why you use saddle soap, then you can check my other article on what do you use saddle soap on. Some people assume that saddle soap is a special cleaning agent made only for the cleaning of horse equipment. However, its sole purpose is to clean and care for all types of leather products. You will certainly extend the lifespan of your boots and shoes when you use it regularly.

How Do You Use Saddle Soap?

It is easy to use saddle soap to clean leather products. You will need two rags, half a cup of warm water, a damp cloth, and a quality shoe brush.

Step 1: Take off the laces, and start by pre-cleaning with the shoe brush to get rid of all dust and mud on your shoes.

Step 2: Get the damp cloth and wipe all around the shoes to get them slightly wet.

Step 3: Open up the saddle soap tin. Dip one of the rags into warm water. Then start rubbing it on the saddle soap to pick up some on the rag.

Step 4: Start rubbing the shoes one by one with the rag.

Step 5: Take the other rag and wipe off any excess saddle soap from the shoes.

Some people complain about the white foam that appears when cleaning with the saddle soap. This is completely normal. It is just a residue from rubbing the soap with the rag or the brush. Most of it should disappear, but you can wipe off the excess amount once you cover and clean all the surfaces with the soap.

It might get a bit tough to decide which saddle soap to buy since there are too many different versions available in the market. But this is your lucky day since I chose only the true ones and listed them below. Please note that you should not use these on suede and nubuck items.

Top 10 Best Saddle Soaps

1. Fiebing’s Saddle Soap

Fiebing's Saddle Soap 12oz - Yellow - Clean, Polish and Maintain Saddles, Shoes, Luggage, Handbags - Thoroughly Cleans & Restores Natural Preservative Leather Oils to Maintain Suppleness & Strength

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This is a true saddle soap in solid form, which is coming from a one hundred-year-old company. Keep in mind that Fiebing’s saddle soap is pretty much the industry standard which all other similar products have to compete and also get measured against. You can use it not only on your boots but also on all of your leather products with ease and comfort. Take leather car seats, for example, apply and clean with some of this saddle soap, and they will look brand new. You are going to love the smell too since this one has a great odor to itself.

Fiebing’s Saddle Soap is a signature product made by the world-famous horse and leather care items manufacturer. The company earned a good reputation for producing high-quality leather cleaning items that are used all over the world. You can apply a small amount on your old, dried out, cracked boots, and bring them back to life.

It is affordable but highly effective. You can clean and polish in one easy step. This product softens and preserves leather immensely. In comparison to other products, you will find that Fiebing’s does a great job at creating a much better lather, and diminishing the appearance of scratches.

Please note that this one will work especially well on darker color leathers. Fiebing’s produces saddle soaps in three different colors; black, white, and yellow. Their weight ranges from 3.5 oz to 5 pounds. And, they also come in liquid forms for your convenience.

2. Bickmore Saddle Soap Plus

Bickmore Saddle Soap Plus - 6.5oz - Leather Cleaner & Conditioner with Lanolin - Restorer, Moisturizer, and Protector

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Bickmore is another brand name that traces its history all the way back to when saddles soap was actually used by cowboys on actual saddles. They produce true leather cleaners, not imitations, and they are all manufactured in U.S.A. The company has been producing leather cleaners and protectors since the 1880s.

One thing I like about this product is that it does not foam much. Plus, it is not only made for harsh leather; you can use it on both soft and hard leather products ranging from saddles to purses. I have seen people using it on dog collars and baseball gloves.

Bickmore makes the perfect saddle soap to get rid of dirt, salt stain, and grime. It contains lanolin, and neatsfoot oil. However, glycerin is the main ingredient that is responsible for moisturizing the leather. It will make your boots, jackets, bags, car seats, etc., all soft and shiny within minutes. Keep in mind that it will darken your boots a little bit. If you are going to use it on lighter colors then check out the next item from Otter.

It is easy to apply with a damp cloth. Make sure you check for colorfastness before using since it is a powerful cleaner. The company also manufactures the best leather conditioners which you can apply after cleaning with the saddle soap.

3. Otter Wax Saddle Soap

Otter Wax Saddle Soap | 2oz | All-Natural Leather Cleaner | Made in USA

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An all-natural leather cleaner in a light color that you can use on both light and dark-colored leather goods. It contains beeswax and lemongrass oil, which are safe ingredients. This product is handmade in Oregon, USA. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly saddle soap then Otter Wax makes one of the best ones. You won’t find anything toxic, silicone, or petroleum inside and it’s made with 100% Natural Ingredients.

You don’t come by a saddle soap that you can also use on suede every day. It is more based on oils in comparison to other saddle soap products. You will notice that this also does not add much shine as others do. I just love the fact that it is handmade. It is very much like buying saddle soap in the early 1900s. Otter Wax makes a pure, unaltered product.

This one is more like a mild cleaner which is great to use as a regular maintenance item. If you are looking for something to remove heavy stains then you should select one of the other leather cleaners listed here. Bickmore saddle soap, for example, makes use of glycerin and lanolin to get rid of stains. However, Otter Wax’s version does not damage your boots in the long run, and you can use it more frequently than rival products. It is quite a gentle cleaner, works as advertised.

4. Fiebing’s White Saddle Soap

Fiebing's Saddle Soap 12oz - White - Clean, Polish and Maintain Saddles, Shoes, Luggage, Handbags - Thoroughly Cleans & Restores Natural Preservative Leather Oils to Maintain Suppleness & Strength

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Here comes another great product from the industry leader Fiebing’s. The main difference here is that you can use this one on light-colored leather products. It will not darken them as much as the other dark color saddle soaps do. You will notice that it is very good at lubricating the fibers to prevent brittleness.

Make sure you always add water to the rag before you start rubbing it on the leather. This is important to create a reasonable amount of suds. It is a high quality, good old saddle soap, made especially for your light-colored leather items. You don’t have to worry about discoloring issues with this one.

But always be gentle with the dyed leathers to be on the safe side. It is an easy to use product, and definitely softens the leather very well. Take good care of your boots with Fiebing’s outstanding cleaners and conditioners.

5. KIWI Saddle Soap

KIWI Saddle Soap 3 1/8 oz

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This is probably the most famous leather cleaner all over the world and there is a reason for it. KIWI is well-known for making perfect shoe care products. It has an impressive list of items ranging from mink oil to saddle soap. The company’s name and logo somewhat became synonymous with high quality in the shoe care industry. Let me put it this way; if I see a KIWI item on sale, then I will probably get it regardless of its purpose. It is that good!

This product is super easy to use, and it comes in a small round tin. You can add water to the lid and use it to damp the cloth before you start rubbing the shoes. It is a straight forward saddle soap that removes all kinds of stains thoroughly. Wax is also included for extra protection, so it is a two-in-one product. It is non-toxic, and extremely gentle on your leather.

6. Fiebing’s Glycerin Saddle Soap Bar

Fiebing's Glycerin Saddle Soap Bar (7oz) - Preserve, Restore and Clean Fine Saddlery, Riding Boots and Other Leathers - Use to Clean Leather Without Drying it Out, Staining or Causing Discoloration

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Glycerin is a very effective moisturizer. It basically draws water from the air into the leather, and creates a thin layer which keeps it hydrated. Fiebing’s saddle soap use this strong humectant to make your leather products soft, moist, and supple. You will get a more satin-like finish when you apply it on your shoes, boots, belts, etc.

You don’t have to worry about drying out your boots as other saddle soaps do if you use them too often. Another benefit is that glycerin soap does not discolor; meaning the leather will not darken as you clean it. This is a major issue with all regular saddle soap products.

You can use it on all types of leather products. However, do not use it on suede or nubuck. This glycerin bar is a perfect preservative and cleaner which will certainly become dispensable in your leather cleaning routine. It is one of my favorite saddle soap products. You do not have to use large amounts. Apply as little as you like since it is highly effective. Give some time afterwards to fully dry.

Fiebing’s glycerin saddle soap bar is one of those favorite products that you will probably recommend to all your friends. Please note that it does not come with a base to work as a holder as most other saddle soaps do.

7. Farnam Leather New Easy-Polishing Glycerine Saddle Soap

Farnam Leather New Easy-Polishing Glycerine Saddle Soap and Leather Saddle Cleaner, Protects and Preserves Leather, Cleans, Conditions and Polishes, 32 Oz.

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This is a liquid glycerin saddle soap that comes in an easy spray bottle. Liquid saddle soaps are obviously much easier to apply compared to solid saddle soaps. Protecting and preserving the color and texture of your leather is made more manageable with the sprayer attachment. It spreads nicely on the surface of the leather. You can either spray it directly, or spray on a rag first, and then wipe with it.

You have to love this one; it simultaneously cleans, conditions, and polishes. The perfect way to remove embedded dirt, grime, and debris from your leather boots and shoes. Plus, it allows you to get rid of any bad smell that is stuck on them too.

It will not darken a light color leather, but you better remove it quickly to be on the safe side. For dark color leathers, keep until it dries out naturally. You will also notice that you get a longer-lasting shine with Farnam glycerin saddle soap which is just great.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to use too much to get a good result. Get some and bring a little life on to your leather goods. You can be sure that this item will not disappoint. Use it on all types of leather, including furniture and accessories.

8. OAKWOOD Liquid Saddle Soap

OAKWOOD Liquid Saddle Soap, Neutral, 16.9 oz, (50-2156)

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If you are looking for strong saddle soap to remove a heavy stain, then you should try Oakwood’s liquid soap. It sure is a heavy-duty item but still manages to remove dirt and grime gently. The added strength comes from its unique formula which is neutral pH balanced. The special formula is not only great for non-stripping cleansing but it also allows the soap to clean while hydrating. It is certainly much more concentrated than other similar products.

Glycerin is the main ingredient used and it is odorless. Being fragrance-free is a nice feature to have with any saddle soap since some of them have heavy odors. You are going to love its consistency. You can use it on any leather item from old boots to antique furniture with confidence. Also, note that this one does not harm stitching as some solid saddle soaps do. Plus, you will not see much residue afterward.

It is very easy to use but watch out for the bottle since it tends to spill easily. This product could simply become your favorite saddle soap with its strong cleaning power. It is not greasy or sticky; you can apply the Oakwood liquid saddle soap by using a soft sponge.

9. BENTLEY Liquid Glycerine Saddle & Leather Conditioner Soap

BENTLEY'S Liquid Glycerine Saddle & Leather Conditioner Soap - 32 oz Spray Bottle

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This spray bottle liquid saddle soap leaves no residue whatsoever. It is a tested formula that’s been in use for the last 65 years. Works best on car seats and home upholstery. That is why it is a must-have for every car detail store. If you are looking for a solution to make your car seats look brand new again, then you have found the one.

Use it to soften leather as it provides great moisture. Fix cracks and clean well effortlessly. Bentley liquid glycerin soap will work wonders once you start using it regularly for the care and maintenance of your leather products. It leaves no residue and is very practical with the easy spray cap attached.

10. Fiebing’s Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap

Fiebing's Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap for Horse 16 fl oz

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This is the other great signature product from Fiebing’s on our list. The company is well known for its leather lubricating products. They are all manufactured in USA. This one is also no exception; it is perfect for maintaining suppleness and strength while providing deep cleaning. You can use it on various leather products. It works extra good on smooth surfaces.

Fiebing’s liquid glycerin comes in different sizes and it is formulated in yellow color. It fights brittleness by soaking into leather fibers. Just spray a little on the leather and then wipe off with clean cloth or rag. That is all there is to it. You should see the dirt coming off to the cloth immediately. This product is extremely convenient. You don’t need a lot of accessories and rituals to clean and care for your old boots when you use Fiebing’s liquid saddle soap. Just spray a little, and then wipe off thanks to the ready-to-use mixture.