Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish?

Yes, saddle soap will remove the polish off your leather shoes. Saddle soap cleans and nourishes the leather by infiltrating the cracks and pores. However, it is critical to use it correctly and cautiously in order to avoid injuring the leather. Continue reading to learn how exactly does saddle soap remove polish and takes care for your leather shoes.

Does saddle soap remove polish from your shoes?

As I was waiting in line to get my morning dose of espresso at my favorite coffeehouse this morning, I noticed how well polished the shoes of the man standing next to me were. If you have a passion for shoes like me, you will always have an eye for classy pairs.

Polish can easily add or detract from the looks of any shoe. You need to know the right amount to use. If you apply too many layers, then it can mess things up rather than making them beautiful.

Does Saddle Soap Remove Polish?

Yes, saddle soap most definitely will remove polish and you actually want it to. The purpose of saddle soap is to clean off the surface of the leather so that it can then seep in every crack and pore, feeding the leather. Make sure to read on to better understand how that is achieve and how safe the process if for your shoes!

How Does Saddle Soap Work to Remove Polish?

If you need to remove polish from your shoes, then you probably applied the wrong color polish. It could also be that you applied too much so that the shoes look rather dirty instead of shiny and clean. No worries though, it is easy to remove polish from your shoes with the help of saddle soap.

  • Before you start, make sure to take off the laces from the shoes. Otherwise, you might discolor them by applying saddle soap accidentally. Since they have a tendency to get in your way, you had better not take any chances.
  • Next, get a damp cloth and wipe your shoes all around so they get a bit moist all over. This step has 2 purposes: we take off the dust from the shoes, and we also get them wet so that the saddle soap can be easily applied.
  • Get a rag or similar and deep it in warm water. Saddle soap is solid. You need a wet, warm cloth to be able to pick up some from the soap tin easily. Start rubbing the soaped rag on the shoes in a circular motion. Once the saddles soap has cut through the shoe polish and has reached and fed the leather use a different rag to clean off the excess.
  • Repeat the same process until both shoes are cleaned thoroughly. You can also use an applicator brush instead of rag if you like. These are small brushes about 1 inch or so which can be used for cleaning hard to reach corners.

You can apply new polish once the shoes are dried well.

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Is Saddle Soap Safe for Your Shoes?

Saddle soap is a special cleaner designed for leather products. It is safe for your shoes, but you don’t need to apply them when they are fairly new. This is because its main purpose is a deep cleaning. Another side effect is that the stitches on the leather also gets weakened. You better start cleaning with the saddle soap once your boots and shoes get old.

You will notice that your shoes get darker when you clean them with saddle soap. Alkaline and raw oils in the soap are responsible for this. However, if you choose the best saddle soap, then you can minimize this effect, and rip the benefits. Stay away from the cheap versions which could do more harm than good.

Saddle soap is made to be used on thick leather. As the name suggests, saddles are very sturdy in order to be able to stand long rides. Therefore, hard leathers on winter boots, work boots, and hiking boots are more suitable for this cleaning and maintenance. Fragile stilettos may not be a good fit.

Most people also use saddle soap to get rid of excess polish buildup. Excessive amounts of anything can be harmful; too much polish, for example, will only make your shoes look stained. There are many methods to solve this issue, and saddle soap is the easiest and most effective.

Do not use saddle soap too often, though. Once a month should be more than enough. You might damage your shoes if you overuse it. And don’t forget to add a conditioner afterward! You may consider using mink oil instead of a conditioner if you want a more natural, traditional solution.

Can You Clean Suede with Saddle Soap?

Never attempt to clean suede with saddle soap. It is highly porous, and will absorb all the wet material from the saddle soap. That will, in turn, stain the suede very severely. Unfortunately, this damage is irreparable most of the time. Suede is much softer than leather and special care must be taken when cleaning tough stains. You could easily make things worse if you use the wrong cleaning agents.

There are alternative methods to clean suede boots and jackets. First, get a suede brush, and try to brush in the direction of fibers. Don’t just move the brush back and forth during cleaning. Keep in mind that the suede is fragile and you could harm the shoes with the brush accidentally. If the stains are really resistant, then move onto other options.

You can also get a suede eraser and try to rub off the stains on your shoes. Some people prepare their home version of suede cleaners which consist of corn flour, white vinegar, and other ingredients. However, a professional suede cleaner from a well-known company is always a better option.

Saddle soap is a handy leather cleaner, but unfortunately, it is not suitable for cleaning stains on suede materials. Most companies who sell saddle soap also have special products solely devoted to cleaning suede and soft leather. Never risk your beautiful suede boots and jackets; always use the cleaning agents made especially for suede maintenance and care.

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