Best Electric Shoe Polisher

Most of us do not have the time to massage the cream into our shoes. I barely have the time to clean my shoes before heading off to work! Perhaps that is why, in my experience, an electric shoe polisher will do a better job of polishing the shoes than I will. You use the same amount of time as you would if you were in a hurry to clean your shoes, but the brush hits the shoes so much more often.

Best electric shoe polisher: How do you use an electric shoe polisher?

One of my favorite videos on shoes is a Youtube show by a Japanese guy showing us how to polish shoes. If that description alone does not tell you much, think of the tea ceremony, or any time you have seen someone meditate only applied to cleaning shoes.

This guy massages the cream into the shoe by hand. Do I need to say more? You can imagine an electric shoe polisher is as far from what that guy would use as humanly possible.

However, I want to make a case for the electric shoe polisher.

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What is the Best Electric Shoe Polisher?

So here is my favorite electric shoe polisher, the one I use every day, and the runners up I was considering before buying this one.

  1. Viiwuu Electric Shoe Polisher – this is a USB rechargeable shoe polisher. Welcome to the twenty-first century everyone!
  2. Usamyna Electric Shoe Polisher – just as modern as the Viiwuu but charges on a base and that makes it a little bit more inconvenient.
  3. Sunpentown Electric Shoe Polisher – a hotel style shoe polisher that can be conveniently located in any regular home.

How to Use a Shoe Polisher

It should be said at the onset that there are 2 types of electric shoe polishers. There are the handheld units, the Viiwuu and the Usamyna are prime examples. And there are floor electric shoe polishers like the Sunpentown, that are extremely easy to use so I will talk more about that when I get to review them.

A handheld electric shoe polisher is just as easy to use as an electric toothbrush, although it would be a fairer comparison to think of it as a car polisher. However, I suspect there are more people who have transitioned from a regular toothbrush to an electric one than those who have personally polished the car.

What is the best way to polish shoes with a electric shoe polisher?

Just as with an electric toothbrush, the challenge is to transition from using long, brushing motions to super slow, almost static ones. The thing to remember is that the polisher is doing the job for you, so all you need to do is to gently move it from one area of the shoe to another.

  1. Start by using the cleaning head, which looks like an actual brush, to clean any layers of dirt and dust off the shoe.
  2. Use the oil brush to damp cream from spot to spot on the shoe.
  3. Continue with the same brush, on low setting, to spread the cream across the shoe and into the leather.
  4. Use the polishing head to polish the shoe. Make sure to glide the machine over the surface of the shoe and not press down too hard. Also, resist the urge to use hand motions to polish the shoe.
Quick and easy way to polish a leather shoe with an electric shoe polisher by FounD.Lifestyle

Best Electric Shoe Polishers

Now, if you decide not to use the Japanese style of polishing shoes, here is my in-depth review of the best electric shoe polishers on the market.

1. Viiwoo Electric Shoe Polisher

Electric Shoe Brush, Viiwuu Upgrate Portable Handheld Automatic Electric Shoe Shine Polisher Leather Care for Bags Car Seat Sofa Dish Cleaning Tools Kit (Red)

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The Viiwoo is a handheld electric shoe polisher that can be charged via a USB cable from any other device that works as a USB outlet, including your laptop, the car’s smartphone charger or one of those hotel style power plugs with build-in USB ports.

The Viiwoo has 4 interchangeable heads, including a polishing brush, dust brush, oil brush and brightening brush. The battery lasts for about an hour if fully charged, so I would not recommend this if you plan to become a shoe-polishing boy in one of those 40s movies.

I have found that the polishing head does most of the work and that sometimes it is faster to use a soft, hand-held brush, to get the cream into the leather of the shoe. Once that is done, though, the polishing head does such a better job than I have ever done by using a regular brush.

2. Usamyna Electric Shoe Polisher

HANXIUCAO Multi-Function Electric Shoe Polishing Machine Cleaning Brush Sneakers Handheld Cleaner Leather Shoes Portable Shoe Polisher Leather Sofa Care Brush (red)

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I can only assume that the Usamyna was designed and targeted to appeal to women. Although interesting, I do not understand the need for a bright, red base that you need to rest the device in especially since the polisher is battery-powered. It does look good, but I am not a fan of displaying my shoe-cleaning brushes so ostentatiously.

There is also the fact that the Usamyna comes with five different types of heads, some of which are specifically designed to be used on bags and purses. Having never polished a bag, there is very little I can say about that, but I would agree that they are probably handy.

The one area where the Usamyna outshines the Viiwoo, even from a shoe-polishing point of view, is that it has a maintenance brush, which is softer than the regular dirt-cleaning brush, but still not as soft as the polishing head. It is great for cleaning light debris and dust off the shoes, and it even puts some of the original polish back into the finish.

3. Sunpentown Electric Shoe Polisher

Sunpentown UC-989 Dual-Buffer Shoe Polisher w/Lamb Wool buffers

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If you have ever paid attention at the entrance of a posh hotel, there will be a big, electric shoe polisher. That same concept, designed to fit in a modern home is the Sunpentown. It can easily be fit into any hallway, and it is a quick way of giving your shoes a quick polish before you walk out the door.

The Sunpentown can be filled with liquid shoe polish and it will distribute it when polishing your shoes. You need to be careful with making sure that you do not end up polishing brown shoes with black shoe polish in the reservoir or the other way around.

The other important aspect to consider is that the Viiwoo may not be the Japanese way of polishing shoes, it at least polishes the entire shoe, including the back. The Sunpentown is primarily used to polish just the front part of the shoes, so you may want to buy them both if you are to keep your shoes in tip-top shape.

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