Best Shoe Stretcher for Bunions

I was cleaning my closet in preparation for the summer when I stumbled upon a pair of shoes I received as a present last Christmas. It was a pair of expensive-looking brown leather shoes, and I could not afford to wear them because of my bunions. I always wore sandals and seldom ever wore shoes because of them.

I knew I couldn’t throw the shoes away or dash them out, they were so beautiful. So I had to ask myself, “What’s the best way to go about wearing shoes with bunions?” I discovered the secret to achieving this and I will reveal it to you shortly.

Presently, I’m standing by the counter in my pair of brown leather shoes, about to pay for three new pairs of shoes when it occurs to me to write this article because I want you to know that you could wear whatever shoes you want with your bunions if you know…

The Best Shoe Stretcher for Bunions

The secret to getting the best out of your shoes after stretching them is in using the right stretcher. For bunions, the best shoe stretcher is the Foot fitter Ball and Ring bunion stretcher and the following are some of its benefits;

  • It ensures comfort for your feet
  • It is more than a stretcher, it is also a health tool
  • It won’t leave easily noticed bumps or marks on your shoes
  • It comes in one size and can be used on different shoe materials and shoe sizes
  • It helps to prevent your shoes from rubbing on vulnerable toe areas or pressure points

The Foot Fitter Ball and Ring Bunion Stretcher

FootFitter Cast Iron Ball & Ring Shoe Stretcher, Spot Stretching Device, Target Stretching for Bunion, Corn & Hammertoes - Black

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The Foot Fitter Ball and Ring Bunion Stretcher is an Improvement on Shoe Stretchers, Let me Tell You More about it.

Two things inform the name of this stretcher- its design and its purpose.

The stretcher is designed in a ball and ring form. It is made to stretch specific spots on your shoes by pushing out your footwear’s material and can reach far into the toe box to create the needed bulges. It is equally made of cast iron to guarantee its durability and effectiveness on any kind of shoe material.

Although it is specially designed with bunions in mind, it also serves the needs of other related feet peculiarities such as corns and hammertoes.

But that’s not all. You could learn to use this shoe stretcher in less than 60 secs as it is the least complicated shoe stretcher there is.

What Other Types of Shoe Stretcher for Bunions Are There?

It is always good to have options, but truth is, you can’t get the comfort Foot fitter Ball and Ring Bunion stretcher gives from any other shoe stretcher.

However, let’s say you are in dire need of a shoe stretcher but cannot find it, what alternative shoe stretcher should you get?

The regular shoe stretchers do not work for bunions. However, the addition of spot-stretching plugs to certain shoe stretchers will make them ‘almost’ efficient. Such shoe stretchers which allow for this addition are:

The 2- way Shoe Stretcher

The 2-way shoe stretcher, as the name implies, stretches the shoes lengthwise and widthwise. Using it for bunions will necessitate the insertion of spot-stretching plugs. These plugs are inserted at pressure points to cause a bulge there.

It is ideal to use this stretcher when in addition to relieving pressure points, you wish to stretch your shoes lengthwise and widthwise.

The 1- way Shoe stretcher

This stretches the toe box by widening it for a better fit. This, like the 2- way shoe stretcher, uses spot-stretching plugs to create relief on pressure points for bunions. As the name implies, it works only one way- widthwise.

Should You Choose a Regular or Ball and Ring Bunion Shoe Stretcher?

To make a decision on this, you need to consider what you wish to achieve with the stretcher. Do you wish to expand your shoes? If yes, then, by all means, get a regular shoe stretcher. But if you need a shoe stretcher for bunions, then you should definitely get the Foot fitter Ball and Ring Bunion stretcher. Look, there’s ‘bunion’ in its name for a reason!

The Ball and Ring Bunion shoe stretcher leaves nothing left to the imagination when giving comfort to your feet.

Before I found out about this stretcher, I used the 1- way shoe stretcher with spot-stretching plugs. It succeeded in expanding my toe boxes when all I wanted was a little bulge. I ended up feeling uncomfortable because it felt like there was too much space for my toes and that often affected my confidence while walking.

N.B.: After-effect of shoe stretchers should never make you lose confidence in your walking steps.

Using regular stretchers such as the 2-way shoe stretcher for bunions will do more disservice than service as you will end up stretching the length and/or width of your shoe. Of course, you do not want this.

The other stretchers, such as the high heel shoe stretcher, toe box raiser, vamp and instep raiser, and boot stretchers are only perfect for the functions which their names connote.

In addition to the already stated benefits discussed earlier in this article, the ball and ring bunions shoe stretcher adds confidence to your walking step. You walk confidently, knowing your toes won’t rub against your shoes and you don’t have to go home to nurse sore toes.

An exclusive benefit of using the Foot Fitter Ball and Ring bunion stretcher is that it saves you money. As a one-size-fit-all stretcher, you don’t have to buy different stretchers for different shoe sizes. The same stretcher could work effectively on a size 10 shoe and on a size 4 shoe. Other stretchers are made to size and cannot offer you this luxury.

The stretcher also works efficiently on different parts of a shoe, unlike the other stretchers which work only on specific parts. This is why it- the Ball and Ring Bunion shoe stretcher- is often referred to as a versatile stretcher.

Shoe Stretchers for Bunions Reviewed

1. Foot Fitter Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

FootFitter Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher - Stretches Length & Width, Durable Metal, Dense Plastic & Wood, Shoe Expander - Men's L (US 11-13)

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There’s a reason this shoe stretcher is highly rated. The Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher by Foot Fitter is the complete package and offers the following benefits;

  • Sizes: It comes in different sizes
  • Serves special needs: It can be used with spot-stretching plugs
  • Dual-function: It effectively stretches your shoes both lengthwise and widthwise. This is an improvement on the 1- Way Shoe Stretcher which stretches the shoes only widthwise
  • Money conservation and Versatility: It works perfectly for both the left and right shoes, thus, erasing the fear of having to buy two shoe stretchers for the different feet
  • Unisex: It can be used on both female and male foot wears.
  • For use on: sneakers, dress shoes, flats, hiking shoes and all flat-sole leather or fabric foot wears.

P.S.: It’s not for use on boots, high heels, steel, narrow, wide or rubber toe foot wears.

It features:

  • A lengthening wheel which works to move the heel block
  • A heel block which can be turned to stretch the length of the shoe
  • A widening handle, which functions to open and close the toe block
  • A toe block which has multiple spot-stretching plug slots. This is where you insert the spot-stretching plugs to create bulges that ease pressure points for bunions, corns, hammertoes etc.

The materials this product is made of, which are- rubber, wood, steel, and hard plastic have been intentionally selected to ensure durability while serving you.

Every part of this shoe stretcher works in unison to give your feet the most comfortable experience.

2. Foot Fitter Men’s Professional Western Cowboy Boot Stretcher

FootFitter Heavy Duty Premium Professional Cowboy/Western Boot Stretcher, Stretches Loosens & Widen Tight Cowboy Boots, Strong & Durable Construction - Men's US 4-6/Women's 5-7.5

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With another high rating, the Western Cowboy Boot Stretcher is for use on style boots that are too narrow. It works by:

  • Loosening the toe area
  • Relieving pain at pressure spots with the use of spot-stretching plugs

The Western Cowboy Boot Stretcher is a simple, easy to use shoe stretcher with the following benefits;

  • It comes in different sizes
  • It can be used on both the left and right shoe
  • It satisfies diverse feet needs such as bunions, corns, hammertoes etc., with the insertion of spot-stretching plugs.

The following are the features of the Western Cowboy Boot Stretcher:

  • Stainless steel mechanics
  • 8 plug holes for inserting spot-stretching plugs
  • A toe block which stretches the width of the shoe
  • A widening handle for turning open and close the toe block
  • The toe block is crafted from polished German beech wood
  • Jointed center rods which allow you to operate from the top of the boot
  • It can be used only on Western Cowboy boots as the name connotes

P.S: Do not use this stretcher for safety, steel toe or most modern boots, as its angled midsole could deform such boots.

The Western Cowboy Boot stretcher stretches the width of your boots to give you the comfort you deserve. For the best result, leave the stretcher in for at least 6 – 8 hours.

3. Foot Fitter Cast Iron Ball and Ring Bunion Shoe Stretcher Spot Stretching Device

FootFitter Cast Iron Ball & Ring Shoe Stretcher, Spot Stretching Device, Target Stretching for Bunion, Corn & Hammertoes - Black

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Quite often, this stretcher is simply referred to as ball and ring stretcher or bunion stretcher. This is because it is designed in a ball and ring form and is uniquely designed for bunions although it works for corns, hammertoes, and other related specialties.

The benefits of choosing this stretcher would include:

  • You choose your comfort style: The Foot fitter ball and ring bunion stretcher can reach far inside your shoes. This allows you to work on the toe box area to your satisfaction
  • Good for peculiar feet needs: such as bunions, corns, and hammertoes. This is because it allows you to create the bulges where needed without having to expand on the length or width of the shoe when you don’t want to. Only this stretcher can afford you this benefit.
  • Versatility: it works on different parts of the shoe. Unlike other shoe stretchers which will expand only specific areas of the shoe, this will work perfectly on any part of the shoe you set it to work on. It also works on different shoe materials and types
  • One size fits all: you will not need to buy different Foot fitter Ball and Ring bunion stretchers for different shoe sizes. One will work perfectly for all shoe sizes
  • Durability: The Foot fitter Ball and Ring bunion stretcher is made of cast iron. This ensures its durability

4. Atrex Professional Bunion Stretcher

Professional Bunion Stretcher

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Designed similarly to a plier, the perfect rated Atrex professional bunion stretcher has left a lot of users satisfied. It has all the benefits of a bunion shoe stretcher.

  • It’s made of tough hardened metal to ensure it lasts long
  • This professional ball and ring stretcher alleviates shoe pressure points
  • It is perfect for bunions and anything that needs specific spot-stretching

Features of the Atrex Professional Bunion Stretcher

  • This stretcher can somewhat be divided into two parts- the ball and ring part and the metal lock part
  • The ball and ring creates the needed bulge, while the metal lock creates the pressure and keeps the ball and ring in place

A simple guide on how to use the Atrex Professional Bunion Stretcher

  • The ideal way of using this stretcher is by placing the ball inside with the ring outside
  • Squeeze the handles till you get the desired pressure after which you transfer the knob on the metal lock to the other part
  • Spin the knob until it’s fully locked in place.
  • For the best result, leave the stretcher in over-night

5. Keven Anna Wooden Shoe Stretcher

KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Shoe Trees, Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women (Medium)

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You do not need to break-in your new shoes by wearing them. This often hurts and could leave you with sore feet. It’s 100% comfier and faster to break-in new shoes and expands old ones with a Keven Anna pair of Premium Professional Shoe Trees shoe stretcher.

The benefits of this stretcher are:

  • It works perfectly for both male and female shoes
  • It has bunion plugs/ plug holes for inserting spot-stretching plugs
  • It comes in a pair of each foot. This gives you a perfect after-shoe-stretching effect
  • Although it’s a 2-way stretcher, you can choose to increase only the length or width of your shoe. Trying to increase one dimension will not affect the other, except you will it to
  • It is suitable for a variety of footwears such as sandals, casual shoes, canvas, sports shoes, flats, peep toes, pumps, and 5cm or less heels. However, they are not suitable for use in wide or narrow width shoes


Amongst other things to learn about shoe stretchers, it is vital to know how to use them. You won’t get the desired result if you do not know how to use your shoe stretcher(s). Before using any shoe stretcher be sure to spray a shoe stretch spray both inside and outside the shoes. Also, since it is unanimously agreed that leaving the shoe stretcher in the shoe for up to, and more than 24 hours produces a lasting result, ensure you do that.

Also, quite often your choice of shoe-stretcher is often informed by the need you have. Different shoe stretchers serve different purposes. It is important to know what the shoe stretcher you intend to get does. Therefore, I have written about some common shoe stretchers in this article.

For bunions, Foot fitter Ball and Ring Bunion shoe stretchers are like superheroes. They save your shoes from being thrown away or neglected. They save you money you would have spent on getting a new pair of shoes or walking around uncomfortably in ill-fitting ones. They give you extra confidence.

So, hurry! Boost your confidence by buying one Foot Fitter Ball and Ring Bunion shoe stretchers for yourself now!