Best Insoles for Military Boots

It is easy to say that the military does a lot for our safety while we are sitting in our comfortable homes, safe in our beds. We do not know the extent of the harsh conditions they have to face to ensure that security. When it rains, we rush inside shelters. These shelters are usually temperature controlled, so we are warm in winters and cool in summers. The dryness, intensity of heat, humidity, and the biting cold are foreign concepts for us.

To endure such conditions, all the while maintaining training levels, surely put a strain on your feet. While you may not instantly feel it, but continually moving around and running on uneven and hard surfaces causes a lot of wear and tear. It starts with the feet, but your ankles, knees, and back feel the aftereffects of the strain as well. 

For a heavy-duty occupation, you need equally heavy-duty insoles to take some of the pressure off. Below is a list of our top selections for high-performance insoles to place inside military boots.

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Best Insoles for Military Boots

Sof Sole Men’s AIRR Performance Full-Length Insole

Sof Sole Men's Airr Insole, Black, 9-10.5

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Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with bubbles. My most incredible frustration in life used to be that they pop when you come in contact with them. More times than I care to admit, I also tried to walk on bubbles in the bath. If you imagine what that must feel like, it will probably be akin to stepping inside a bouncy castle, cushioned at all sides.

With these insoles, you do not have to imagine the feeling, and can actually experience it. The heel and arch region contain air bubbles to absorb all grievous shocks experienced while training. Another benefit is that the top layer of these insoles has wicking technology that not only keeps your feet dry but protected against bacteria.

Carhartt Insite Technology Footbed CMI9000 Insole

Carhartt Men's Insite Technology Footbed CMI9000 Insole, Black, 10 M US

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The thought process that went into creating this insole is unparalleled. 120,000 3D scans were taken of different feet to ensure that their design contours itself to every curve. Once molded around the shape of your feet, they will prove to be a perfect fit and provide maximum comfort. 

The top layer of this insole is covered with a suede fabric, which aids in an enhanced grip. As compared to other insoles, these have about 30% additional grip that, in turn, reduces your foot slipping inside your shoes.

These insoles are also divided into two distinct foam layers. Both layers work in unison to compress and retract. These motions take the strain off your feet and allow them to rebound quickly. You do not need to worry about fatigue from training all day with these.

Dr. Scholl’s WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles (Men's 8-14) // All-Day Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Hard Surfaces (Packaging May Vary), 1 Count

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I have frequently suggested to people who are on their feet all day to consult foot doctors regarding their aches. However, a lot of times, that doctor these people turn to is Dr. Scholl. Now, I have no qualms against the credentials of Dr. Scholl. Their products are designed, keeping in mind the kind of stress a foot can endure.

Instead of removing your shoes after a long day and giving yourself a foot massage, these insoles provide that service while you walk. The gel contains a responsive wave that not only absorbs adverse shocks at sensitive areas of the foot but also equally keeps distributing your weight.

There are extra paddings and reinforcement in the forefoot and arch to keep your feet healthy.

Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

Timberland PRO mens Anti Fatigue Technology Insole-m shoe insoles, Orange, 14-15 M US

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A lot of times, when you sit down after a long day, you realize that your feet also feel very tired. You require some added support that will provide cushioning and give energy to your feet for all the tasks you need to accomplish. These Timberland insoles are specially made to drive away fatigue. It is done through their honeycomb design that takes the brunt of all shocks.

Secondly, these insoles are durable. No matter what kind of stress you put them through, may it be chasing down leads in the middle of the jungle, they will keep bouncing back, even with consistent use.

They are made from high-quality foam, which ensures that these insoles will last you for some time without requiring a replacement.

Wnnideo Full Length Thick Shoe Insoles

Wnnideo Full Length Thick Shoe Insoles Men Memory Foam Shoes Insert with Arch Support - Premium Cushioning Orthopedic Shoe Insoles for Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis, Running Men (Army Green, 12)

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When I look at these insoles, they remind of a quilt cover, but for your feet. If I could, I would attach pieces of my quilt to the inside of my shoes. Alas, these insoles will save all blankets from being dismembered. You can rest assured that the foam will cushion your whole foot.

Besides the padding, there is an arch shell to help you gain control over your movements. The shell is flexible and will allow you to guide your foot wherever required. There is also a u-shaped present in the heel region to provide you with stability when on the move.

Trek Support Work Gel Insole

Trek Support Work Gel Insole Men, Size 8-14, 1 Pair

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Trekking insoles are perfect for military conditions as they are made to endure changing weathers, as well as navigating through challenging terrains. The last thing you need while you are in the middle of nowhere is for your whole leg to cramp up due to the stress.

These insoles have a gel center placed in a geometric design to ensure that shock absorption is done effectively. So, even if you need to be on your feet for more than twelve hours a day, you will be supported throughout it. In case the exertion makes your feet sweaty, the velvet top layer will repel all moisture and ensure air flows through.

MEGAComfort MEGASole Anti-Fatigue Insoles

MegaSole Gel Enhanced Memory Foam Insole W5-6-7

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These insoles deliver on the expectation created by their name by providing mega comfort. This is done through their combination of gel and foam that molds itself around the foot to provide balance, padding, and support. Since this is memory foam, it will remember the foot’s contours while in use and bounce back after each use. 

Military boots, as compared to regular shoes, are even more enclosed. When your feet are in a tight space, the environment inside the shoes starts to get damp. The dampness can cause discomfort, bacteria growth, and your feet might even slip inside the boots.

To prevent this from happening, these insoles have aeration holes to allow a natural flow of air, and there are silver ions embedded in the top layer to repel foul odors.

JobSite Heavy Duty Boot Support Insole

JobSite Heavy Duty Boot Support Insole - Large

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Just a side note, this may not even be the most significant feature, but most insoles are generally either blue or yellow, and the bright red of these insoles is a nice change. Do not fret; there are redeeming features other than the color as well.

These insoles are meant to adapt to any situation you are placed in. Whether it is a casual patrol, a hike, or a training camp, these insoles will shield you against any foot-related injuries by keeping your foot aligned.

No matter what site you have to visit, the inserts will be negating each harmful shockwave on their way!

Rothco Military And Public Safety Insoles

Rothco Military/Public Safety Insoles, Black, 10-11

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When I first saw these insoles, I immediately associated the color green with the military. As the name already suggests, these insoles are not your usual high-activity protectors. They were made particularly for rough terrains and hard use. Considering they are also made from leather; the material is one of the most durable ones available.

For the military lifestyle, there are two requirements that these insoles fulfill. Firstly, they will provide comfort to your feet and legs even if you have been walking for three days straight. Secondly, their performance will not fail you during your rough journey.

Sorbothane Maximum Duty Work Insoles

Sorbothane Maximum Duty Work Insoles #F

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When we talk about the side effects of continuously being on your feet, they include a multitude of symptoms and pains. There are certain problems that can develop such as blisters, splints, and in more severe cases, back pain and plantar fasciitis. In simple terms, the vessels present in your foot can become inflamed and cause significant hurt.

Prevention will always be better than treatment, and these insoles will help shield against all kinds of potential aches. They will not lose their effectiveness, rather keep your foot cradled to ensure cushioning with every step you take.

Best Insoles for Military Boots Buying Guide

Before you purchase insoles, you need to analyze the conditions you will be in beforehand. You could be in a desert with no civilization for miles. You could be in the mountains living among the trees. Wherever you may be, you will remain there for a set amount of time.

Hence, keep the following attributes in mind:


I cannot stress this point enough. You will likely be stationed somewhere from 4-6 months minimum. You will not find stores on every corner where replacement insoles can be found, so you need to find a pair that will last. No matter the material they are made out of, make sure that it is of the highest quality. 

A hack here is to look for either very athletic insoles or those made for a difficult working environment. These particular inserts do not flatten out after a few uses and maintain their shape even after a full day of training.


You might think that all insoles have ventilation systems pre-installed. That is not the case. Either the material itself can be breathable, or vents are present inside the insole to allow airflow. In both cases, it will be mentioned with the insole description. This airflow is necessary to keep your feet from perspiring. Sweaty feet lead to foul odors and potential fungal infections.

On the same subject, your insole must have a mechanism to stave off bacteria. May it be through ions, copper, wicking, or a top antimicrobial layer, as long as microorganisms cannot reproduce, you should be good to go.


Your selection of material depends on your preferences. Most commonly, insoles are made from foam and gel. An ideal combination of both works for shock absorption, padding, and distribution of pressure. You can also opt for leather insoles if you require your insoles to be thin but provide the same functionalities.


There is a range of sizes present for both and women. Your size for a full-length insole will be near the size of your boots. Most insoles can be trimmed if they are too big.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do insoles typically last?

While this largely depends on the kind of insole you buy, on average, a typical insole will last for about 6 months. If you use a regular insole for high-impact activities and long durations, they will wear down in 3-4 months.

As I have mentioned before, you need to find insoles that are specific for tough settings. Even with frequent use, they will last longer than regular insoles.

Should you buy orthotics for military sites as a preventative measure?

First, let me define orthotics for you. These are medical-grade footcare devices that prevent your feet from any abnormal motions. When your feet are stable and aligned, it is less likely that an injury will occur. They will also help alleviate aches and pains already present in your foot.

You can either find these in stores with the orthotic label, or you can have inserts specially made for your needs by a podiatrist. If you generally want support or start to feel twinges of pain, you can buy store-bought orthotics as a preventive measure.

However, if you have already experienced a severe ailment in your foot, you should consult a doctor and have the insoles tailor-made.

Can you place insoles over the original insoles in boots?

If your boots are roomy, you can place the insole inside and check. If your foot does not feel stuck, you can keep the inserts over the original insoles. However, if it becomes a tight fit, it would be best to remove the original insole.