How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

Repositioning the knots on the laces is the best technique to tighten your Hey Dudes. Follow this simple 3-step process: Key takeaway when you’re looking to tighten Hey Dudes: Remove the knots from the shoe’s two sides, tighten the lace to the proper tension, and then tie a knot to keep it from coming undone. … Read more

Do Shoe Stretchers Really Work?

Do Shoe Stretchers Really Work

The simple answer I found is that shoe stretchers really do work, but different fabrics will yield different results and you will need specific stretchers for the job. Natural fabrics will have a lot more give than synthetics and the key is to use plenty of product-specific shoe stretching spray. You will also need a … Read more

How to Shrink Shoes

How to Shrink Shoes

Imagine this scenario. You’ve finally purchased the pair of shoes you’ve been dying to own for months on end. You’ve forked out your hard earned savings just for this occasion and can’t contain your excitement. You wait and wait until finally the package finally arrives after a week. You rip open its wrapping, and the … Read more

Best Steel Toe Boot Stretcher in 2022

Best Steel Toe Boot Stretcher

Winter is finally getting close which means I will be taking a break from the endless yard work that comes with buying a house. I will also be taking a break from wearing my steel toe boot stretchers although it feels like it was just yesterday that I used an entire can of shoe stretcher … Read more

How to Stretch the Toe Box of a Shoe

How to stretch the toe box of your shoe

You wear shoes every day and everywhere, so it is only natural that you want fashionable shoes to add to your style. But sometimes, these stylish shoes are uncomfortable. One of the most efficient ways to stretch the toe box of a shoe is to use a stretcher or wear thick wet socks. Check below … Read more

Can You Use a Shoe Stretcher on Boots?

Shoe Stretchers on Boots

I became interested in shoe stretchers as my two kids often complain about their footwear being too tight… or too lose, but that is an entirely different story. Tight shoes translate into lack of comfort which in turn translate into cranky children. And as my kids are two and five years old, they don’t have … Read more

Best Shoe Stretcher in 2022

Do Shoe Stretcher Work for Bunions

For the first time in a long while, I took a break from work and went on a proper vacation. No calls, no e-mails, and more carbs than I usually permitted myself to have. Of course, I gained a few extra pounds. Lol! And guess whose Oxfords couldn’t fit. At that point, I was torn … Read more

Best Shoe Stretcher for Bunions in 2022

Best Shoe Stretcher for Bunions

I was cleaning my closet in preparation for the summer when I stumbled upon a pair of shoes I received as a present last Christmas. It was a pair of expensive-looking brown leather shoes, and I could not afford to wear them because of my bunions. I always wore sandals and seldom ever wore shoes … Read more

Do Shoe Stretchers Work for Bunions?

Do Shoe Stretcher Work for Bunions

My weekly date night with my husband is the only time when I truly escape the responsibilities of being a mother.  Like many other women, I love to primp myself up in short pretty dresses with nice pairs of heal shoes, purses to match, and a bit of make-up to lighten up my face. On … Read more