How Do You Reattach the Sole of a Shoe?

how do you reattach the sole of a shoe

For the longest time, I thought that reattaching the soles of shoes was taking “being thrifty” to an absurd level. And then my 2-year-old son grew into a 3-year-old running maniac, and everything changed. Not only is he capable of literally tearing off the sole from his shoes in less than a month since we … Read more

What to Use Instead of a Shoe Horn : 3 tips

Shoe Horns Replacement - what to use instead of shoe horns

As I’m waiting at gate number 16 for my flight, I have to ask myself what could I use instead of a shoe horn as I go through security at the airports? Come to think of it, what is a good shoe horn alternative for every time I visit any of my friends who do … Read more

What Is a Shoe Mitt and How to Use It

What is a shoe mitt

A shoe mitt is a tiny piece of fabric that is typically made like a glove for ease of use and is given to you by hotels or restaurants so that you can clean your shoes. When traveling, cleaning your shoes is a quick and simple operation that costs nothing because the hotel management supplies … Read more

Can You Dry Shoes in the Microwave?

Having just finished writing a short article on how to dry shoes with a blow drier, I decided to boil some water for tea in the microwave and the mind wondered on what would happen if I put those same shoes in the microwave. My first instinct leans towards a possible yes, especially if I … Read more

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Can You Dry Shoes with a Blow Dryer?

Can you dry shoes with a blow dryer

As I walked into the bathroom yesterday afternoon I found my wife’s blow dryer firmly stuck in one of my son’s shoes with the heat on full blast. Fortunately, I had walked in precisely because I was not sure what the sound coming from the bathroom was, and I stopped the experiment just as the … Read more

How to Keep Shoes From Dry Rotting?

How to keep shoes from dry rotting

You can keep shoes from dry rotting by storing them properly. It’s the first step that will keep shoes from dry rotting or get Moldy. These five steps will keep your shoes safe from dry rotting: If you store your shoes for a long time without wearing them, you risk having them fall apart and … Read more

How Long Do Cedar Shoe Trees Last?

how long do cedar shoe trees last

If you want your high-quality shoes to last longer, you need to use shoe trees to maintain their shape, avoid creases or wrinkles, and absorb moisture. Cedar shoe trees are some of the most popular shoe trees on the market, but trees made from other types of wood work as well. But are they a … Read more

How Does Shoe Polish Work?

How does shoe polish work

Understanding how shoe polish works and what it actually does when applied to your shoes, will significantly improve your ability to take care of your shoes. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to better select the right polish from the countless options on the market, distinguish between good and bad products, and know when, … Read more

How Often Should You Wash Your Shoes?

how often should you wash your shoes

One of the most frequently asked questions is how often people should wash their shoes. A lot of information on the web tiptoes around the issue and doesn’t provide a specific answer since it depends on many factors, but we’re going to look at the most common scenarios and provide actionable advice in this article. … Read more