How to Stretch the Toe Box of a Shoe

How to stretch the toe box of your shoe

You wear shoes every day and everywhere, so it is only natural that you want fashionable shoes to add to your style. But sometimes, these stylish shoes are uncomfortable. One of the most efficient ways to stretch the toe box of a shoe is to use a stretcher or wear thick wet socks. Check below … Read more

Can You Use a Shoe Stretcher on Boots?

Shoe Stretchers on Boots

I became interested in shoe stretchers as my two kids often complain about their footwear being too tight… or too lose, but that is an entirely different story. Tight shoes translate into lack of comfort which in turn translate into cranky children. And as my kids are two and five years old, they don’t have … Read more

How Do You Remove Shoe Polish from Plastic?

How do you remove shoe polish from plastic

Shoe polish is a lifesaver for old shoes as long as it stays confined to the leather parts only. If it gets on your clothes, on the rubber sides of your shoes, or the floor, then you have a serious problem. Its sticky and oily nature makes it worse if you just to rub with … Read more

Can I Use Shoe Polish on Suede?

Shoe Polish On Suede

Take Elvis, for example, he can’t even stand his blue suede shoes getting stepped on, yet I wonder what would he do if you spill some shoe polish on them?! What I am trying to say here is that I have been thinking about an old pair of suede shoes that my wife used to … Read more

What Do You Use Saddle Soap For?

What do you use saddle soap for

Hot weather is great, and I enjoy summer nights more than necessary, but it has a side effect on my winter gear. Genuine leather becomes cracked and dried from the heat as much as from exposer to UV rays, much like our skin does under sun. I use saddle soap to recondition all my leather … Read more

Are Steel Toe Boots Bad for Your Feet?

Are steel toe boots bad for your feet

I feel like I really need to start this post with the disclaimer that I am in no way a “men’s man”. I feel more comfortable in front of the PC rather than with a saw in my hand. That in itself should explain why, as I started taking apart our old patio terrace, I … Read more

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Do Shoe Stretchers Work for Bunions?

Do Shoe Stretcher Work for Bunions

My weekly date night with my husband is the only time when I truly escape the responsibilities of being a mother.  Like many other women, I love to primp myself up in short pretty dresses with nice pairs of heal shoes, purses to match, and a bit of make-up to lighten up my face. On … Read more

How to Use a Boot Dryer?

How to use a boot dryer

A few years ago, I bought my son his first pair of ECCO suede leather and he jumped with them so often in puddles that he almost learned how to use the boot dryer himself, despite being 3 years old. He is now 5 and his younger sister will soon start wearing those shoes. With … Read more