How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Pumps

The main reason why your feet slip inside pumps is basically because of a lack of grip in the heel part of the shoe. You need to get that sorted out first in order to prevent slippage in your pumps and feel comfortable wearing them. We are taking a closer look at heel slippage in … Read more

How Long do Memory Foam Insoles Last

Did you know that you need to replace shoes and insoles every year? I mean, I only get rid of shoes when the threads are barely hanging onto each other, and the sole is so worn down that you can feel the ground while you walk.  Do not worry; this time frame is not set … Read more

How Long Do Heated Insoles Last?

Heated insoles may sound like a great idea but you may have a few questions such as how long will they last on a single charge? Here we look at their longevity in regards to battery life, durability and battery lifespan. Let’s get started! How long do heated insoles last? How long insoles last will … Read more

Are Heated Insoles Safe?

Heated insoles are a wonderful way of keeping your feet warm in the face of bitterly cold temperatures. With most of them using a battery, it’s a fair question to ask whether or not they are safe. It’s a question that we’ll look to answer here.  Are Heated Insoles Safe? Yes, they are very safe. … Read more

Can You Put Insoles on Top of Insoles?


Most people experiencing mild pain or discomfort in the area of the feet seek to get rid of it by ‘upgrading’ their shoes with orthotic insoles. Now, most people who are not too familiar with how this technology works assume that they simply need to place their new orthotic insoles in their shoes and that … Read more

How To Clean Shoe Insoles

Insoles are often the filthiest part of your shoes as it’s the first place where dirt and sweat end up. Thankfully they are quite easy to clean and here we take a look as to how to give your shoes the refresh they need. How To Clean Shoe Insoles The best way to clean insoles … Read more

Are Insoles Supposed to Hurt?

Are Insoles Supposed to Hurt

Have you been looking for some foot support and turned to insoles only to experience pain and discomfort when using them? Considering insoles are specifically designed to alleviate any kind of discomfort, and aid in correcting injuries, it really begs the question: Are Insoles Supposed to Hurt? In a nutshell, no, insoles are not supposed … Read more

Do Metatarsal Pads Help Morton’s Neuroma?

Do Metatarsal Pads Help Morton's Neuroma

Sometimes I think I should have been a foot doctor – the technical term for this is podiatrist. But then I remember that I failed 12th grade biology because I could not remember all the jargon. In hindsight, it was fortunate I did not become one. But still, I have done immense research on everything … Read more

How to Avoid Slipping on Ice When Walking

How to avoid slipping on ice when walking

I think the easiest way to not slip on ice is to lock your door, grab your favorite blanket, some hot chocolate, a nice tv show, and wait for the ice to melt. Alas, life is cruel, especially when the wife sends you to get groceries while she is comfortable in bed. The best way … Read more