Why Do Ironworkers Wear Wedge Boots?

There are few professions in the world that pose as much of a risk to a worker’s health than ironworking. From dealing with heavy loads, to working at the great heights, to using powerful cutting and welding tools, and to facing the constant risk of falling objects, the room for error here is precariously small. … Read more

How to Break in Birkenstocks

When it comes to fashion, a big factor in the clothes we choose are based on how comfortable they can be, and shoes are no different. There are a wide variety of shoes ranging from combat boots to crocs, and being able to be comfortable in the ones you choose is a good factor when … Read more

Can Training Shoes Be Used For Walking?

Walking is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and fit. It is something you can easily do without the need for expensive equipment. As an accessible activity, walking can greatly improve your confidence, stamina, and lower your stress. You can also benefit from having reduced weight and a longer life expectancy with … Read more

How to Shrink Shoes

How to Shrink Shoes

Imagine this scenario. You’ve finally purchased the pair of shoes you’ve been dying to own for months on end. You’ve forked out your hard earned savings just for this occasion and can’t contain your excitement. You wait and wait until finally the package finally arrives after a week. You rip open its wrapping, and the … Read more

How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes

If you own a pair of handsome leather shoes then you probably know the pain of seeing them gradually crack and deteriorate over time.  It is a sorry sight when expensive shoes that were once smart and fetching become loose and scruffy. You can help prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning and conditioning them.  … Read more

How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing The Back of Your Ankle

We all know the pain of shoes that rub the back of your ankle.  When you’re trying to walk from A to B, the last thing you want are shoes digging into the back of your foot and making life difficult.  Walking should be easy and hassle free.  Shoes should enable you to do this, … Read more

How to Clean All White Huaraches? Explained in 5 methods!

Nike’s White Huaraches have been all the rage recently for good reason. They’re slick, stylish, and spellbinding, making them one of Nike’s hottest products as of recent months. Once you have a pair, you need to know how to clean all white huaraches, which we’ll explain here in 5 methods. If you aren’t sold yet, … Read more

How to Tell if Shoes are Slip Resistant

How to Tell if Shoes are Slip Resistant

The most fantastic hack I can tell you is when you wear the shoes and do not slip while walking; it means the boots are slip-resistant. Jokes aside, slipping is a grave concern. I remember I was at a wedding. I walked through the doorway, making my grand entrance. My foot slid on the ground, … Read more

Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain?

Can You Wear Leather Boots in the Rain

Rainy days are the best time to curl up in a blanket and grab a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Unfortunately, some people have to work for a living, and rain does not ask for permission before pouring all over our new leather shoes. Sounds like a nightmare, right? You show up at work, … Read more

What Does the Letter H Mean In Shoe Size

Finding the right shoe size can be a nightmare, but it shouldn’t be with the right advice and explanation. There are so many sizes to choose from, but you also need to know how narrow or how wide your foot is. This article is solely about what does the letter H mean in shoe size. … Read more