Bobs Shoes vs Toms Shoes: Which is best to buy?

Ethical consumerism is a subject that’s on everybody’s mind. How can we live our best lives and buy things that we can fall in love with, while still helping those who might have less than us? Thankfully, companies are taking note, offering things like ethical sourcing of materials, zero carbon footprint options, and what we’re … Read more

Do Timberland Boots Make You Taller? Yes, 1 to 2 inches


There’s no doubt that Timberland boots make you taller. The boots add 1 to 2 inches to your height. There’s a lot of reasons to pick up a pair of Timberland boots. From the classic, distinctive styling that demands attention from across any room, to the rugged construction and near-invincible quality. But one significant benefit is … Read more

Does Shoe Polish Go Bad Or Expire?

Yes, shoe polish has a shelf life. Most shoe polishes endure for several years, however, if left unused in the original container for an extended period, the contents will generally dry out. Because the hardened pieces inhibit correct application, the polish may become less effective or ineffective. That’s the moment shoe polish go bad and … Read more

What Socks To Wear With White Sneakers

So you’ve chosen the perfect pair of white sneakers, but, you don’t want to mismatch and be someone whose style people raise their eyebrow to! Well, whether it’s for a new style or personality you’re trying to express, white sneakers are the ultimate solution to gaining attention, props from others, and stylishly presenting yourself. We … Read more

How Often Should You Polish Your Shoes?

You bought some high-quality shoes and you want to keep them in pristine condition, and rightfully so, considering how expensive they are nowadays. But while there are a lot of tutorials on how to polish and condition your shoes, there is not enough useful information on how often you should do it and when. How … Read more

Why Do Ironworkers Wear Wedge Boots?

There are few professions in the world that pose as much of a risk to a worker’s health than ironworking. From dealing with heavy loads, to working at the great heights, to using powerful cutting and welding tools, and to facing the constant risk of falling objects, the room for error here is precariously small. … Read more

How to Break in Birkenstocks

When it comes to fashion, a big factor in the clothes we choose are based on how comfortable they can be, and shoes are no different. There are a wide variety of shoes ranging from combat boots to crocs, and being able to be comfortable in the ones you choose is a good factor when … Read more

Can Training Shoes Be Used For Walking?

Walking is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and fit. It is something you can easily do without the need for expensive equipment. As an accessible activity, walking can greatly improve your confidence, stamina, and lower your stress. You can also benefit from having reduced weight and a longer life expectancy with … Read more

How to Shrink Shoes

How to Shrink Shoes

Imagine this scenario. You’ve finally purchased the pair of shoes you’ve been dying to own for months on end. You’ve forked out your hard earned savings just for this occasion and can’t contain your excitement. You wait and wait until finally the package finally arrives after a week. You rip open its wrapping, and the … Read more

How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes

If you own a pair of handsome leather shoes then you probably know the pain of seeing them gradually crack and deteriorate over time.  It is a sorry sight when expensive shoes that were once smart and fetching become loose and scruffy. You can help prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning and conditioning them.  … Read more