Gorilla Glue Vs Shoe Goo

Gorilla Glue vs Shoe Goo

Falling in love with a pair of shoes is not easy. The more you love a pair, the more you wear it, and the earlier it starts to wear and tear. But unlike most relationships, the love for your shoes doesn’t have to go away. There are literally a thousand ways you can fix your … Read more

How to Fix a Cut in Leather Shoes in 1-2-3

How to Fix a Cut in Leather Shoes

Word is out! Leather will always remain a popular material for shoes. Not only are they fashionable, but leather shoes are also a great investment as they become more comfortable the longer you wear them. However, there can be unforeseen circumstances that can sometimes damage your favorite pair of leather shoes. They may start to … Read more

How to Fix Peeling Shoe Lining : a comprehensive guide

How to fix peeling shoe lining

The best way to repair peeling shoe lining is to use a strong adhesive like super glue or shoe glue. You can restore peeling shoe lining with simple steps if you have the correct tools and procedures. You can fix peeling shoe lining with glue, tape or needle and thread. This article will bring you … Read more

How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes

If you own a pair of handsome leather shoes then you probably know the pain of seeing them gradually crack and deteriorate over time.  It is a sorry sight when expensive shoes that were once smart and fetching become loose and scruffy. You can help prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning and conditioning them.  … Read more

How Do You Reattach the Sole of a Shoe?

how do you reattach the sole of a shoe

For the longest time, I thought that reattaching the soles of shoes was taking “being thrifty” to an absurd level. And then my 2-year-old son grew into a 3-year-old running maniac, and everything changed. Not only is he capable of literally tearing off the sole from his shoes in less than a month since we … Read more