How to Fix a Cut in Leather Shoes in 1-2-3

Word is out! Leather will always remain a popular material for shoes. Not only are they fashionable, but leather shoes are also a great investment as they become more comfortable the longer you wear them. However, there can be unforeseen circumstances that can sometimes damage your favorite pair of leather shoes. They may start to crack or tear over time. This quick guide will detail how to restore your favorite leather pair, especially when cuts start showing.

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example of a cut in leather shoes
example of a cut in leather shoes

How to fix a cut in leather shoes

Fixing a cut in your leather shoes depends on how much damage has been done. If it’s only a slight tear or cut, you can repair it by yourself with some preparation. You’ll need a cleaning agent, adhesive, a piece of leather that matches the color of your footwear, and sandpaper. It’s not recommended to keep using the damaged shoe until it’s repaired. For leather shoes with a larger cut, it’s best to bring them to a professional or get a new shoe.

What type of glue works well for leather?

While super glue works well for just about any material, it isn’t advisable on leather because it isn’t as flexible to fix a cut in leather shoes. It can also damage your leather shoes rather than fix them as it will discolor the leather. You’re better off buying a genuine leather repair kit as the glue inside these products is specifically made for leather.

It’s better to stick with an adhesive made for the situation than to use any other type of glue. If getting a leather repair kit is out of your budget, it may be better to bring it to a professional like a cobbler because having it repaired by a specialist may be cheaper.

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How do you fix a cut in your leather shoes?

Using the method to fix a cut in leather shoes above, you can start by cleaning your leather shoes first to clear any dirt or debris from the shoe. This is essential to keep the integrity of your leather shoes as repairing them without cleaning the dirt, mud, or debris will damage your footwear sooner than later.

Dish soap or detergent mixed with water and liberally apply it to your shoe with a clean cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush should do the job. Air dry your leather shoes once done before proceeding to the next step.

To ensure your piece of leather sticks with the cut, rough the surface of the area with sandpaper to make it suitable for applying adhesive such as glue. Liberally rub over the damaged part with sandpaper while also rubbing other areas of the shoe to even them out.

Apply glue on your piece of leather all over the side to ensure it will close the cut. It’s ideal for your leather strip to match the color of your shoe so that your shoe will still look good after the repaid. In addition, it’s better to cut the leather strip in a horizontal shape so it won’t look cheap and still match the design of the shoe.

Gently place the leather strip on the damaged part while slowly pressing on the surface to make sure that it will remain smooth after the attachment process. Look for the folded or crumpled area and smoothen it up with your hands to reduce the repair visibility. If done correctly, the repaired part should be indistinguishable from the original.

Air dry your leather shoes for at least 24 hours once the repair is done. Do not wear it after the repair as the pressure can loosen the glue and may do more harm than good. After it has properly dried, you can polish your leather shoes as you see fit.

FAQ about how to fix a cut in leather shoes

How do you repair cracks or scratches in leather shoes?

While a visible cut can be fixed with some patching, repairing cracks or scratches in your leather shoes can be done more simply. Leather repair creams are widely available in retail stores and online. They can repair cracks and scratches in minutes.

Simply apply the leather repair cream on the cracks or problem areas before letting it dry. You can also try mixing the leather repair cream with water if you want it to penetrate the deeper parts of the leather shoes.

Why do cracks, cuts, or tears appear on my leather shoes?

Even when taken care of properly, leather shoes will still break down over time because the texture and dye on the surface trap dirt and oil which will cause the material to crack or tear. Since genuine leather is usually made up of animal skin, it will still need to be properly moisturized and maintained regularly.

It’s a good idea to invest in leather conditioners or creams that extend the longevity of your leather shoes rather than throwing them out and quickly buying a new pair due to the damage.

FIXING SCRATCHES IN LEATHER-Shoe Restoration Tutorial by The Elegant Oxford

Why are leather shoes popular?

Leather shoes are still one of the most popular footwear since their invention. This is due to their incredible durability. They outlive most shoes made from synthetic materials as they stay strong even in the most demanding work environments that require constant movement.

In addition, leather shoes are naturally breathable, keeping your feet cool and dry to prevent sweating. This, in turn, protects your leather shoes from smelling bad. Treating your leather shoes with a water-resistant spray adds another layer of quality in them to make them stronger even further. With all these in mind, leather shoes are still some of the most comfortable footwear that offers much-needed support which is why they’re standing the test of time.

Fix a cut in leather shoes explained

How To fix a Cut in Leather Shoes by Kirby Allison


Fixing cuts, cracks, scratches, or tears in your leather shoes can be repaired easily provided you have all the necessary materials. Once all is said and done, prevention is still better than cure, so investing in a leather conditioner to keep your leather shoes moisturized is still cheaper than repairing or buying a new one.

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