How Long Do Heated Insoles Last?

Heated insoles may sound like a great idea but you may have a few questions such as how long will they last on a single charge? Here we look at their longevity in regards to battery life, durability and battery lifespan. Let’s get started!

How long do heated insoles last?

How long insoles last will largely depend on the manufacturer. Many of them can run for 5 hours at the highest setting with others lasting longer at the lower power levels. 

Heated insoles battery life

Every company makes its heated insoles slightly differently and this is reflected in the battery life that they have. It’s vital that they can run for at least a few hours as otherwise you could get caught out with cold feet at the worst possible time.

At the least, you should expect that the insoles should be about the run continuous heat for 3 hours at their maximum output. A few companies offer this as a minimum whereas others can run up to two hours longer at their maximum output.

This can be longer if your insoles have a setting where you can switch it to a low power level. With this, the temperatures will be decreased but the time increased. It can be ideal for when you need a longer runtime and there are some insoles out there that can continually run for over 8 hours.

If you’re going to be out for a while then it can also be a good idea to turn them off when your feet are feeling okay to conserve battery. As soon as your feet start to get cold, you can then flick them back on. This will ensure that you’re not caught without battery at the worst time.

The importance of battery life will depend on the activity that you’re doing. If you’re only going to be outdoors for a few hours then it’s less crucial but if you’re heading out on a hiking or skiing trip then that extra longevity could be crucial. 

Heated insoles charging time

Charging time can also be vital. This is going to be especially important if you’re on a long trip and want your insoles to be fully charged again once you’ve woken up. With most standard insoles, this shouldn’t be a problem.  

The standard that we see with most insoles is around 3-4 hours from the battery to go from being dead to fully charged. In order to maximize charging time, you want to power it via an outlet and not via a device that supports USB charging, such as a laptop, as this may take a lot longer. 

Heated insoles durability

As with anything, the durability of an insole is going to depend on the company that is making it. What we have found is that there are companies out there that have made products that are not up to the standards you’d expect.

In that respect, it’s always best to buy a heated insole from a reputable distributor and also an insole that has good ratings. That way you can have reassurances about their quality. A good heated insole should be able to last around 5 years with no issues.

Heated insoles battery recharges

A battery can only be recharged a certain amount of times before it starts to lose capacity and these are called its charge cycles. A battery that can’t handle a large number of charge cycles is going to fail fairly quickly.

These batteries should be able to cope with around 500 charge cycles. With standard use, that means the heated insoles should last for a good number of years. The exact amount of time will depend on the quality of the battery and also how intensely you use it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Thermacell heated insoles last?

Thermacell insoles are regarded as some of the best around and that’s in part due to their long battery time. Thermacell insoles can often run for a full 5 hours at the highest setting before they need to be recharged.

Are heated insoles any good?

We think they are great but as with any product, there are some manufacturers out there which don’t deliver the quality required. If you’re looking at getting heated insoles then it makes sense to get a highly rated pair and ones from a reputable supplier.

A great heated insole is going to give you the warmth exactly where you need it and allow you to have a much more pleasant and comfortable experience. They can also prevent serious conditions such as frostbite and hypothermia. 

What is better, heated insoles or heated socks?

Both of these work via the same method of having an external battery that heats up an element, usually carbon fiber wire. Due to the flexibility required for socks, these heating elements are often isolated to a smaller area and coverage can be minimal. 

Both are very good for warming up feet and there is no ‘better’ one as this will depend from person to person. You can even use both for extra warmth.

How do you use heated insoles?

There are two general methods of how heated insoles are designed. Either the battery is externally strapped to your leg or it’s inserted into the heel. Both of them then give an electrical charge to either a heating pad or conductive wire.

Both of them are equally effective and can be controlled either directly by the battery pack or with remote control. Some have more functionality than others as with some you’ll have a simple on/off switch where on others you can have control over different temperature settings.

How do you make heated insoles?

You can always buy a battery and come carbon fiber wire and/or tape and try and make your own insoles. While you can do this at home, we’d advise against it unless you are comfortable with knowing about battery amperage and exposed wire.

Some things are best left to the experts, especially where electricity is concerned.