Best Insoles For Standing All Day

Standing all day? Consider a comfortable insole to avoid painful feet or discomfort. Standing all day takes a toll on the entire body, and the feet are often one of the most neglected parts. Investing in a high-quality insole can help tremendously with fatigue, pain, and discomfort. Finding the right insole can be tough because so many options exist.

Read our reviews to find out the best insoles for standing all day best suit your needs and lifestyle. No one likes achy feet, but if you’re standing up all day, it’s inevitable. Your shoes will play a huge role in that, and if they have standard insoles, it can worsen the situation. Getting the best insoles for standing all day will reduce that fatigue and avoid pain.

To help you find the best insoles for standing all day, we’ve found the top 10 insoles available right now. We’ve also written a buying guide with the most common FAQs, so you get exactly what you need. Let’s find your perfect insoles and get rid of that leg ache!

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What’s the Problem with Standing All Day?

It has been established that sitting all day is not good for your health. It can increase your risk of various diseases, depression, and even death. But people who work on their feet all day are at risk for similar problems but also suffer from more intense pain in their feet and legs. Standing all day puts a lot of pressure on the body, leading to permanent damage if it goes unchecked.

Standing all day is also bad for productivity as well as mental health. People who stand all day often feel drained by the end of the workday because they have been standing up the entire time and expend much more energy to perform simple tasks.

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Best Insoles For Standing All Day
Getting the Best insoles for standing all day mainly is very important at work (by the wiredrunner)

Best Insoles For Standing All Day Reviewed

Dr. Scholl’s WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles (Men's 8-14) // All-Day Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Hard Surfaces (Packaging May Vary), 1 Count

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Dr. Scholl’s is a huge name in the world of insoles and for good reason. They have a diverse range of excellent products made specifically for those working on hard surfaces all day.

There is plenty of gel included throughout the insole, giving them an exceptionally high level of shock absorption, mainly in the heel. Their reinforced arch protection supports this to give you stability.

At the front of the insole, you get plenty of forefront cushioning and vents that help keep your feet cool. These insoles are perfect for those who work in any role requiring you to be on your feet constantly. 

Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Comfort

Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Comfort and Support Shoe Insole, Women's 11-12.5/Men's 10-11.5

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Spenco is another company that has made insoles suitable for standing on hard surfaces. They are supported by a large heel pad that will work to cushion impacts. If you often get pain in your heel, this is perfect.

The top fabric of the insoles has plenty of stretches, reducing the chance of getting blisters. That fabric also has antimicrobial qualities, which will reduce the build-up of unpleasant odor.

Foam is used throughout the insole to provide cushioning but while still being rigid enough to give your feet stability. It’s a heavy-duty insole built to last and therefore is ideal for those on their feet all day, every day.

Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

Timberland PRO Men's Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole,Orange,Large/10-11 M US

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Timberland is well-known for creating fantastic work shoes and they’ve also made this brilliant insole to go with it. They offer you the ultimate durability as they will keep on supporting your feet for years to come.

They have been specifically designed to reduce foot fatigue with technology that returns energy back to the feet and makes those steps a little easier. As well as giving you that support, the insoles remain very comfortable.

While you may associate Timberland with work boots, these insoles can be worn in any type of shoes. The arch support and stability make them a great option for those who suffer from foot fatigue after a long day. 

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel, (Pack of 2)

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Here we see another insole from Dr. Scholl but one mainly made from gel. The gel isn’t used as the main material in many insoles as it doesn’t give the user much stability and sometimes doesn’t perform well with quick foot movements, such as in sports. Read our comparison review between memory foam and gel insoles here

If all your feet are doing throughout the day is standing and walking, gel becomes a good option. These insoles have a wave-like cushioning that will help to put a bounce in your step and give you exceptional shock absorption. 

They can be used in any type of shoe and trimmed into your perfect size. Muscle fatigue will be reduced and the insoles will take the pressure off your joints. They are the perfect option for anyone looking for gel insoles.

Superfeet ORANGE Insoles High Arch Support and Forefoot Cushion

Superfeet unisex adult 11.5-13 Men / 12.5-14 Women Insole, Orange, Men Women US

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If you need a high level of stability in your insoles then this would be a great option for you. They are made from two types of foam and aim to give you plenty of comfort while still giving your shoes a huge amount of support.

They do this in part due to the stabilizer cap and heel cup at the back of the insole that prevents sideways heel movement. This is supported by the foam forefront that will work to absorb the constant shocks you get from being on your feet all day.

There are many other great features to see here, including the durable construction designed to support you for a year of constant wear. They also have a coating on the fabric that will reduce odors.

FIKY Anti-Fatigue Work Massaging Gel Insoles

FIKY Anti-Fatigue Work Massaging Gel Insoles for Men&Women//All-Day Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Hard Surfaces,Relieve Flat Feet,Foot Pain,Arch Pain(Large, Men 10-11/Women 11-12 US)

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FIKY has also made a brilliant insole that has a similar style to the Timberland model we looked at earlier. They work perfectly to reduce fatigue for anyone who is on their feet all day.

The insole can give you plenty of arch support which is great for those with low arches. That helps to align the foot correctly and reduce the issues we’ve commonly seen. The shape of the insole will also help with stability.

As with many of the insoles in this list, the versatility is impressive as they are great for standing all day but are also great for the likes of hiking and running. Comfort is high with these insoles and you’ll see the results immediately.

Dr. Scholl’s EXTRA SUPPORT Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Extra Support Insoles Superior Shock Absorption and Reinforced Arch Support for Big & Tall Men to Reduce Muscle Fatigue So You Can Stay on Your Feet Longer (for Men's 8-14)

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The heavier you are, the more pressure will put on your feet. Dr. Scholl has designed these insoles specifically for big and tall men who can suffer foot fatigue more intensely and find that regular insoles aren’t up to the job.

The way these insoles do it is with a reinforced heel and arch. They give a robust support level while evenly distributing the weight throughout the insole. The midsole can also absorb stress, which you don’t see with most insoles.

If you’re wondering whether they will fit in your shoe of choice then you’ll be happy to know that they are versatile and can easily slot into work boots, sneakers, or any other type of footwear. 

Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Powerstep Unisex-Adult Original Insoles, Low Profile Arch Supporting Shoe Insert, Blue/Black, Men's 11-11.5

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Powerstep has been able to make an insole with many admirable qualities. It’s specifically good for those who want stability as It has a large heel cradle. That will give you plenty of support while also providing cushioning.

Throughout the insole, you get a dual layer of foam cushioning that supports your arch and protects your feet from painful inflammation. The thin design will also be ideal for placing in almost all shoes.

They are suitable for any type of shoes and are perfect for reducing all-day fatigue. With a polyester fabric on top of the insole, they’ll also work to keep your feet dry and avoid any odors. Overall, they are another brilliant option.

Rite Aid Memory Plus Work Boot Insoles for Men

Rite Aid Ultra Work Memory Plus Work Insoles for Men - Sizes 7-13 | Shock Absorbing Insoles | Memory Foam Insoles | Arch Support Insole Men | Boot Insoles for Men Work | Memory Foam Insoles

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Here we see insoles specifically made for men’s work boots. Their design makes them perfect for walking around all day on the types of hard surfaces that you’ll find on construction sites.

An unfortunate side effect of working in boots all day can be smelly feet. These insoles get around that by having an antimicrobial additive that will protect against odors. If they do start to smell then they can be easily cleaned.

The shock absorption on this shoe is excellent with a high level of cushioning. It will work to prevent fatigue and allow you to go through a whole working week without those usual aches and pains, even when you’ve been wearing them all day. 

Protalus M100 Max Series– Patented Stress Relief Replacement Premium Shoe Inserts

Protalus M100 Max Series– Patented Stress Relief Replacement Shoe Inserts, Increase Comfort, Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Anti Fatigue, Alignment Improving Shoe Insoles - for Men Size 9.5

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These uniquely designed insoles are versatile and allow your feet to stay properly aligned. The problem for many people simply comes from poor posture or their arches. These insoles aim to solve both of those issues. 

With these insoles being able to prevent over-supination and over-pronation, you’ll find that not only do your feet ache less but it will be easier on your joints and hips too. They help to take pressure away while still being very comfortable.

There are many parts to these insoles that come together perfectly. They have shock-absorbing pads, a shank for stability, a full-length foam layer for cushioning and a top cloth that will be comfortable and reduce odors. 

Best Insoles For Standing all day – Buying Guide

Why do you need insoles?

Is there a reason that you’re looking for insoles? Is it heel pain, general fatigue or are specific parts of your feet hurting? If you have a foot issue, such as fallen arches, you want to look for an insole that aims to solve that issue and get one that works most closely with your needs.

If it’s general foot fatigue, looking for an insole with good support and a high level of shock absorption is a great idea.

How do you measure your insole size?

  1. Measure your foot length by placing a ruler flat on the ground and measuring the distance between heel and toe.
  2. Measure your instep by wrapping a tape measure around the ball of your foot, just below the ankle.
  3. Measure your width by wrapping a tape measure around your foot, across the widest part.

If you’ve never bought insoles before, the sizing may be a little confusing. They have broad size options because you are usually expected to put them down to size, following guidelines on the insoles themselves.

If you have any doubts, it can be a good idea to cut around the outline of your existing insoles. These types of insoles are very rarely sold to exact sizes. 

How to Measure Your Foot Size at Home for insoles sizing by Michigan Foot Doctors

Arch support

If you have a problem with your arches, you may need insoles to solve the issue. Most people have a neutral arch, but many people out there will have either high or low arches.

If you think this may be an issue for you, then it’s a good idea to check it out. If you have an arch issue, many insoles out there will give you extra support in this area.


Most insoles are made from foam, gel or a mixture of both. Foam is mostly used as it can give you exceptional support and cushioning while being sturdy enough to give stability.

The gel is often added to foam in the heel and front foot due to its shock-absorbing qualities. Gel has less stability which means it’s not ideal for sports as your feel would move around too much with the fast cuts and stops. 

Insole replacement

It’s important to note that the standard insole on many shoes doesn’t just slip out as it may be glued in. If this is the case for your insole then you need to decide whether or not to take it out.

You can often heat the glue with something like a hairdryer instead of simply ripping it out. 

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Choosing the right insoles for standing all day explained (video)
Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day by Shoe Zone

Frequently Asked Questions on Insoles for standing all day at work

How Do Insoles Help With Pain & Aches?

Standing on your feet all day is tiring for the body. The muscles in your feet, legs, and backside start to ache. The pressure on your joints also starts to increase. This can lead to pain in the lower back, hips, knees, and ankles. But with insoles you can reduce the pressure on your joints by up to 40%*. Insoles are made of material that supports the arch of your foot and cushions the heel so that you can stand comfortably on your feet all day long.

Insoles are especially important for people who have plantar fasciitis because they reduce pain caused by heightened pressure on the foot. They also provide support for people who have fallen arches or flat feet which may not be strong enough for them to walk without any assistance

What are the best insoles for standing on concrete?

Insoles with pads in the heel and forefoot are usually signs of an insole that copes with concrete very well. (check our detailed review here) Your feet hitting hard surfaces like concrete all day can quickly cause fatigue. The ideal insole will give you shock absorption on the heel and be able to spread out and absorb the impact on your step throughout the rest of the shoe.

What are the benefits of wearing better insoles when you need to stand all day?

Wearing insoles has many benefits, but most people don’t know about them. Here are some of the benefits of wearing insoles:

  • Insoles not only help to prevent foot and joints pain but also improve blood circulation and provide support for arches.
  • Insoles can help with foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Metatarsalgia, Joint Pain, and Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Helps to protect against pain in the feet
  • Prevents foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunion pain, and heel spurs
  • Helps stabilize your feet and joints
  • Makes you more stable when you walk or exercise
  • Promotes better posture

What are the best Insoles for Medical Professionals and Standing?

Insoles for medical professionals, like nurses or doctors, should provide comfort, and stability and must be easy to clean. Mainly many people working in the medical field need to stand long hours and walk all day. There is a big offer in shoes or work boots, for therapists, nurses, doctors, and all other medical professionals who do a lot of standing. Feet are the most valuable instruments when working in the hospital. If you take good care of your feet, you’re taking better care of your overall health when you work 12-hours shifts.

Do Dr. Scholl’s insoles work?

We included three insoles from Dr. Scholl’s in this list, which wasn’t just because they are a big name. Their insoles are very good and a wide variety is available for different circumstances. As with all the insoles on this list, they work very well.

What are the best work insoles?

The best work insoles are going to be the ones that solve the issue that you have. Whether it’s sore heels, or fallen arches or a painful forefoot, you should get insoles that solve the issue you have. This also depends on the type of work you do as everyone is different. 

Do you remove old insoles?

Due to the models’ thickness we’ve looked at here, you would need to remove your existing insole. If you placed it over your insoles there simply wouldn’t be enough space. Removing your old insole is often fairly easy, even if it’s glued in. 

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Standing all day can lead to swelling in your feet and legs, which can strain your lower back. That is why it is important to use insoles that support your feet and legs while also providing adequate cushioning to reduce the pain in your lower back. The best insoles for standing all day are Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Orthotic Inserts, which offer the best support and cushioning. Of course, it’s important to take care of your feet through rest and proper hygiene too!

Did you find this post helpful? Let us know what you think! 

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