Best High-Volume Insoles

Insoles feature different volumes, meaning the amount of space they take up in your shoes. High-volume insoles are excellent for high-impact activities and high-volume shoes like running shoes, ski boots, and hiking boots.

High-Volume Insoles: Which insoles are the thickest, and how do they help?

Most brand-new shoes come with substandard foam inserts that offer little to no support, comfort, or protection for your feet. To ensure your feet stay comfortable and protected from impacts, you need high-volume insoles, especially if you’re engaging in demanding physical activities.

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What are the best high-volume insoles?

The best high-volume insoles offer more support, comfort, breathability, and protection when trekking, running or hiking. They reduce the amount of slippage and movement of your foot inside the boot while absorbing impacts and limiting the effects of vibrations as you run or walk. They also support your arches to reduce the risks of injury.

With so many insoles in the market, choosing the best for your needs can be challenging. To help you make an informed decision, here are our editor’s top picks of the best high-volume insoles in 2022.

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  1. Timberland’s Pro Anti-Fatigue Insoles – Overall Best High-Volume Insoles
  2. Powerstep Hiking Boot Insole – Best High-Volume Insoles for Pain Relief
  3. Superfeet GREEN – Best High-Volume Insoles for Arch Support
  4. Dr. Scholl’s Performance Insoles – Best High-Volume Insoles for Runners
  5. Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles by EasyFeet – Best High-Volume Insoles for Active Sports

1. Timberland’s Pro Anti-Fatigue Insoles – Overall Best High-Volume Insoles

Timberland PRO Men's Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

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Style: Heavy-duty work insole

Arch type: Neutral

What we like: Soft cushioning, inverted cone foam design, great for work

What we don’t like: They can be big for some shoes

Timberland is synonymous with high-quality products, and Timberland’s Pro Anti-Fatigue Insoles are no different. These high-tech insoles have a unique design that uses advanced synthetic materials and an inverted cone foam. They absorb shock from the ground and return the energy to your foot o create the anti-fatigue feature, which allows you to stand or walk longer without feeling fatigued.

Initially designed for heavy-duty work, the Pro Anti-fatigue insoles are one of the best high-volume insoles for everyday use. Your foot will accumulate less shock as most of the impact gets absorbed, thus reducing the pressure applied to your foot and making challenging activities like running or working for long hours easier.

Soft cushioning and well-laid support zones in areas your foot is likely to feel more pressure provide you with the comfort and support you need to keep going. Unlike most high-volume insoles, the Pro Ant-fatigue insoles are lightweight and easy to hike on.

The neutral arch is suitable for most feet, and many workers find these insoles very comfortable and ideal for hard-labor jobs. You can find them more prominent than specified when you order, but this is purposeful to allow you to trim them down for the perfect fit to your foot shape and size, making them the overall best high-volume insoles in this guide.

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2. Powerstep Hiking Boot Insoles – Best High-Volume Insoles for Pain Relief

Powerstep Insoles, Pinnacle Hiker, Arch Support Hiking Boot Insole, Maximum Arch Support Orthotic For Women and Men

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Style: Orthotic insole

Arch type: Neutral

What we like: Maximum support, excellent cushioning, 30-day money-back guarantee

What we don’t like: Costly

Podiatrists recommend the Powerstep Hiking Boot Insoles to relieve splints, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and ankle, foot, hip, knee, and back pain. They make excellent all-around insoles for hiking, trekking, or other high activities and will give you maximum arch support for superior stability.

They feature the Powerstep arch shape and a firm supporting shell that prevents you from bottoming out when carrying heavy weights. This ensures you have the support and motion control you need, even when carrying a heavy backpack on loose, uneven, or rough terrain.

Despite being rigid to keep you on your feet, the Powerstep Hiking Boot Insoles have maximum dual-layer cushioning for extra comfort. It helps limit excess stress on your ankles, feet, tendons, and joints. The stabilizing arch with heel support and cushioning ensures superior comfort and reliability no matter your adventure.

The Powerstep Hiking Boots Insoles rank as one of the best high-volume insoles for pain relief and are an ideal choice if you’re planning to go hiking or trekking but suffer from overpronation, plantar fasciitis, or other painful foot conditions. The insoles can be costly, but it’s worth it for orthotic insoles that improve your foot function.

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3. Superfeet GREEN – Best High-Volume Insoles for Arch Support

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Style: Orthotic insole

Arch type: High

What we like: Deep heel cup, foot stabilization, odor control

What we don’t like: May feel uncomfortable at first

If you have high or weak arches and are heading out for multi-day hikes or long-distance trekking, the Superfeet Green Insoles are ideal. They offer even weight distribution thanks to the high arch support that helps to stabilize your feet and reduce stress on your ankles, feet, and back.

The Superfeet Green insoles have closed-cell high-density foam that cushions and supports your feet for long-lasting comfort. They feature the deepest and widest heel cup to give you maximum support and help with shock absorption while walking, running, or hiking.

A stabilizer cap on the Superfeet Green insoles is the base to support your rearfoot while providing stability and structure to the foam layer. It ensures the balls of your feet remain protected from any shock or pressure, while the fabric top offers step-in comfort and minimizes shifting.

The Superfeet Green insoles are suitable for men and women and can fit most roomy shoes with removable insoles. They rank as one of the best high-volume insoles for arch support and come with a coating that helps control odor in your shoes. The insoles may feel uncomfortable if you’ve never used orthotic insoles, but you get used to them after a while.

4. Dr. Scholl’s Performance Insoles – Best High-Volume Insoles for Runners

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Style: Arch support insole

Arch type: Size-specific

What we like: Dual layer cushioning, support padding, reinforced arch

What we don’t like: Squeaky

Dr. Scholl’s Performance Insoles are a runner’s best friend and can help you reach peak performance, whether participating in recreational or intense runs. They’re sized to fit and engineered to prevent injuries and manage pain in extreme outdoor activities like rock climbing or hiking.

You don’t have to worry about overpronation while running with Dr. Scholl’s Performance insoles. The arch support is placed strategically to prevent such issues and comfortably promote your natural gait in every stride. The insoles also reduce shock impact by up to 40%, ensuring your feet and knees remain protected.

The size-specific arch provides increased motion control, while the dual-layer cushioning distributes foot pressure from the heel to the toe so you can experience more comfort and energy on every run. Arch reinforcement in Dr.Scholl’s Performance Insoles enhances stability and flexibility as it moves with your foot’s natural flex and adjusts to how you run.

You’ll experience a better push-off, and the support padding ensures you don’t worry about injuries by relieving pressure from hot spots. Your shoes will also stay fresh all day thanks to the odor crunch technology in Dr.Scholl’s Performance Insoles, which continuously prevents and eliminates odor. Despite being one of the best high-volume insoles for runners, they can be squeaky.

5. Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles by EasyFeet – Best High-Volume Insoles for Active Sports

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Style: Sport insole

Arch type: Neutral

What we like: Maximum cushioning, high-grade shock absorption, breathable cover

What we don’t like: The arch can feel high on some shoes

If you like high-intensity sports, you’ll love the Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles by EasyFeet. They’re suitable for men and women and are the best high-volume insoles for active sports like running and cross-training athletic activities like skateboarding, snowboarding, gym, or Crossfit.

The Sports Athletic Shoe Insoles are very flexible and feature optimal arch support, giving you excellent motion control. The gel at the forefoot provides you with maximum cushioning that reduces stress on your feet to keep you moving for longer. Heel pads also enhance cushioning and can help minimize the risk of injuries and foot-related pain.

A PU foam layer on the Sports Athletic Shoe Insoles provides equal load distribution while high-grade shock absorption reduces stress and impact on your feet, knees, joints, and lower back. A springy TPU arch gently supports your feet while preventing any slippage that can cause blisters or injury.

A soft, breathable cover controls temperature and odor in your shoes by allowing air circulation while absorbing moisture quickly to ensure your feet stay dry and fresh. The Sports Athletic Shoe Insoles can fit athletic and casual footwear, and you can easily trim them for a perfect fit. The only downside is that the arch can feel a bit high for some shoe types and raise your foot more than necessary.

Choosing The Best High-Volume Insoles

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The top things to consider to ensure you get the best high-volume insoles for your needs include the following:

  • Sizing
Measuring foot size vector

Insole sizes are denoted as a shoe size range, and each manufacturer uses different sizing. Most insoles termed as full-length usually require trimming before use and are also described as trim-to-fit insoles. Such insoles are suitable for different shoe sizes, and you can trim off any excess length from the end of the insole to ensure it perfectly fits your footwear.

Others, like ¾ insoles or inserts like heel pads or ball of foot cushions, cannot be trimmed in any way and the size range denotes the exact footwear size where you can use them comfortably. To be safe, ensure you order the next size up if you’re unsure or in between sizes.

  • Placement

Most of the best high-volume insoles require you to remove any existing insoles or shoe inserts before placing the new one. They replace the insoles you’re currently using completely.

High-volume insoles are usually thick and will likely not fit in your shoe with other insoles. You can only comfortably wear flat or very thin insoles together with other insoles.

  • Material

Common materials used in making the best high-volume insoles include gel, foam, leather, and cork. You can choose the material you like based on your preferences but ensure you consider their advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision.

Generally, foam materials provide better cushioning, pressure relief, and support, while gel allows high-grade shock absorption. Leather offers a better feel and cushioning, while cork works well for slight cushioning and support.

  • Foot Arch Type

Insoles feature different arch types that will conform to the arch of your foot. These can be neutral, medium, low, fallen, flat, or high arches. Insoles can work with one or more arch types, and when choosing the best high-volume insoles, you must first know your foot arch type and only select insoles that work with that foot arch type. You can feel significant pain if you wear insoles not designed for your arch type.

  • Arch Support

Insole constructions generally feature four different types of arch support. These include rigid arch supports, semi-rigid arch supports, cushioned arch supports, and flat arch supports. Rigid supports are very firm and don’t bend, while semi-rigid are moderately firm to allow for some flexibility.

Cushioned supports don’t have a rigid support plate and are covered with cushioning material for increased comfort. The type you choose will depend on what you’re looking for, so ensure you know what you wish to achieve with your insoles.

Learn more about different types of insoles (video)

Plantar Fasciitis? How to Choose the Best high-volume Insoles by Tim Fraticelli

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of High-Volume Insoles Are Available?

The different types of high-volume insoles available include:

  • Sports or Athletic Insoles

These often feature a technical design with engineering meant to aid in specific activities or functions or meet the needs of such activities. For example, good support and forefoot or heel padding help runners with gait or heel-to-toe movements, while compact and stiff insoles help cyclists move quickly in tight footwear.

Hiking or skiing requires insoles that are comfortable in bulky footwear.

  • Orthotic Insoles

These usually feature rigid and semi-rigid support plates that help your feet maintain a natural and healthy form all day, regardless of your activities. They function by focusing on the heel and arch and feature built-in supports that prevent your arch from collapsing or heel cups that cradle your heel and control excessive ankle movements.

Orthotic insoles can help eliminate strain and pain while guiding your feet in natural motions with every step.

  • Heavy Duty Insoles

Heavy-duty insoles can stand up to rugged conditions and are ideal if you work in the construction field. They usually feature excellent shock and impact absorbency and can help reduce the pressure you apply on your feet while undertaking challenging activities or carrying heavy loads.

What Is The Purpose Of The Best High-Volume Insoles?

The best high-volume insoles provide greater comfort and shock absorption that helps distribute pressure evenly along the length of your foot and joints. They help reduce the impact on your forefoot or heels and offer needed support and correction for foot issues like overpronation or under-supination.

Generally, the primary purpose of high-volume insoles is to provide excellent comfort while engaging in high-impact activities on hard surfaces or rugged terrain.

What Should I Do if My Insoles Make A Squeaky Sound?

Insoles need to move independently inside your footwear, and they can make a squeaking sound as they shift and work with the motion of your feet. It mostly happens with new insoles, so you can give them a few weeks to mold to the shape of your feet, and the sound should disappear.

If the squeak is persistent, confirm that you’ve trimmed your insoles correctly. Remove the insole and check for creases at the toe or sides, which can mean the insole is too long. Trimming the insoles to fit perfectly can eliminate the sound. Other remedies include applying baby powder or talc inside your footwear, under the insoles, or on the bottom of the stabilizer cap.

How Long Do The Best High-Volume Insoles Last?

The best high-volume insoles generally last for around one year with daily or regular use. Using your insoles seasonally or occasionally can extend their life for a few years.

The lifetime of your insoles will generally depend on the construction, materials, usage, and care.

How Do I Care For The Best High-Volume Insoles?

Care tips to keep your insoles in tip-top shape include inspecting them regularly for signs of deterioration or dirt. If they’re too dirty, ensure you wash them with mild detergent and allow them to dry before use.

If you have wet or sweaty feet, remove the insoles regularly and air them out to allow moisture to escape. Too much humidity can destroy your insoles and make it easier for bacteria and mold to thrive.


Suppose you have high-volume shoes or engage in high-impact activities like hiking, skiing, long-distance trekking, or intense running. In that case, the best high-volume insoles can provide extra comfort, support, and protection to keep your feet safe.

Some of the best high-volume insoles include Timberland’s Pro Anti-Fatigue Insoles, Powerstep Hiking Boot Insole, Superfeet GREEN, Scholl’s Performance Insoles, and Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles by EasyFeet.

When choosing the best high-volume insoles, a few things to keep in mind include sizing, the material used, your foot arch type, and the arch support available.

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