Best Memory Foam Insoles

If you ever had a memory foam pillow, you might already be familiar with the concept. When you compress memory foam and then let go, it will bounce right back. Yes, it is like magic. While the foam is in use, it will retain the shape of your foot by adjusting itself to the contours present. Not only will this keep your foot balanced, but also ensure your weight is equally distributed throughout your shoe.

The primary function of foam insoles is to relieve any pain present inside your foot. This pain could be caused by staying on your feet for too long, for which you now require added support. If you are experiencing any symptoms that could indicate foot problems, read on to which memory foam insoles would work best for your needs.

Best Memory Foam Insoles

MEGAComfort Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat

MEGAComfort PAM-M1213 Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat 100% Dual Layer Memory Foam Insole,(1 per Pack)

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When you read mega comfort in the title, that is exactly what you expect from these insoles. Considering that the inserts have a double layer of foam, they will provide adequate cushioning.

A side note, their green, and yellow color scheme also reminded me of the sponge I use to wash dishes. 

There are three factors about these insoles that make them stand out. One, they have aeration holes present that will let air flow through. Not only will this keep your feet cooler, but also prevent moisture from gathering. Two, the top layer has silver ions embedded inside it. These ions will repel bacteria, which would otherwise cause your feet to smell.

And three, these are designed explicitly by a doctor to mold themselves around your feet for added comfort.

Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

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As opposed to the usual bright blue or yellow, these insoles are a sleek black through and through. The name super feet also implies that your feet might gain some superpowers. However, superpowers in this context only mean that these inserts will be completely camouflaged inside your shoes due to their color and low volume. 

Other features include having a stabilizer cap that allows the insole to maintain its structure while pressure is being exerted. There is a heel cup present to ensure your heel remains stable in its position. The shape of this insole guarantees that it is flexible enough to reduce strain on your foot, ankles, and back.

Finally, the foam is of high-density for an increased pillowing effect.

ProFoot Miracle Molding Insoles

ProFoot Miracle Molding Insoles Women's Sizes 6-10 1 Pair (Colors May Vary) (Pack of 3)

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I think everyone should be pro-foot care because a comfortable base to stand on should be an utmost priority. If your feet have been experiencing discomfort, these are the miracle inserts you have been waiting for.

Whether you are experiencing a foot injury or you have developed blisters from uncomfortable shoes, these insoles will help alleviate the pain. They are also meant to act as a crutch for flat feet.

The first thing you will notice is that these insoles are very lightweight. Your shoes already have a certain weight, and you do not want extra bulk added on top to carry around. Secondly, these inserts will shape themselves according to the curves of your foot. This molding will reduce friction between your shoes and feet and prevent fatigue from occurring.

Powerstep Memory Foam Insoles

Powerstep Insoles, Memory Foam, Heel and Arch Pain Relief Insole, Cushioning Arch Support Orthotic For Women and Men

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Have you ever considered that the reason for your continuous foot injuries might be because you have sensitive feet? Feet already contain a multitude of nerve endings, with a concentration of touch and pain receptors. For some people, due to continuously moving around, sensitivity can increase.

These Powerstep insoles are precisely designed for sensitive feet. They consist of two layers. The memory foam layer adapts itself to your foot shape, while the second layer targets stress points present in the foot to release pressure. This memory foam is slow to return to its original form to retain the shape of your foot for as long as you need it. The arch support is also slightly rigid for added reinforcement.

Sof Sole Women’s Memory Plus Insole

Sof Sole Women's PlusW-W Memory Plus Shoe Insert, Black, 5-10

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You might walk to work every morning, and recently, have started feeling pain in your ankles. If that is the case, your shoes are not providing the support your legs require to be on your feet all day. For people who have low-intensity daily activities such as walking, or want additional protection for their feet during work, these memory plus insoles would be ideal.

Keep in mind, though, that while these inserts will contour around your foot to alleviate stress, they are too light for intense workouts. You can easily slip them inside your casual walking shoes, and they will grip themselves to the bottom of your shoes. They will remain in a position to ensure you do not lose balance.

Happystep Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics

Happystep Shoe Insoles, Orthotic PU Memory Foam Insoles, Comfort Insoles Providing Arch Support, Cushioning, and Shock Absorption, Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Relief for Men and Women for Everyday Use (US M: 6-8 or W: 7-9)

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When you walk with ease, without any recurring spasms, all of your steps will be happy and pain-free. A painful condition that develops in your feet is plantar fasciitis. The tissues in your feet swell and become inflamed due to strain while walking. Consequently, every time you are on your feet, the hurt will increase. 

To treat the symptoms of this ailment, you can use these orthotics. Orthotics are mainly manufactured to be of a medical standard. The density of the foam used is high in order to ensure a shielding effect. There is also a u-shaped heel cup for stabilizing the heel and lessening aches.

Wnnideo Full Length Thick Shoe Insoles

Wnnideo Full Length Thick Memory Foam Shoes Insert with Arch Support - Premium Cushioning Orthopedic Comfort Shoe Insoles for Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis, Running, Hiking, Working Men & Women

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At first glance, these insoles look exactly like quilt bed covers. To walk on a quilt cover throughout the day sounds like a perfect pillowing experience if you ask me. If you are an athletic person who wants to avoid sports-related injuries, these full-length insoles will provide you with a thick layer of protection.

Not only do these inserts have a moisture wick to ward of foot sweat, but they are also deodorized to guarantee that no bad smells will emit from your shoes. There is an arch shell to provide you with more control over your motions. There is also a heel cup so that your foot does not slip inside your shoes.

Airplus Memory Comfort Shoe Insoles

Airplus Memory Comfort Shoe Insoles with Memory Foam for Pressure Relief, Women's, Size 5-11,2 Count (Pack of 1)

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One of many great things about memory foam is that when it molds itself to your foot, it will provide relief in areas you did not even know were causing you trouble. These inserts will help in equally distributing pressure throughout your foot rather than being concentrated in your heel or arch.

These AirPlus insoles are also designed compactly to fit inside every type of shoe. Whether you want to place them inside your sneakers, or your work boots, they are flexible enough to fit both. For a personalized experience, the insoles will retain your distinctive foot imprint for the most incredible coziness.

Dr. Scholl’s DOUBLE AIR-PILLO Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Double Air-Pillo Insoles, Men’s Size 7-13, Women’s Size 5-10 , 1 Pair

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As the name suggests, these insoles also resemble pillows. We trust Dr. Scholl to be a reliable foot care doctor. He understands that while walking, the foot experiences various kinds of shocks. Most of the time, these shocks are minor enough to go unnoticed.

But, other times, when we bring down our feet with too much force, we are met back with equal resistance. These insoles absorb those shocks, thus avoiding serious harm.

These inserts consist of two layers: the top layer shapes itself according to your foot, while the bottom layer grips your shoe. This gripping also prevents the insoles from bunching. With these, you can go on with your day without feeling fatigued.

TallMenShoes Orthotic Memory Foam Elevator Shoe Insole

Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis Memory Foam Comfort Elevator Shoe Insole 1/2 Inch Height Increase (Yellow) Excellent Shock Absorption and Cushioning Best Insoles for Men and Women for Everyday Use Size M

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Do not fret; these were not meant to only make men taller but also women! The purpose of elevation is to make up for any leg defects that cause one leg to be longer than the other. Due to the uneven balance, one leg tends to bear more weight than the other. That difference can be covered using these insoles, so weight distribution is equal.

These orthotic insoles are also perforated so that air passes through. This breathability will allow your feet to remain dry and odorless. Finally, there is also a heel cushion to absorb any severe impacts in the heel region.

Best Memory Foam Insoles Buying Guide

After reading through our selections for memory foam insoles, you will hopefully already have an idea of the features that you should be looking for.

However, there are still some factors that you should keep in mind before making a purchase. Also, if you are looking to purchase orthotics, make sure you consult a doctor beforehand to buy the right medical insoles for your condition.


Insoles are not meant to last for years at a time. The maximum they will last is one year, with constant usage. However, it is important to make sure that the foam is of top quality. You do not want to use your insoles only a few times because they become unusable. 

This factor also correlates with price. Generally, you will get higher quality at a higher price. That price is worth the money you will spend on a one-time basis. If you opt for buying cheaper insoles, the cost of repurchases will add up to a lot more than that one-time cost. Hence, opt for a high-quality insole that will also account for durability.


Your insoles must have holes for air to flow. When there is no breathability, your feet will retain heat, get sweaty, and start to smell. A heat buildup will also increase friction and make your insoles wear down faster.

Another factor you should look out for, along with ventilation, is a top antimicrobial layer. It will prevent bacteria from gathering, which will protect against fungal infections, as well as keep your feet moisture-free.

A tip to make your insoles last longer is to take them out after wearing them allowing them to get air. This will dry out any moisture and keep your inserts fresh.

Additional Features

Besides the basic insole that gives cushioning, there are added features to target problem areas. Heel cups help stabilize your foot and prevent any shocks from impacting your heel. Arch support is present to provide control over your movements and give a proper shape to your foot. 

There is also extra padding in the ball-of-foot area, which has the highest concentration of nerves. This area is especially sensitive and prone to aches; hence the padding provides ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure that insoles fit perfectly inside your shoes?

Like shoes, insoles come in a variety of sizes. Please make sure you get a size according to your feet. Next, you need to check whether your shoes already have insoles inside them. If that insole is not too thick, you can place your new foam insole right on top.

You can try out the shoe, and if it feels too snug, you can remove the original insole present and replace it with the new one.

Your insole might also be too big for your shoes. If that is the case, you will need to trim it. You can see if the original insole is removable to use it as a trace for cutting. If not, you can estimate your required size and cut little by little till it is a perfect fit. 

Please make sure you do not cut too much at one time, as that might make the insole too short. Once you have trimmed the edges, you can insert it back into your shoe to see whether further trimming is required. 

When should you replace insoles?

If you have purchased a good quality insole, they should last about a year, depending on usage. With memory foam insoles, it is easy to notice when they stop providing support. The inserts will cease bouncing back and flatten out once they reach their limit. You will need new insoles to regain your previously achieved level of comfort.

A second factor is that your insoles could start emitting a foul odor due to accumulated sweat. If, after airing and washing, the smell remains, it is time to throw them out.