Best Insoles for Shoes that are too Big

Is it possible to make your shoes fit when they’re too big? Ideally, you buy shoes that fit you properly, but in many cases, you adjust them by replacing the insole. All you need to know about insoles for shoes that are too big and and a profound deep dive by brand you can rely on, all on 1 page.

I have concluded that I have weirdly sized feet because I can never find a shoe that fits me just perfectly. I was thinking of starting a support group for people with the same woes but realized I already had one with the group I run with every morning. Read on to know our pain. We’ve tried many hacks like you will read below how to make shoes that are too big fit better, but the impact on shoes size by adding insoles is a winner.

Summary: making shoes that are too big fit smaller

  • Use insoles for shoes that are too big. In most of the times you will need to replace the existing insole so make sure you take a big enough insole. Insole create an overall improved fitting of your feet in the shoes
  • Insoles for shoes that are too big come in 2 shapes: full-length and half-length insoles
  • Using insoles for shoes that are too big mainly works in flat shoes like sneakers or dressed shoes
  • You can consider heel liners or pads a second option for formal shoes (flat or heeled) and sneakers. A bonus result is that these gel pads reduce the risk on blisters.
  • In mary janes or heel shoes, you can opt for toe inserts, drastically affecting the inside length of the shoe
Example of half insole for Shoes that are too big (sneakers)
Example of half insole for Shoes that are too big (sneakers)

How Do You Fix Shoes That Are Too Big?

Have you ever found that perfect pair of shoes? You love the color, the style is right up your alley, it’s affordable, comfortable, and of great quality. The only drawbacks are that they are a size too big, all pairs in your size are sold out, and fate generally never takes your side. On the bright side, I have found a few ways to skirt around fate.

Insoles for shoes that are too big

The first is the insoles. These should be your go-to option as they provide maximum cushioning. Insoles are basically shoe inserts made of a comfortable material such as gel or foam. They are designed in a way that the impact of the shock generated by walking, is absorbed by the insert, and pressure in your foot is relieved.

Since this force is decreased, not only does the health of your feet stay in good condition, as insoles prevent foot disorders, but the longevity of your shoe increases as well. They are highly recommended for people with an active lifestyle, involving a lot of exercises and walking.

Heel liners or pads for shoes that are too big

The second kind of insert is heel liners. As the name suggests. These are inserted over the heel area to prevent blisters. They aid in shoe fitting better as they fill up some space. They can be inserted and removed as per requirements. Their best advantage is that they reduce friction, which helps your feet stay in place inside your footwear, rather than them slipping around.

Toe inserts for shoes that are too big

The third and final hack is toe inserts. Normally, the big toe is the unfortunate victim of ill-fitting shoes. Blisters form on ends, the skin hardens at certain points, and the nail is always the first to go. To prevent this, the inserts provide padding which helps all toes rest comfortably. Chances of injury are minimized.

Insoles for shoes that are too big explained

How to Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller by Michigan Foot Doctors

The following are tried and tested brands that aim to keep your feet safe from harm:

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Inserts

Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles (Men's 8-14) // All-Day Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Hard Surfaces (Packaging May Vary), 1 Count

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These are designed specifically for men (I understand the outrage, ladies) who walk around on hard surfaces. What is a hard surface, you ask? Well, you do not walk around on a floor made of cotton.

So, any surface which resembles concrete is not good for your feet. These gel inserts massage your feet as you walk. This is done by sending gentle waves that help feet bounce back from a step. Less discomfort means you can walk around all day without sore muscles.

They even have a system that keeps your feet free of sweat. They can be placed in any kind of shoes, just remember, put them in with the gel side facing downwards for maximum comfort.

One of the members in my jogging club, it’s not an official club but I like to think of it in formal terms. I realize I’m going off-track (Get it? Jogging pun). Anyway, the dude is nearing 60. He is twice my age and also has twice the amount of energy.

If I was 60, I would just want to lie on my couch and watch TV all day (no, I do not already do that, excuse you). He comes to run every morning and then goes off to work like running takes no energy. I finally asked him, how do your feet not kill you?

He said he had been using Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Inserts for quite a while now, and the pillowing they provide keeps his feet from feeling any kind of pain.

Envelop Gel Inserts

Envelop Gel Insoles for Men - Shoe Inserts for Walking, Running, Hiking - Insoles for Standing All Day - Cushion Soles for Heels, Arch Support, Plantar Fasciitis Flat Feet - Sneaker Boot Insoles

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The best part about these insoles is that they are not exclusive to one gender only. I kid, there are many more benefits besides every person being able to use these. Envelop Gel Inserts are designed to pay special attention to points in feet that receive the most pressure.

When this pressure is alleviated, along with support provided for the arch and heel, stability is provided and fatigue in legs, back and feet is lessened substantially. Another advantage of these is that they are very lightweight. When inserted, you do not feel any extra heaviness that you have to carry. They do not wear out easily and regain their shape even after continuous and rigorous use.

Now I will regale you with more stories from the jogging club. There are a pair of twins that accompany us on a weekly basis, Sara and Lara. If you ask me to differentiate between the two, I honestly cannot. They have been coming for months now, and I swear the two are interchangeable.

They have the same hairstyle, wear the exact same clothes, and even speak similarly. Were it not for witnesses, I would have chalked the other twin up to a hallucination. You can also guess that they use the same gel inserts. According to them, these insoles make you feel like you are walking on your mattress. Not only do they make jogging less of a pain, they also make joggers snugger and less likely to slide off.

Amitataha Memory Foam Inserts

Shoe Insoles, Memory Foam Insoles, Providing Excellent Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Feet Relief, Comfortable Insoles for Men and Women for Everyday Use, M [US M: 6-9/W: 7-11]

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Unlike others which are blue or yellow in color, these inserts actually resemble original soles of a shoe. You can tailor it according to your needs by trimming edges. The material is made of very flexible foam that retains your feet’ shape.

It is like how your pillow remembers the shape of your head from the night before. The best part of these inserts is that they are designed to support the arch of your foot. They are meant for flat-footed people, have fallen arches, or have trouble walking. The padding is soft, comfortable, and keeps your feet in good shape even if you decide to run a marathon. How you would come to that decision, I cannot even fathom.

Do you know what the best part of waking up early in the morning to go for a run is? Nothing. I would rather sleep in. One of the perks of being a parent is that you barely get any sleep. You have to be up anyway to send the little devils (literally) off to school.

Since I am forced to be awake, I decided, why not go for a run as well? You know, completely ruin your day every morning. Anyway, after coming home from a run the other day, I had this concentrated pain in my arch. I thought well, this is it, I should probably write a goodbye note for my kids.

The smart thing to do was google my symptoms. Turns out, my arch was a little flat. Who knew? I found Amitaha memory foam inserts online and started using them regularly. Voila, the pain disappeared. I could rip up the note for the time being.

Dr. Scholl’s Extra Support Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Extra Support Insoles Superior Shock Absorption and Reinforced Arch Support for Big & Tall Men to Reduce Muscle Fatigue So You Can Stay on Your Feet Longer (for Men's 8-14)

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Look at that. Another pair of insoles designed specifically for men. But, not just any kind of man, they have to be big and tall to meet these insole’s requirements. Well, it kind of makes sense that people with more mass would put more pressure on their feet.

Hence, they also require added support. Dr. Scholl must be a smart man. These inserts are designed to send ripples back to your feet while you move around. These ripples massage pressure points to relieve the extra burden. If you have a job that requires a lot of moving around, these would be for you. They do not let your feet get tired, or sore.

Now that you have heard the description of these insoles, I know the image of the person you have in mind who would use these. He is probably above 6 feet, his stomach is larger than a pregnant lady’s, and smells like cigar smoke most of the time. You are wrong.

This very nice lady named Alice comes is a frequent member of our group. She is barely five feet tall and is so thin we fear she would float away on windy days. She smells like cinnamon rolls and makes me crave them every time.

Now you are craving them too. You are welcome. There is nothing really wrong with her feet, she is in her mid-forties, with good health, and her job does not even require her to walk around. I asked her why she uses insoles that are designed for men. Her response was that she just likes the squishy feeling while she walks.

Vsonker PU Memory Foam Insoles

VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Women Men and Kids, Comfortable Breathable Sports Shoe Inserts, Shock Absorption and Relieve Foot Pain, M(Men 6-9/ Women 7-11)

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Do you want to get matching insoles for the whole family? Look no further. Vsonker PU memory foam insoles are made for men, women, kids, and I am sure you can also fashion a pair for your dog. These are designed in a way that the arch is flat, while the heel has a dip.

The rest of the sole is made of foam, but the heel has an added gel layer as a bonus. These particular orthotics work to correct flat feet. They relieve pain from walking as the foam absorbs shock from walking. The gel supports the heel for maximum comfort. Some people tend to have excessively sweaty feet you can smell from a mile away. These insoles also absorb moisture to keep your feet smelling fresh as a daisy.

Can you think of anything more embarrassing than your mom forcing you to join a jogging club for relatively old people? Talk about scarring you during your teenage years. Josh is the baby of our group. He just turned 13 and still has the cutest chubby cheeks in the world. He gets mad at me when I try to pull them.

Poor kid has the flattest feet I have ever seen. Additionally, he still has not shed his baby fat which causes a lot of pain in his feet. He used to be constantly tired and hated moving around. When his mother got these insoles for him, he refused to use them at first.

Eventually, he warmed up to them, even warmed up a little to the group, and is now on his fitness journey because these insoles help him get through the day.

Stasole Anti-Fatigue Insoles

STASOLE Anti-Fatigue Insoles for Man and Woman Cushioning Gel Shoe Inserts with Arch Support and Shock Absorption Ideal for Hiking Work Boots and Athletic Shoes (S)

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When you read the word anti-fatigue, you think, are these the miracle I have been searching for? Then you read the insoles part and clutch at your third cup of coffee, apologetic for dismissing the magic that is caffeine. According to these insoles, three areas of concern should be cushioned.

Your forefoot, the arch, and the heel. By providing extra gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot, they have managed to contour the arch as well to fit the shape of your foot perfectly. Think of the fit as Cinderella and her glass slippers, except these are a million times more comfortable.

Speaking of Cinderella, there is usually a certain age where kids grow out of fairytales. This time, Cinderella is a thirty-five-year-old woman. Coincidentally, her name is also Ella. This is not the freaky part, though. She has an evil step-father that treats her like a maid, and two step-brothers who are kings of the household. Ella lost her shoe in the park we jog.

This happened two years ago. She is still waiting for Prince Charming to come to her rescue. She uses Stasole anti-fatigue insoles because they make her shoes fit better. She roams around continuously for four or five hours, without any signs of wearing down, to find her happy ending.

Hlyoon Sports Gel Insoles

Sports Gel Insoles and Shoe Inserts for Women and Men Breathable Cushion with Small Holes,Sizes 5-10 by HLYOON(S)

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If sports had not been invented, there would probably be no such thing as physical activity. Honestly, I see a lot of faults in sports. There needs to be more creativity rather than having several games centered around hitting a ball. You run around. Your feet hurt. But not anymore.

This is where Hyloon Sports Gel Insoles come to play. They are slip-proof because feet get sweaty while running and you do not want your joggers to fly off. They absorb sweat to prevent your team members in the locker room from dying. They are also flexible while providing you maximum comfort. They reduce stress on legs, and your muscles stay fit as well as pain-free.

There is this one type of guy, I am sure everyone has one in their life. He is bright and cheery every morning, never utters a foul word, hair set flawlessly, smiling white teeth, and he is respectful to everyone. I hate him. I am also convinced that he is a serial killer.

The only flaw I have seen in him so far is that his feet hurt when he plays too much. But ever since he has been using these insoles, he is back to being his perfect, infuriating self. He can get back to his life of rescuing puppies and helping old ladies cross the road, without any fatigue.

Heel Grip Liner Inserts

Makryn Premium Heel Pads Inserts Grips Liner for Men Women,Back of Heel Protectors Cushions Prevent Too Big Shoe from Heel Slipping,Blisters,Filler for Loose Shoe Fit-4Pairs (Black)

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The consequence of oddly sized feet is that you fall in love with a number of pairs, but none of them ever love you back. The shoe size is either too big or too snug. When you have no other choice, you buy these shoes. Every time you do, you end up with really painful blisters at the back of your feet.

The worst part is, you have to keep wearing those shoes and the blisters keep getting aggravated. You can now put your troubles to the side and just get heel grip liner inserts. They prevent abrasion against your shoes, which means no more blisters.

My niece has always faced this problem. I still cannot identify her foot size properly because it lies somewhere between when the kid’s foot scale ends, and the adults’ one begins.

She ends up getting shoes too big for her feet, and as a result, the backs of her feet are constantly in shreds. I ended up buying these inserts for her, and now she hugs me each time we meet. They helped her feet fit much better, and the blisters stopped forming. Her feet are able to get proper time to heal.

Shoolex Shoe Filler

SHOOLEX Shoe Filler for Too Big Shoes Men/Women Toe Cushion Insert to Make Shoes Fit Tighter Memory Foam Shoe Size Reducer for Sport Dress Casual High Heels and Boots Small

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This is another solution for people who cannot seem to find a shoe that fits them. These fillers are basically made of memory foam and are inserted at the front of the shoe. This not only provides a cushion for your toes, but also makes your shoes stable enough to walk in.

The snugger the fit, the better, because that would prevent you from sustaining an injury if you slip. They can be inserted in any kind of shoe, ranging from heels to running shoes. They even have multiple sizes to cater to every need. A disadvantage with these might be that they wear down quicker as your toenails scrape against the foam.

My cousin is addicted to shoes. I am not kidding. We held an intervention earlier this year but to no avail. She obsessively keeps buying whatever she can get her hands on. She has 30 pairs of heels. 20 kinds of sneakers. 45 pairs of sandals and flats. I honestly lost count after this.

The only issue here, besides the obvious one, is that she always orders the wrong size. I do not know how she manages to have so many shoes but still not know her size. For her birthday, I got her 10 packs of these fillers and she has been happily blowing through them like a child with candy.

Heel Grips Shoe Pads

Heel Grips, Best Quality High Heel Cushion Silicone Shoe Pads for Too Big Shoes Anti-Slip Heel Grips Inserts Liners Foot Insoles for Women, Back of Heel Protector

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Inflammation of the heel occurs for several reasons. At times we over-exert ourselves and move around too much. Other reasons can be attributed to your shoes. They might not have proper heel support, which leads to too much pressure being put at the back of the feet.

The shoes also might not fit you right. This uneven sizing leads to chronic pain at the back of the foot, and under the heels. These heel grips are made of gel, which is much more durable than foam. They easily stick to any kind of shoe to provide support.

One last story from my jogging club. There is one very peculiar fellow in our group. He never misses a day. But he also never jogs. He just sits on a bench staring into space while the rest of the group runs on the track. When I first asked him if something was wrong, he told me that running hurt his feet.

The group ended up getting him these gel inserts to alleviate his pain. After a few days, he thanked us all profusely, saying his feet had never felt more supported. And yet, he still sits on the bench and does not jog with us. I will make it my next mission to find out why.

How to make shoes smaller that are too big explained (video)

How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller! by WeAreTheTrend

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