How Do I Keep My Feet from Hurting in Steel Toe Boots?

As you may have read on another post I wrote on this site on the question of how good steel toe boots are for feet and posture, I was planning to buy a pair of this type of boots, and I wanted to have all the details in before I started spending money.

Well, I have bought the boots, and they fit quite well, but still, I could feel that after a full day’s work, my feet hurt, and not just from standing and working all day. So, I went back to the drawing board to try and get the most out of my boots. In my case, it was a matter of getting new insoles, but there are several other problem areas that you might want to look into.

How Do I Keep My Feet from Hurting in Steel Toe Boots?

The most important element to consider if your feet hurt from wearing boots is whether you have the correct size boot or not. Boots too tight or too loose will have fitting issues and ruin the posture, causing foot-ache, and with steel toe boots just half a number wrong can spell disaster.

Secondly, make sure you’re using high-quality insoles which provide sufficient cushioning and support. Lastly, implement proper maintenance procedures for your boots to make sure they last a while and hold their shape and comfort for a longer period.

How Should You Check the Size of Steel Toe Boots?

Most people and most shoe manufacturers think of shoe sizes as growing in half a point increments. So you might be a 10 or a 10.5 or an 11 and so on. However, when it comes to good work boots or even quality ski shoes, you really need to look at a quarter of a size increments. So you might be a 10, a 10 and ¼, a 10.5, a 10 and ¾, or an 11 and so on. Making sure you use this scale when evaluating your shoes might lead you to the cause of your feet ache. 

While purchasing, take your time to make sure the boots fit you perfectly. A quick rule of thumb is that the arch of the boot comes directly under the arch of your foot and the ball of your foot sits in the widest point of the boot. If, for whatever reason, you already own a pair that is too tight over the toe area, here is how you can work on widening the boot. 

How Can You Provide Support for the Arch of the Feet?

I have said before that I ended up buying new insoles, and that was despite the fact that I purchased some of the best-rated steel toe boots on the market. They fitted me perfectly and even the old insole provided adequate support. However, when you are on your fit all day, and I can’t even imagine how professionals do it year after year, you do need the very best.

Therefore, the best method to get arch support from steel toe boots is to use high-quality insoles designed to provide proper cushioning and support to your arches. Steel toe boot manufacturers are not insole designers and you can really tell that from the quality of their insoles. You can also try getting custom-molded insoles instead of the typical arch supports but that depends on how comfortable you feel with the market ones.

Are High Heel Steel Toe Boots Bad for You?

Another reason for your feet hurting from wearing steel toe boots could be a higher heel level. Higher heels in steel toe boots improve the traction and grip and improve the tread pattern against irregular walkways, however, they can also damage the foot and leg muscles and generate a lot of pain.

A higher than normal heel level inhibits proper blood circulation due to the unnatural foot posture. The calf muscles always stay contracted and the thighs always stay strained. In worst cases, higher heels can even cause arthritis in joints and damage your lower back muscles.

You can take care of this by being extra cautious with the height of the heels while purchasing the boots. Do not buy a pair which has extra high heels since it is only going to hurt you in the long run. Another way of tackling this issue is again using high-quality insoles which are properly balanced and complement your natural foot posture. Such insoles may be a little expensive, but they are worth the price.

How Can You Keep Your Feet Dry in Steel Toe Boots?

Moisture can lead to pretty nasty things in nature, let alone the environment inside your shoes. Excessive moisture due to sweat inside your boots can cause bacteria and fungi to develop. Moreover, the compression and temperature inside the shoes provide ideal conditions for their growth.

Thus, if the moisture level inside the boots is not maintained at a low level and the feet do not stay dry, the bacteria can cause serious diseases and infections.

Steel toe boots can trap moisture in case they are too tight or the socks you are wearing cause you to sweat a lot. Boots too tight do not let any air get in and thus, due to poor ventilation, the moisture gets trapped.

This trapped moisture coupled with the heat of the foot causes problems. The socks also need to be light and must let your foot breathe in order to sweat less and stay dry. Another method is using drying powders within your shoes to absorb all the moisture and keep the shoe-atmosphere dry.

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