Do Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better?

Many of today’s health problems can be traced to the inadequate foot support. If your feet are not firmly planted when you stand or walk, they will throw out of balance your entire body and can problems that start with a bad posture but can end with pinched nerves and chronic headaches.

That is why it is important to use high-quality insoles in your shoes, even if that means having to replace the insoles that came with the shoes and were, therefore, included in the price.  

Do Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better?

Insoles definitely make shoes fit better. For starters, you get better spring with each step. By using an insole, you fill up the extra space inside your shoes. Too much space inside a shoe may cause blisters in the long run due to irritation. Insoles allow you to wear them without any rubbing or discomfort.

How Can You Improve the Fit of Your Shoes with Insoles?

Every step you take is a comfort burst when you fill your shoes with insoles. Besides being the most ticklish part of your body, your feet get the most wear and tear compared to all other parts during the day. That is why they deserve extra attention.

Insoles can improve the fit of your shoes from a variety of aspects. First of all, they increase the contact between your shoe and your foot. The arch of your foot gets flexed while you are taking a new step. Insoles come in handy at this point to create better contact with the shoe and distribute the weight all around the foot base.

This way, you get to use your foot as a whole while walking or running not just some part of it. Otherwise, you would press all the weight either on the sole or on the heel. Your feet should not slip back and forth inside the shoes though slight movements do not harm. It could easily lead to many foot disorders in the long run.

Another benefit of using insoles in shoes is that your heels and knees get better treatment. You can stand or walk for much longer periods. Insoles help to create an environment that is similar to the comfort of walking barefoot. Plus, using one can also help to prevent plantar fasciitis before it occurs. It is a disorder that arises mainly due to weight and age. Once it develops, it becomes painful even to stand rather walk.

Can You Use Insoles to Make Bigger Shoes Fit Better?

It is a great technique to use insoles to make bigger shoes fit better. In fact, I like to get my shoes half size bigger to be able to use them more comfortable with the full support gel insoles. That is my perfect combination for winter foot wear.

It totally makes a huge difference if you do this for heavy boots. Your heels get elevated instantly which releases tension from them. An additional benefit includes the cushion support for a much relaxing experience. Besides being able to wear a bigger size shoe, you get the perfect arch support from the insole to protect your feet’s health.

Insoles are produced mainly for comforting your feet and also correcting foot disorders. They are a great relief for people who stand for extra long hours due to their occupations’ requirements. However, it is a very popular method to use the insoles as space fillers for bigger size shoes too. You simply keep the original insoles inside your shoes and insert the new ones over them. This way, you can easily wear one size bigger shoe or boot without any hassle or discomfort.

You should be careful when wearing different size shoes than your regular size since you can fall and injure yourself if they are way too big. Watch out for ankle injuries and painful twists.

Is It Bad to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big?

Wearing bigger shoes than your regular size can develop fatigue and other discomforts for you. Remember, shoe irritation can occur from both small and big size shoes. Your feet must move with the shoe not inside the shoe. However, a little extra wiggle room is beneficial and could be completely manageable with the help of an insole.

You should not select bigger size models when shopping for high heel shoes or boots. The front of your foot will hurt badly, and your heel will have to move while you are walking. You will get sore feet in the end.

Some people choose to buy bigger size shoes mainly due to the reason that they cannot find their size with the model in hand. It happens; beautiful shoes tend to get run out of stock faster. Using an insole or large socks can solve the problem to a degree but if the shoes are 2-3 size bigger then maybe you should give them as a gift to a friend.

Our feet are interesting body parts that they tend to get accustomed to the size of the shoes we wear. Although this only occurs in small amounts, wearing bigger shoes often will make you uncomfortable when you switch back to your size.

This happens all the time when families with small children buy a bigger size so that they can wear it longer. If you are going to buy bigger size shoes for your toddler, then make sure it is not bigger than half an inch between his toe and the tip of the shoe.

Should You Remove the Original Insoles When Inserting New Insoles?

You should remove the original insoles in your shoes to take full advantage of the new ones. They are designed to be used solely without additional layers. Insoles have different features. Some are fully orthotic that help to correct biomechanical foot issues and some are flatter for regular use.

The material used in their production also varies depending on the model and brand. Gel insoles usually provide full support for your feet and it is best to remove the original insoles in your shoes before you insert them. They are made for people who stand on their feet for long hours. Most come with the cushioning feature to provide extra comfort against hard surfaces.

You may want to keep the original insoles only if the shoe you are trying to use them for is a bigger size. Otherwise, the full support version insoles would not leave much space for your toes. It would definitely make the shoes squeeze your feet from all directions. Most people use the original insoles inside the shoes as a cutting guide for the new insoles. Make sure you don’t cut them too short.

Keep in mind that using insoles help prevent leg and foot issues. They are also great to eliminate cramps.

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