Meltonian Shoe Cream Review

Unless you do not wear shoes outside your home, there is little chance that the brand-new leather boots you bought will remain pristine. You could just keep them in the box, but then how would you flaunt your latest purchase in front of your colleagues? Fret not, this is where Meltonian Show Cream comes to your rescue.

What Is Meltonian Shoe Cream?

You may be wondering what this miraculous product is. Well, it is a cream-based polish that not only keeps your footwear looking fresh throughout the day but also restores them to their previous glory by removing all the scuffs obtained going about your work.

Meltonian Unisex Adult Jar Shoe Polish, Brown, 1.7oz

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What Is the Difference between the Meltonian Shoe Cream and a Shoe Polish?

A cream and a polish may seem like the same thing, I mean, both just remove dirt from the surface, right? While that may be their basic function, the two have very distinct features in terms of usage.

Let us look at a shoe polish first. It is the day of your best friend’s wedding. You put on your most classy suit. Dab on your favorite spicy-scented cologne. But when you take out your best pair of boots, they look worn and dull. So, you get your tin of shoe polish and brush it onto your boots. They are glossed over, they look shiny, and your whole look resembles James Bond. Time to go impress the ladies.

A shoe polish contains wax. The wax creates a layer around your shoes which fills in any imperfections. But, when the layer fades, and the shine dulls, the scrapes and scratches remain.

Now, if you had used the Melatonin shoe cream instead of a polish, your boots would have been in a much better condition. Melatonin nourishes the leather similar to how a conditioner nourishes your hair. Instead of adding a layer of sheen, cream adds color to your boots which maintains their original appearance.

These color pigments should not be confused with a dye, they are not meant to change the color of your shoes. Rather, the cream covers up grazes, and any discoloration present. If you want more gloss, go for a polish, but a cream leaves more of a subtle glow that gives a very natural finish.

Is Meltonian the Best Shoe Cream?

Meltonian Unisex Adult Jar Shoe Polish, Brown, 1.7oz
  • The best cream polish since 1893 is still the same Meltonian, old-school high quality product made without cutting...
  • Industry high concentration of pigment restores and preserves color of your leather: Meltonian shoe cream features...
  • Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish rejuvenates, revitalizes and conditions your leather boosting its lifespan and...
  • Stout viscosity for easy application. Meltonian cream polish is easy to apply. It spreads and absorbs evenly,...
  • End the application with polishing your leather to add matte sheen to it’s beauty. The hallmark of Meltonian...

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who think one black pair of shoes will go with every article of clothing they own, and those that have a complementing color for each outfit. I am most definitely the latter.

Because of this obsession with buying boots, I have a variety of different designs in separate colors adorning my closet. From an earthy beige to cherry red to raven black, and every shade in between you can name. Meltonian shares my enthusiasm for pigments as they have over 30 distinct colors. A new day, a new colored shoe, and a new complementing colored cream.

You love each pair of shoes like a separate child. You have to keep them clean, make sure they are not harmed, and bandage them up in case of an injury. Meltonian does all of that for your shoes. I am generally very clumsy, I bump into doorways, I spill food on myself, and I walk without looking.

This leads to mud accumulating on my boots, various stains, and scuffs from my war with the outside. At the end of the day, when I sit to clean off all the grime, I reach for my trusted shoe cream. It really gets into the leather, repairs the cracks, restores the pigment, and gives them enough strength to look as they did the day I got them.

Before Meltonian, I used to have a shoe polish. What I noticed after continuous use was that polish eventually starts to look uneven. I would then have to wipe off all existing polish to spread an even coat anew. When I got Meltonian, I realized that it not only spreads evenly, it also removes the existing polish underneath to give a level application. Ever since then, goodbye polish, hello Meltonian.

How Do You Use the Meltonian Shoe Cream?

Do you remember the time when you would step outside, and a boy would come running up to you and offer to shine your boots?

Yeah, me neither!

Instead, I had to learn to clean my boots, myself. It is times like these that make me wish I had a butler who would do these tasks for me. Alas, that is not the case. So, here is how to use Meltonian shoe cream:

  • Grab the cleanest cloth you can find and slightly dampen it with some water.
  • Wipe off all the excess dirt with the cloth to have an even surface.
  • Wait a few minutes for the boots to dry as you cannot put polish on a wet shoe.
  • While they dry, place a newspaper down so the cream does not stain the floor.
  • To apply the cream, you can use either a rag or a special shoe brush if you are feeling really extra.
  • Dip your applicator in the tin to get an adequate amount, and work that into your boot thoroughly.
  • You can use the brush to really buff it in and make your boots shine.
  • Wait for the cream to set, and voila, you successfully completed your mission.

An alternative method is just hiring a butler, which would save you the trouble of polishing your own shoes. Jokes aside, using the cream is fairly simple.

Is the Meltonian Shoe Polish Waterproof?

Meltonian Unisex Adult Jar Shoe Polish, Brown, 1.7oz

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Imagine a lovely rainy day. You can hear the pitter-patter of drops falling to the ground and feel the gentle spray coating your face. But what you can also see is that you have a meeting in twenty minutes, you are halfway to your workplace, and your shoes are covered in water and mud.

Now, are you going to turn back to grab a spare pair of shoes you can wear to the meeting, and risk showing up late? Or, trust that the Meltonian Shoe Cream you used last night will keep your honor intact? Because obviously, messy boots would ruin your entire reputation.

Considering I just narrated a personal experience, I ended up heading straight to my workplace. Lest anyone see my condition, I ran to the little boys’ room and grab some paper towels as quick as I could. After wiping down my boots, I was amazed.

The grime slid straight off and underneath, were my unspoiled shoes. The cream had served as a protectant even against the greatest enemy of shoes, rain. My reputation, and my shoes remained unharmed.