Best Shoe Horn

Best Shoe Horn

I would love it if I could get my entire family to use the long metal shoe horn I have hanging by the shoe rack. It would make things so much simpler, and we would not have everyone looking for their favorite or complaining that the ones we currently have are not good enough. Just … Read more

How to Use a Shoe Horn

How to use a shoe horn

I can’t think of anyone who does not know how to use a shoe horn, or, more appropriately, who does not think they know who to use a shoe horn. Interestingly enough, there are several mistakes that I have seen people do when using a shoe horn. It almost seems like they do not understand … Read more

What to Use Instead of a Shoe Horn : 3 tips

Shoe Horns Replacement - what to use instead of shoe horns

As I’m waiting at gate number 16 for my flight, I have to ask myself what could I use instead of a shoe horn as I go through security at the airports? Come to think of it, what is a good shoe horn alternative for every time I visit any of my friends who do … Read more