Superfeet Green vs Orange Insoles

Staying comfortable in your shoes boils down to the kind of insoles you have. Therefore, if you start feeling uncomfortable often, it could be an indicator that your insoles need replacement. The problem arises when you have to choose between Superfeet Green and Orange insoles.

Which of these two can remain comfortable for a long while minimizing foot-related conditions? In this article, we want to settle the Superfeet Green vs. Orange Insoles debate. Read on for details.


What Is Superfeet?

The main idea behind Superfeet insoles is the need to provide maximum comfort to the feet. Thus, they designed soles that capture the basics of podiatric science while utilizing innovative materials. And so they used cutting edge technology to change how comfortable athletes felt inside their running shoes.

That’s the reason you can always expect the best possible comfort from the insoles produced by this company.

How Do Superfeet Insoles Work?

Regardless of whether you are talking about Superfeet Green or Orange insoles, their mechanisms are similar. Both of these premium insoles work as follows:

  • They have a contoured, sculpted shape that cradles the heels and hug the arches for pain-free running. In the process, the innovative design relieves arched, tired feet of long-distance runners.
  • The insoles have a naturally supportive design that makes it easier for your feet to move. With every step you make, the insoles disperse impact, thus decreasing stress and strain over your body.
  • Notably, the insoles provide the foundation for an athlete to remain energized when running over a long distance. Thanks to their support, your feet remain fresh and ready to power you through long days.

Superfeet Green Insoles

Superfeet GREEN - High Arch Orthotic Support - Cut-To-Fit Shoe Insoles - Men 2.5-5 / Women 4.5-6

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Superfeet Green is a high-volume insole that fills up space in your shoes if you have narrow feet. It features a premium cushioning material that provides maximum stability and comfort regardless of the activity you have.

One of the major benefits of this insole is its ability to give you a proper gait that aligns your body when walking. They have a patented heel cup, ensuring stability and ultimate shock absorption. Thus, you can wear these shoes for everyday work and seemingly mundane errands.

Apart from being extremely durable, the Superfeet insoles provide excellent arch support. Even better, it can fit various types of shoes, making it such a versatile option for users of insoles. Given its incomparable shock absorption capabilities, the insole is great for use in running or athletic shoes.

It is a good choice for those looking for an insole that minimizes or completely prevents stress and pain in the feet. It works well for casual walkers, runners, and all who work on their feet.

If you have a pair of running shoes, there is no better insole to buy than the Superfeet Green. The insole is also great for skiing, hiking, snowboarding, health work, industrial work, fitness, and wellness. It has a heel stabilizer cap that acts as the base, supporting your rear foot and giving structure to your stride.

The foam material also improves stability when standing, walking, or running for longer periods.

Advantages of Superfeet Green Insoles

  • An all-round option that fits perfectly in all type of footwear
  • Has a deep heel cap for ultra-control and stability
  • Comes with an odor-control coating that keeps your feet fresh for longer
  • Also has a wider version capable of accommodating wider feet
  • Cushions the heel while aligning the body as you walk or run
  • Great for flat feet, arch strain, back pain, heel pain, and so on

Superfeet Orange Insoles

Superfeet ORANGE Insoles, High Arch Support and Forefoot Cushion, Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Anti-fatigue, Unisex, Orange

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One of the instantly noticeable things about the Superfeet Orange is its ability to align and control your foot movements. Additionally, it has a design that offers support and balances, no matter the activity. It is comparable to the Superfeet Green because it has chock absorbent features great for hiking and active sports.

However, compared to the Superfeet Green, this particular insole offers more comfort to your feet. For that reason, many people use it to relieve pain when walking or running. That’s all thanks to a massive cushioning area that covers the whole of your foot. You will be surprised how responsive the insole is in lessening impact during walking and running.

If you are looking for an insole with better impact absorption, you should choose the Superfeet Orange. It is great for people who wear their shoes for a long while participating in high-impact sports. Besides, the insole comes with ultra-absorption padding in the forefoot area that keeps you going for longer. Concerning that, the Superfeet Orange insole is much better than its green counterpart.

Another thing you will love about the Superfeet Orange insole is its heel that’s narrower than that of the green one. Besides, the insole has a highly responsive foam that covers its full length. From that, you get better cushioning, support, and shock absorption. The reason for that is the thickness that exceeds that of the green insole.

As a result of its thickness, the Superfeet Orange insole tends to make your shoes more tight-fitting than usual. Despite its tightness, the insole is highly supportive of individuals who work on their feet or those with joint, heel, arch, and foot pain. It also has an anti-bacterial coating that reduces pathogens inside your feet, reducing the likelihood of bad odor.

Advantages of Superfeet Orange Insoles

  • It is ideal for use in athletic wear and men’s work shoes
  • Provides the desired support for the male foot, which are bigger
  • Perfect for people who work on their feet for longer
  • Recommended for people involved in high-impact activities
  • Prevents pain on the ankles, knees, and the back when running
  • Has an anti-bacterial coating that prevents the build-up of bad odor


As we close the Superfeet Green vs. Orange insoles debate, it is important to note that both of them provide great results. However, each features unique characteristics that make it stand out on its own.

The one you buy should that which gives you maximum protection from impact when walking or running. You’ve got to make a choice!