Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom dancing is a great activity to bust your moves as you wow the crowd with your impressive performance. It is also a great way to burn some calories if you’re looking for a fun way to do it. 

When ballroom dancing, one should always have a great set of footwear as it is very important in order to maintain good posture. A nice set of dance shoes also prevents slips and injury. In this list, we scoured the internet for the best ballroom dance shoes that offer comfort and durability so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

TTdancewear Women’s Rhinestone Dance Shoes

TTdancewear Ballroom Dance Shoes Women Rhinestone Latin Salsa Dance Shoes Practice Low Heels 2.5' (8.5,Nude)

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The TTdancewear rhinestone dance shoe has a soft satin material that feels gentle and comfortable when worn. You can dance for hours with this dance shoe and it won’t make your feet feel sore after. 

Unlike other dancing shoes, this shoe doesn’t have buckles so that you can easily put it on or take it off. The elastic covers the majority of your foot and secures it in place. The extra padded footbed with cotton lining absorbs moisture during performances.

It also has a sponge insole for shock absorption contributing to added flexibility. This neat feature keeps your feet comfortable when dancing. 

Additionally, the lightweight 2.5” heel doesn’t handicap you. This low heel height provides support and stability while giving you a good amount of room. The suede sole makes it easy to spin.

As a bonus, buying this shoe comes with a bag of loose jewels that you can glue if some of them get accidentally removed.

EAKLVB Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women

EAKLVB Low Heels Ballroom Dance Shoes Women, Latin Salsa Bachata Practice Performance Dancer Shoes

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If you are looking for a pair that doesn’t tire your feet, the EAKLVB Ballroom dance shoes for women have 1.5” heels that provide a steady and comfortable feel.

It has a simple yet stylish design that uses a stretch belt to allow you to wear it quickly. The quick-release buckle sparkles under the ballroom lights and is extremely flexible. This makes the shoe suitable for amateurs and professionals during dance training, match activities, or indoor recreations.

The soft cushioning reduces walking fatigue and is great for various dances such as salsa, tango, waltz, cha-cha, swing, and others.  The overall length is good but the toe area may be a little loose depending on your foot size.

This shoe also looks great when worn with dresses even when you’re not on the floor dancing. It looks pretty and considering its affordable price, this is a great shoe for dancing and casual wear.

Beclati Women’s Glitter Ballroom and Performance Dance Shoes

Beclati Women's Suede Sole Wedding Shoes Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes Glitter Performance Shoes Party Dance Shoes for 1920s

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The Beclati women’s ballroom dance shoe is a very affordable pair of shoes that provides proper measurements and a proper fit for your ballroom dancing needs. If you’re seriously considering taking ballroom dance classes as a recreational activity, this shoe is for you.

Because of its price, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to look professional. It has a 2.5mm thick OX soft suede sole that feels comfortable and keeps your feet secure.

The design of the shoes takes its inspiration from the 1920’s fashion of glitter and glamour making it the perfect pair for your ballroom dancing. It sparkles even when walking and may even pass as a wedding day shoe for the bride-to-be. The strap and buckle are adjustable according to your needs and are made from an elastic material.

Moving with this shoe should come naturally during rehearsals and on the actual performance. It also works well with Latin, Quickstep, Waltz, Salsa, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, and other forms of elegant dancing.

Dancine Starry Professional Ballroom Dance Shoes

Dancine Starry,Ballroom Dance Shoes,Latin Salsa Wedding Dance,Special Design,3.3'/ 8.5cm (8.5 B(M) US) Gold

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This professional ballroom dance shoe from Dancine is sure to turn heads because of its hand-inlaid Swarovski crystals that sparkle during a performance. The look and feel of the crystallized shoe are elegant and unique, perfect for professional dancers who wish to wow the crowd.

The design ensures durability and firmness to guarantee long-lasting wear. It has a fashionable four-strap vamp and a supportive ankle strap that keeps your feet secure and in control. With its non-slip microfiber insole, it provides you with comfort while the breathable cushions keep your feet dry.

Because the shoe was designed for professional use, it allows for more stability during complex routines. The heel tip is reinforced with stronger materials and has great shock absorption that doesn’t disappoint.

Overall, these professional ballroom dance shoes from Dancine are suitable for all types of ballroom dance.

Very Fine Dance Shoes C6035 Black and White Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ladies Women Ballroom Dance Shoes from Very Fine C6035 Black & White 1.6' Cuban Heel (8)

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Very Fine Dance Shoes offers a pretty black and white ballroom dance shoe that has a low heel and buckles that are easy to get on and off. The front part of the shoe is wide with a minimal shank board for added support and flexibility.

The sole is made from fine leather while the suede outer sole is made from ultra-soft materials that are lightweight and provide more comfort when compared to other ballroom dancing shoes. It has a cushioned insole that’s great for shock absorption and provides relief when using it for longer hours.

The shoes fit perfectly from the get-go and perform well when used for dancing and other special occasions. Buying this shoe also comes with a free shoe bag so that you can easily store it especially when traveling. The strap may be a little too tight compared to other brands but it can easily be trimmed to your liking.

WUALIM Women’s Ballroom Rhinestone Dance Shoes

WUAILIM Women's Ballroom Rhinestone Dance Shoes, Latin Salsa Bachata Practice Performance Dancer Shoes

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If you’re looking for a ballroom dance shoe that is beautiful, well-made, and comfortable, then this shoe is for you. WUALIM has more than a decade of experience creating great dance shoes and this one is no different from their other crafted footwear.

The shoe has a lot of padding. Considering the cage style and the material of this ballroom dancing shoe, it fits very well and feels great when worn.

The heel size is around 2.3” to 2.75” which is perfect for regular wear. It has quick-release zippers that make it easy for amateur and professional dancers to put on especially when in a hurry. The shoes have a considerable amount of stretch in them for exceptional support.

It has a pretty and unique sparkle that looks great when performing. As a matter of fact, the pair can even be worn during special occasions like weddings or debuts.

Gogodance Men’s Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes

Gogodance Men's Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Jazz Tango Waltz Black Leather Shoes (10.5 D(M) US)

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The Gogodance men’s ballroom dance shoe is made from high-quality premium leather that is very skin-friendly. Its smooth materials have various air holes in them that provide breathability for your feet. It has a cushioned heel and a soft suede sole for added comfort.

This makes smooth stepping and quick turns during your performance easy. Moreover, it can withstand the continuous pounding from repeated steps. 

Compared with other men’s ballroom dance shoes, the Gogodance shoe is reasonably priced. It almost has the same durability and wear and tear as other shoes that cost twice as much.

As such, this is a great option as your starter, club, travel, or practice shoe. The shoe feels light when worn because of how it is constructed. Lastly, it has a flexible shoe body that’s great for your dancer’s point.

Minishion 1” Standard Heel Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Men

Minishion Dancing Shoes for Men 1' Standard Heel Black/White Leather Ballroom Dance Shoes US 11.5

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Minishion offers a variety of shoe models that are perfect for ballrooms like Quickstep, Latin, Tango, Salsa, Waltz, Cha Cha, Swing, Dico, and the like.

This 1” standard heel dancing shoe for men has a standard block heel and is made from real leather. It has a suede sole and cushioned insole for comfort. The shoe is designed for use with indoor dance floors and is not recommended for outside use.

Lightweight and anti-slip, it protects you from accidental injuries. It also gives you great control on the dance floor while providing flexibility in your movement.

Each Minishion shoe was handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to give its remarkable and stylish appearance. They are double-stitched to provide durability for longer use.

Overall, this dance shoe from Minishion is affordable for people who would like to give dancing a try. It provides a great feel and comfort to men and is a perfect starting shoe for you to practice on.

Bloch Jazz Oxford Character Dance Shoe for Men

Bloch mens Jazz Oxford Leather Sole Dance Shoe, Black, 11.5 US

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The Bloch Jazz oxford character dance shoe for men is one of the higher-priced ballroom dance shoes out in the market and with good reason. It is designed with reinforced eyelets, leather outsole, and cushioned insole for shock absorption and comfort.

This shoe has incredible durability that can withstand hours of wear and tear during dancing performances due to a specially-developed bonding procedure that ensures everything holds into place and will not loosen even after repeated use. It has a flat-stacked heel and a functional lace-up that’s perfect for ballroom dancing. 

This dance shoe is also street-ready because of its fashionable style. Along with wearing this for your line dance or tango lessons, it can also be an everyday wear to match your casual or semi-formal outfit. Needless to say, the pair can be comfortably worn for long hours.

Very Fine Dance Shoes Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men

Very Fine Dance Shoes - Mens Dance Boots - Ballroom Latin Tango Salsa Dance Shoes for Men - RCCL9001-1-inch Heel - Black Leather - 10

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Made finely with 100% leather, this ballroom dance shoe boasts of a non-slip suede sole that feels comfortable when performing on the ballroom dance floor.

It has a 1” heel that’s not too high nor too low such that it won’t hamper your ability to perform complex or quick steps on the dance floor. The outer sole is soft while the insole is cushioned for shock absorption to provide an aspiring dancer comfort. It feels lightweight. Due to its durable leather construction, you can expect a smooth performance without the risk of the shoe breaking down.

This pair of shoes looks gorgeous and is a perfect companion for your ballroom dancing. It also works well with Latin, Salsa, Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Samba, and others.

Overall, this ballroom dance shoe by Very Fine is one of the better choices out there if you’re looking for great and durable dancing shoes. The only drawback is that this is pricier than conventional and entry-level dancing shoes.

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes Buying Guide

Comfort and Durability

For beginner men and women who are considering taking ballroom classes, it is important to buy shoes that have a suede sole to ensure movement will be easy and to have a good feel for the floor. Ballroom shoes typically last for more than 5 years if given proper care. They are an investment just like any other hobbies or activities that require proper equipment.


It is recommended to start with a lower length heel when beginning your journey towards ballroom dancing. They provide less strain on your feet and body. You may then work your way up once you start to improve on your dancing skills. There are a lot of differently-shaped heels to choose from. Select the one you are comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dance ballroom using any type of shoe?

Beginners can probably get away with wearing typical leather shoes (for men) and normal heels (for women). But as you go through the process of mastering ballroom, it is important to buy shoes specifically made for dancing to protect you from accidental slips or unwanted injuries while performing.

Does shoe size matter for ballroom shoes?

Yes, it does. Most ballroom shoes are manufactured in Europe. Converting to the conventional American size is needed to ensure proper fit. Your ballroom shoes should fit like a glove and should not be too wide or too tight to prevent injuries.