Best Cheer Shoes

As a strenuous activity, cheerleading can strain your feet and ankles as you make that gravity-defying jump and tumble. This is why it is very important to wear good cheering shoes. But what makes a good pair? 

Excellent cheer shoes are lightweight. They provide comfort by absorbing shock and consequently supporting your ankles. Cheer shoes are designed to be more flexible than your regular shoes so you can do a variety of stunts easily.

Because cheering involves a lot of moves, from dancing to gymnastics, shoes should be of sturdy construction so they last long. They must also fit snugly and lock your heel in place to prevent injuries from happening.

Whether you’re performing jumps, stunts, or tumbling, a good pair of cheer shoes can certainly elevate your whole cheer performance to new heights!

Best Cheer Shoes

Nike Women’s Cheer Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes

Nike Women's Cheer Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes (8 B US, White/White/Pure Platinum)

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First on this list is from a brand that everyone knows, Nike. Known for their basketball and running shoes, you might be surprised to find that Nike also has an exclusive cheer shoe pair that is the Women’s Cheer Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes.

With a combination of leather, synthetics, and textile in their construction, the shoes offer good support and comfort for a flawless performance.

Nike’s cheerleading shoes also come with lightweight cushioning owing to their foam midsole. Natural movement is also promoted due to the flex grooves while excellent traction is delivered by the durable rubber tread.

However, breaking it in may take a while. The pair is probably best for cheerleaders who do not stumble as they can be quite stiff, too.

Adidas Performance Women’s Triple Cheer Shoe

adidas Women's Shoes | Triple Cheer Cross-Trainer, White/Granite/Clear Grey, (8 M US)

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Built with ADIPRENE+ in the forefoot, Adidas Performance Women’s Triple Cheer Shoe absorbs impact and maintains propulsion to keep you ahead of the competition. The mesh upper offers maximum breathability while the synthetic leather overlays promote excellent stability. 

Cheerleaders who are particular about how they look will enjoy this pair as it comes with a clean and stylish design. The pair also offers great support and is lightweight enough perfect for tumbling and flying. Base, spots, and tumblers will benefit from the pair’s strength and durability. The size is compact enough for flyers. The pair comes in a selection of white, sharp grey, and light grey colors.

These cheer shoes are designed to highlight your natural movement. When making a purchase, note that cheer shoes can run small so it might be best to buy a size up.

ASICS Ultralyte Cheer 2 Cheerleading Shoes

ASICS Women's ULTRALYTE Cheer 2 Cheerleading Shoes, 7.5, White/Silver

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You can finally get the crowd going with ASICS® and the Ultralyte Cheer 2. Coming in white and silver colorways, this ASICs pair is made of a lightweight mesh upper with a synthetic reinforcement. This mesh material promotes added airflow for breathability.

Its rubber sole and padded tongue and collar provide excellent comfort. For a custom fit, it comes with an easy lace-up closure so you can start practice quickly.

A low-profile and subtle appeal is due to the stitched-down sole. Grip and stability are promoted by the textured rubber outsole. As the pair only weighs only 6 oz, it is extremely lightweight. Finally, this pair holds up well even after washing.

Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoe

Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoe, 4 , White

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Are you on the lookout for a pair that will get you noticed on the dance floor? Although your excellent moves will do the trick most of the time, it wouldn’t hurt if your shoes also give out an extra oomph!

The Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoe dazzles with a strikingly beautiful design. It features a unique weight-distribution technology for an ultra-lightweight feel. A transverse flex tunnel allows for increased flexibility so that weight is easily transferred to the toes. Patented finger grooves help allow outstanding stunt grip. 

The pair is extremely lightweight, but they may take a while to break in.

Kaepa Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe

Kaepa Stellarlyte (8) White

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As the official Shoe of the Champions Cup State Nationals, you can expect this Kaepa Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe to deliver at the highest level of competition. It is extremely lightweight at only 6 ounces due to the advanced materials it uses for added comfort and durability. 

It is ideal for indoor use only and features a waterproof coating that keeps the mesh clean. The outsole is engineered for maximum flexibility which is useful when tumbling. Sleek toe bumpers also permit unrestricted tumbling. The upper material is synthetic leather mesh for good ventilation.

A polymer insert material promotes improved cushioning as it absorbs impact. The tongue is ventilated for comfort. As far as style, the shoe looks subtle and clean cut with its molded chrome metallic Kaepa logos.

Danzcue Aurora Cheer Shoes

Danzcue Aurora Cheer Shoes, White, 5M

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Step into the ultra-lightweight Danzcue Aurora Cheer Shoes for an all-around amazing cheer performance! This pair of cheer shoes have a rubber sole that doesn’t compromise on performance. The upper is made of synthetic mesh material. From the inside out, you can expect durability and flexibility. 

Aside from using them for your cheerleading competition, they can be used for daily use. With that low price tag, you can expect some durability issues. Regardless, they work for their intended purpose. To ensure a comfortable fit, it is best to get a size up. To ensure a comfortable fit, it is best to get a size up.

Chassé Ace II Cheerleading Shoes

chassé Ace II Cheerleading Shoes - White Cheer Shoes for Girls

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The next pair of cheer shoes belong to a brand that is quite well-known for producing quality performance apparel. The Chassé Ace II Shoe is made of 100% synthetic material perfect for youth and adult cheerleaders alike.

The upper is made of satin and is peppered with some leather accents for the perfect cheerleader’s appeal. Because of its low profile design, it suits any cheerleader uniform well. It is lightweight at only 5.6 oz. The EVA rubber molded outsole increases resistance to wear and tear.

Moreover, the cross-hatch lacing enhances stability so you can do any type of movement while adding a dash of style into your performance. Textured gripping panels add grip during stunts and jumps. Best of all, it won’t break your bank.

Mfreely Cheer Shoes for Girls

Mfreely Cheer Shoes for Women White Cheerleading Athletic Dance Shoes Flats Tennis Walking Sneakers for Girls White 7.5 B (M) US

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A good cheer performance does not stop with having a good routine. It should also mean that the cheerleaders are equipped with only the best tools to execute it properly.

With responsive cushioning, you can expect this Mfreely Cheer Shoes to absorb some level of shock to protect your feet and knees. It is also comfortable and gives the cheerleaders a sense of security while tumbling. It is at least ⅓ lighter than your traditional shoes. The rubber sole is non-slip and conforms to your foot for a secure feeling.

A spin pad allows for easier turning and enhanced durability.  Its stylized design gives off a street look while staying true to being an athletic shoe. It features a  double U-shaped heel as it supports the ankle and prevents sprain.

Apart from cheerleading, this multifunctional fitness shoe works well for dancing and gymnastics, too.

Smapavic Cheer Shoes Women

Smapavic Cheer Shoes Women White Cheerleading Dance Shoes Fashion Sneakers Tennis Athletic Sport Training Shoes for Gilrs White 8 B (M) US

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Are you looking for a pair that will suit both young and adult cheerleaders alike? The Smapavic Cheer Shoes might just be the one for you. Coming with a rubber sole, this pair features a traditional lace-up mechanism.

Its breathable lining and soft insole keep your feet comfortable as you perform that complex tumbling sequence. The pair is competition-grade with an EVA Phyon-tec outsole that can withstand the toughest routines.

Aside from cheerleading, it is also suitable for dancing, gymnastics, and other leisure activities. The pair is soft and wear-resistant. It utilizes incredible sewing technology to make stitching throughout the shoe firm and neat.

From the get-go, you can see the quality of the material. Lastly, it is available in black and white.

Chasse Flip IV Cheerleading Shoes

chassé Flip IV Cheerleading Shoes - White Cheer Sneakers

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Are you looking for a good pair of cheer shoes that doesn’t break the bank? This Chassé-Flip-IV Performance Cheerleading Shoe promises comfort and lightness at only 7.4 oz. You can be free to perform a variety of moves as the pair is also quite non-bulky. 

The uppers are made from synthetic leather which makes them durable and easy to clean. The mesh tongue is made of breathable nylon. They secure your feet in place and allow good airflow. This is especially useful to add comfort while you do your cheerleading routine.

As a brand, Chassé is committed to providing affordable and quality performance apparel and accessories to all cheerleaders. With that low price, this is certainly a great deal! As a bonus, you can even match the shoes with your cheer outfit using color card side inserts.

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide


Using bulky and heavy cheer shoes can make jumps and kicks difficult. Cheer shoes should therefore be lightweight so as to not weigh down the cheerleader as she performs her amazing stunts. This is especially important for flyers since they will be thrown into the air. Look out for shoes that are made of lightweight materials like nylon and whose soles are not thick and bulky.

Flexible Soles

Your cheer shoes should also be able to handle all the dynamic movements in your cheer routine. As such, flexible soles will come in handy to allow for twists and turns. Some cheer shoes incorporate thin middle sections of the sole so you can almost fold the shoe in half. Others feature soles that can be twisted for maximum flexibility of motion.


Your cheer shoes should only be made from quality materials so they are guaranteed to last for a long time. Shoes made of materials like leather and nylon will give you long-lasting performance. They also hold especially well in different weather conditions. Owning several pairs will not be necessary if you get a durable one.

Fit and Comfort

You would want cheer shoes that fit nicely so they don’t fall off during your routine. They shouldn’t be too tight so that they become uncomfortable and even cause blisters.

Proper arch and heel support are also extremely important since standing for many hours can take a toll on your feet. When doing tricks and jumps, you would want as much support for your heel as possible. Injuries can be avoided by getting cheer shoes that offer excellent support and protection.

Having a pair with good traction can also prevent you from suffering any injury. It is best to select a pair with textured bottoms to prevent you from slipping on the ground.


Most cheer shoes often feature the same white colorway. That’s not entirely surprising as white goes well with different cheer uniforms. To break that monotony, some brands offer silver and black colorways. Others include striking details such as leather accents or even offer different colored inserts so you can easily match them with your cheer uniforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my white cheer shoes?

To best clean your white cheer shoes, mix one teaspoon of bleach with a quart of water. Then scrub the solution into the shoe using a toothbrush or a rag. Finally, clean off the solution with a damp rag.

Can cheerleading shoes be used for running?

It is best not to wear the same cheer shoes for running as the former is specially made for cheer routines. They are more flexible than traditional shoes, and when used for running, you can wear them out easily.

Can I use my running shoes as cheer shoes?

Newer running shoes incorporate advanced technology such as excellent traction and cushioning. However, it is best not to use the same running shoes for your cheer routine as they may lack the flexibility and almost negligible weight that are very crucial to perform certain stunts.