Best Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsal is quite a mouthful to pronounce and it’s also quite painful if you have metatarsal pain. For those who do not know what it is, this pain occurs in the ball of your foot. This area is within the forefoot: under your toes and above your arch. If the pain persists, you are liable to damage your toes and ankles.

Whether you are an athlete, enjoy wearing uncomfortable shoes, have a medical condition, or a job where being on your feet is necessary, you might be facing this condition.

Fret not; metatarsal pads will be your friends to help you overcome that hurt. Read on to know our top selections for metatarsal pads. 

Best Metatarsal Pads

Walkize Metatarsal Pads for Women

Metatarsal Pads | Metatarsal Pads for Women | Ball of Foot Cushions (2 Pairs Foot Pads) All Day Pain Relief and Comfort One Size Fits Shoe Inserts for Women (Beige)

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I am sure we all know how uncomfortable heels are to wear for more extended periods. If you have not personally worn them, I think you can at least acknowledge that their heights look like an ankle injury waiting to happen.

We can also admit that heels compliment feet, making their pain a little bearable.

These metatarsal pads consist of gel, with a soft cloth outer covering. You can peel off the cover at the back and stick these onto any heels you want to take to town. You can easily adjust them into a position that feels most comfortable, without the glue wearing off.

These pads will keep your posture aligned and reduce the pressure caused by heels.

Samsali Upgraded 2 in 1 Nature Foot Pads

Samsali Foot Pads, 20 Bamboo DeepCleansing Sleep Patch, Upgraded 2 in 1 Aroma DetoxFoot Patches for Better Sleep, Rapid Foot Care, Foot Pads for Women and Men Foot Care, 20 Pads

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These foot pads are different from your usual inserts. Samsali has created an organic method of looking after your feet. If you love using natural products, these should be a shoo-in. They do not go inside your shoe, which is a distinct feature.

When you come home after a long day of moving around, these pads will help relieve that pain. Not only that, but they will also remove any smells present in your feet and improve your sleep quality.

One pack provides 20 pads, suitable for ten uses. Sadly, these cannot be reused. To attain their full effect, wash off the grime collected on your feet throughout the day, before putting them on. Make sure your feet are completely dry and covered with socks after application.

Within 6-10 hours, you should already feel a reduced amount of fatigue.

Daliva Ball of Foot Cushions (2 Pairs)

Ball of Foot Cushions(2 Pairs)Metatarsal Pads Soft Gel Ball of Foot Pads Mortons Neuroma Callus Metatarsal Foot Pain Relief

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Morton’s neuroma is a condition that occurs in the metatarsal region. Tissues around the nerve get inflamed, which causes the toe to thicken. It can be quite painful and if left untreated it can cause permanent nerve damage. Foot cushions should be used to prevent this ailment from occurring.

Daliva has created medical-grade footpads made from silicone. They are placed on your ball of foot area by stretching them on. They will cover your whole forefoot as they mold themselves according to the shape of your foot.

These will help distribute weight throughout your foot, so tension decreases from your forefoot. They also have breathing holes to keep your feet moisture-free.

Daliva Metatarsal Pads Set (2 Pieces)

Ball of Foot Cushions - Metatarsal Pads Forefoot Pad - Metatarsal Cushion Morton’s Neuroma - Metatarsal Foot Pads - Gel Foot Cushion – Morton’s Neuroma Callus Metatarsal - Soft Gel Inserts (Beige)

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Metatarsalgia is another condition that occurs if you lead an active lifestyle. Intense pain will keep shooting through the ball of your foot. It is like a punishment for running around.

Learn from me and stay in bed all day. This state can also arise if you have the habit of wearing shoes that are not your size.

Daliva has manufactured a protective glove for your feet. The protection comes from gel cushioning inside the pad. Any shock produced by walking absorbs into the gel. These set of pads will prevent serious injuries from happening.

They will also help fill in any extra space inside your shoe for a snug fit. Their material is lightweight and comes in beige tones to camouflage with your skin. 

3M Adhesive Ball of Foot Cushions

12-Pack Metatarsal Foot Pads for Pain Relief - 1/4” Thick, Ball of Foot Cushions for Women and Men, Forefoot and Sole Support, Metatarsalgia Mortons Neuroma

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Whenever I hear 3M, my mind immediately goes to their scrubbing sponge, which reminds me of the pile of dishes I have lying in my sink. I did not know the company had also ventured out into making metatarsal pads.

These pads come in a pack of 12, are made from wool felt, and are one-fourth of an inch thick. These pads are stuck inside any shoe worn regularly. They have been specifically designed to outline the ball of foot area.

While you can use these for a few days without changing them, I do recommend to change them frequently. Also, good news for all the people with sweaty feet, their glue is so strong that sweat will not make its stickiness fade away.

Vesigo Metatarsal Sleeve Pads

Metatarsal Sleeve Pads, Half Toe Bunion Sleeve with Sole Forefoot Gel Pads Cushion for Diabetic Feet Metatarsalgia Mortons Neuroma Prevent Calluses Blisters, 2 Pieces

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People with diabetes are prone to nerve damage inside their feet. They will lose feeling while they are walking and might unintentionally hurt themselves on a sharp object. Hence, diabetic patients need to take preventative measures to stop their feet from swelling.

Metatarsal sleeve pads will come to their rescue. They will also rescue your feet from bunions. No one wants deformed protruding bones.

These do resemble a t-shirt sleeve, except for the fact that they go on your feet. They are made from a flexible gel material, that can be rewashed for frequent users.

Now you will be able to go about your day, without the accompanying pain of walking around!

Brison Gel Sleeves Forefoot Cushion Pads

Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men Ball of Foot Cushion - Gel Sleeves Cushions Pad - Fabric Soft Socks for Supports Feet Pain Relief (Beige) Medium

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There are two types of people in the world; those who wake up at 5 a.m., and those who go to sleep at 5 a.m. Morning people will also tell you how they like going for a run bright and early. These runs will hurt their ball of foot regions, so I think the real winner is the person who sleeps in.

If you still want to torture yourself with a morning jog, do so while wearing a gel sleeve. It might not seem like damage is taking place, but the constant pressure builds.

This metatarsal sleeve will grip your foot firmly, to protect it from rubbing with the inner side of your shoe. It will decrease the likelihood of any burning or other feet related issues.

Dr. Eagle Ball of Foot Cushions Gel Insoles Shoe Inserts

Medical Forefoot pads Ball of Foot Cushions gel Insoles shoe inserts (Self-Sticking) Metatarsal Pads for Women High Heels to Pain Relief. Dr.Eagle foot care () (Skin+Clear) 2 Count (Pack of 1)

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Please do not be saddened to know that Dr. Eagle is not a real doctor. Despite having a lab coat and a stethoscope, Mr. Eagle would need to pass medical school. However, he does care about the well-being of feet.

Feet especially need care when they are placed continuously inside torture-devices, also known as heels. Having your foot at that angle surely cannot be healthy, even though the heels look so flattering.

If I could wear heels without falling every two steps, I would. Considering you might sometimes wear heels to work, unless you are sitting behind a desk all day, your feet will feel the pressure. These gel cushions can be placed inside any heel, and they will stick to it. They will not let your feet slip.

And, they even come in nude and transparent variants, which can be used depending on your heel’s insole.

Brison Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions

Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions - Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men - Soft Gel Foot Pads Metatarsal Foot Forefoot Cushioning Foot Pain Relief - 2 Pairs Clear

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Whenever I wear a brand-new shoe that has not been broken in, I immediately develop calluses. At times, painful blisters form as well, which then prevents me from wearing those shoes for a while.

If you face the same problem, we are brothers in arms. I keep reaching for worn-out shoes out of the fear of blisters. I have also tried band-aids, cotton balls, and tissues, to no avail.

Brison gel footpads were recommended to me by my colleague. According to him, these pads made of rubber will curb any friction within my shoe. They will hold onto your second toe as support and cover the base of your forefoot.

Since they are elastic, they can also be stretched to a particular size. Breaking in shoes has never sounded easier!

Copper Compression Metatarsal Pads

Copper Compression Ball of Foot Metatarsal Pads for Women & Men - Comfortable Copper Infused Foot Pain Relief - Gel Cushions for Calluses, Bunions, Corns, Morton Neuromas - Fit for Heels & Shoes

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Not only do these sleeves contain copper, but they also contain the highest amount of copper that can be used in a sleeve, and copper of the uppermost quality. The purpose of copper infusion is to make the gel pads even more comfortable.

Do not worry; it will not be a sheet of metal, rather just sprinkles of copper throughout.

These compression pads will keep your joints balanced, prevent any itchiness, relieve pain in your muscles. They can be worn by people of all ages who want extra support while they exercise.

Best Metatarsal Pads Buying Guide

Before randomly selecting a product from the above list, you will need to analyze your requirements. Whether you are buying these for a medical condition, or as a preventative measure, keep in mind the following considerations.


Whether you choose to go for rubber, wool, or silicone pad, think about how long you want it to last, and the level of comfort needed. Wool will wear down the quickest and need to be replaced frequently.

Rubber would be highly cushioning and last a reasonable amount of time. Silicone gel will provide the most comfort and be the most durable.


Firstly, the pads should be anti-microbial to halt the growth of unwanted organisms. Secondly, the material itself should be lightweight and airy. Small holes allow for air to pass through, keeping your feet free of moisture.

No one wants their foot to slide inside their boots due to sweat. Sweat also creates odors that should be counteracted. 


It will not always be the case that you will wear close-toed shoes. A day of walking around on the beach does not require joggers. You need to make sure the pads you purchase will bend themselves into shape inside a sandal.


At times, a high price does not mean the best quality. But that also does not imply a low-priced product will provide the best quality. This moment is where research comes into play.

Besides the ones mentioned in the list above, look for popular brands that have been tried and tested. Reading reviews will give you an idea about which price range will suit you, and also will not compromise on quality.

Medical Ailments

If you are suffering from an injury, torn muscles, arthritis, or just inflammation, make sure you first consult a podiatrist. The pads you require will specifically be medical-grade ones meant to treat injury symptoms.

We do not want your condition to get worse due to the wrong selection of pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides pain relief in the ball of foot area, are there any other advantages to metatarsal pads?

This will depend on the kind of pads you are buying. Some will only target foot pain, while others if used correctly, can also treat ankle and back pain.

Does the thickness of metatarsal pads matter?

You do not want pads so thin that their effect is negligible. You also do not want them so thick that they cause further discomfort. The thickness of the pads ranges from ¼-1 inch.

You can test different sizes to see which works best. Thinner ones are softer and more flexible, while thicker ones are more sturdy.

Do metatarsal pads have different designs?

You will find a wide variety of designs with these pads. Some will act as a sleeve for all of your toes. Some will have toe separators, and some will just be simple pads. 

Where precisely should these pads be placed?

Do not try to place them under the ball of your foot that could just aggravate your condition. Instead, try to put them in the area behind the metatarsal region. You can attach and reattach the pads to find the most comfortable position.

Is there a doctor’s prescription required to purchase foot pads?

If you are buying them online or from a retail store, a doctor’s note is not necessary. However, do consult your doctor if your condition is severe. He will recommend a pad that perfectly targets your problem.