Best Mezlan Shoes

For all the people out there, who like boots and have broad feet, do I have a list for you? I swear no shoe lives up to the class of a traditional boot or loafer. While I spend most of my time in either sneakers or slippers, I relish my boot collection like they are my children. They are safely wrapped and tucked away in a closet till I have use for them. The previous sentence refers to boots, not my children. Please do not call child services on me.

When you hear the word boot, you picture the usual black and sleek one. However, there has been a lot of innovation in the boot industry, and there are several creative designs and colors also available. A good boot is an investment. They will last you a long while with adequate care. 

You may be looking for shoes different from the usual, with a mixture of modern and classic. Below is a list of our top choices for Mezlan shoes.

Best Mezlan Shoes

Mezlan Men’s Astori Loafer

Mezlan Men's Astori Loafer, White, 13 M US

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It is rare as well as refreshing to see the color white in a men’s shoe range. There is also the option of the standard black if you are not an adventurous soul. The shoes are made in a loafer style, with circular holes running throughout the shoe’s top and sides. The back and front edges are plain white. The heel and interior of the boot are a rich brown that nicely complements the white. 

The shoe exterior is made from calfskin leather. The leather is meant to last for a long time, provide breathability as well as comfort, and perfectly fit according to the shape of your feet. The sole is made from rubber, so there is no discomfort or rigidity felt during walking. I would suggest wearing these boots with a navy pinstripe suit to let them shine.

Mezlan Men’s Rossini Oxford

Mezlan Men's Rossini Oxford, Grey, 10 M US

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This pair of shoes has a design that focuses on the details. At first glance, they look simple, but the two-color variants have their own charm. Both shoes have laces that resemble a rope and a brown heel.

They are made from calfskin leather, have a rubber sole, and their insides have padded memory foam. All of these features combined provide comfort while walking and ensuring your feet do not get tired.

You have two color options: grey and jeans. The grey has two shades. The outer edges are lined with a dark grey, and the center has a lighter faded look.

The jeans shade looks like it is made of denim that has been through the washer a few times. I would say either variant is flexible enough to match with any colored clothes and can also be worn in semi-formal settings.

Mezlan Men’s Dalias Chukka Boot

Mezlan Men's Dalias Chukka Boot, tan, 10 US/10 M US

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I think by now, we can ascertain that all boots made by Mezlan are from calfskin leather with a rubber sole. Both of these materials combined are meant to give your shoes a long life and for your feet to be encased in coziness no matter how long you wear them. This boot has a platform of 0.5 inches if anyone needs an extra height boost.

There are two colors available: tan and blue. The shoe exterior has a suede-like texture that gives it a very velvety look. The design provides a little height over the ankle, and the laces are darker than the original shoe color, giving it a complementary look.  Both these variants will look right at any event, may it be casual or formal.

Mezlan Men’s Senator Slip-On Loafer

Mezlan Men's Senator, Black, 9 M US

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These are the kind of shoes you would buy when you need to propose to your partner, have a critical business meeting with people you need to impress, or attend a formal black-tie event. These shoes scream elegance.

They are made entirely of leather, including the sole. They also have a 1-inch heel to provide you with that air of confidence. 

The shoe has two textures. The back and front ends are so shiny that you could probably see your reflection there. The middle part is a textured leather that brings the whole look together.

Over the shoe, you have a buckle. Once the buckle length is adjusted to your foot, it can be a decorative measure as you can then slide these shoes on.

Mezlan Men’s Dorelli Moccasin

Mezlan Men's Dorelli Moccasin, Black, 8 M US

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If you ask me where I would place moccasins, they would probably fall in between loafers and formal dress shoes. On the one hand, they can be easily slipped on as they have an open look. On the other hand, they can pass if you’re at a formal event. 

These moccasins look fashionable yet sophisticated. You get them in a traditional black or a cognac color that resembles a brownish cherry red.

The whole shoe is in one texture, which is a smooth leather look. There is also braided leather running through the center that makes it more attractive.

Mezlan Men’s Soka Cap Toe Oxford

Mezlan Men's Soka Cap Toe Oxford (Black, 9)

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For some reason, laces always remind me of school shoes. These shoes look far from the black ones I had as a part of my uniform, but I am instantly transported back to my childhood, where I am lacing them up and then grabbing my backpack. If school shoes were more adult and stylish, you get these.

They have straightforward laces to adjust fitting and an inch-long heel to provide some height. The front and back can be polished to shine, while the center has textured leather.

The fun part of these shoes is in the center; the front and back will remain the constant black, while the center can be changed to blue, burgundy, grey, or brown.

Mezlan Men’s Ulpio Loafer

Mezlan Men's ULPIO Loafer, Light Grey, 130 M US

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Generally, loafers look very casual. Since Mezlan makes these, you can wear these to any semi-formal event as well. Not only do they look trendy, but they also have added comfort through padding inside the shoe. You can stay on your feet all day with these.

You will get three colors in this product. The first is a light grey that resembles cement. The outer edges look like wet cement, and as you go inwards, it is drying. Next, you have cognac, which looks like a suede brown, and finally a deep red. 

Mezlan Men’s Vega Fashion Sneaker

Mezlan Men's Vega, Brown/Navy, 10 M US

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If you have ever wanted a mixture of football shoes, sneakers, and formal shoes, look no further. I do not know how, but Mezlan managed to sophisticate sneakers.

While the shape resembles a regular sneaker, the different fabric panels make the shoe look fashionable. You have a brown leather panel running in the center and the front. The laces also match that brown. The middle has a lined navy cutout, and the ends have a glossy surface. 

Other color variants include mocha plus taupe, and one is a simple brown. These shoes have a one-inch heel and a sole made of rubber. The insides have a soft leather lining as well to keep your feet snug. 

Mezlan Pitt Mens Plain Toe Single Side-Zip Boot

Mezlan Pitt Mens Plain Toe Single Side-Zip Boot - Luxury Calfskin Leather Boots with Side Buckle Accent - Handcrafted in Spain - Medium Width (10.5, Tabac/Tan)

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These are the kind of boots you get when you spend the majority of your days tending to work outside. They will rise well over your ankles and have a hidden zip that will help your feet get into the shoes. There is a fashionable buckle running through the back of the shoe that is just there for design purposes. 

The calfskin has been hand-stained, and you can either get it in a Tabac or Tobacco color, which are both variants in the tan range. The boots also contain a memory-foam insole for maximum padding. 

Mezlan Men’s Palance Loafer

Mezlan Men's PALANCE Loafer Burgundy 10

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These loafers lean more towards the casual side where you can wear these to a date or a night about the town with friends. These are made from a suede fabric with a leather sole. You can get these shoes in either a deep maroon or dark blue. Like most loafers, they have an easy to slip your foot in design.

The thick black lining running along the edges and the center of the loafers complete the whole look. They keep the shoes from looking monotonous and add a layer of panache. They would work well with some dark-colored slacks or jeans. 

Best Mezlan Shoes Buying Guide

To give you a little background on the company, Mezlan is based out of a small town in Spain called Almansa. This town is deemed to be the ‘shoe capital’ inside Spain as expert shoemakers reside there. Each Mezlan shoe is handcrafted and arrives in a monogrammed cloth package. 

Most of the company’s shoes are designed by Antonio Sanchez, who wants these shoes to become a legacy. Hence, the manufacturing is done to reflect both the intricate skill required to make these and rich traditional heritage. 

Before you buy a pair, there are several factors you should consider beforehand:


Be warned beforehand; all of these shoes are pricey. You must be willing to make a proper investment in high-quality shoes. Their prices are high because of the materials they use, as well as the handcraftsmanship it requires to construct these.  The prices start from $80, on average, are around $160-$210, and can even reach up to $400. The more intricate the design, the higher the price.


As mentioned in most of the product reviews above, these boots are made from 100% calfskin leather. For the soles of the shoes, some are made of rubber or latex, while others are completely leather. All of the materials are durable and comfortable. 


Each design in the range of shoes stands out. There are small details in every shoe that elevate the classy feel of them. While they are all made of leather, some have the classic weathered look, some are polished to a speck, and some have a texture similar to suede.

There are buckles added, laces, high top boots, and even raised heels. There are several colors available such as brown, black, grey, white, and blue. Whatever you pick, you will look dashing. Might even get compared to James Bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean boots?

There are two kinds of clean that you could be looking for. The first involves taking a dry cloth and wiping off any dust particles present on the shoe.

The second is when you did not expect to encounter so much dirt and have also sweated through your socks, soaking your boots’ interior. In this case, the cleaning procedure is much more extensive. If your shoes have laces, it would be wise to take them out and throw them in the washer as well. Next, grab a soft brush to wipe off dirt that has crusted on your shoes. Dampen a cloth with warm water and dish soap and proceed to clean off the boots. Make sure you wipe off any excess soap.

You will also need to remove the insole of the boot and let it air out. To completely allow the shoes to dry, do not put leather in heat, as it will shrink. Please place them in any corner and let them air dry for a day or two. Finally, condition the boots with some wax or oil for them to regain their moisture and glisten.

Should you store boots in their box?

If you mean the box that the shoes came in, no, it is not recommended. You should consider the frequency of use and the number of boots you have before looking at this question. You might have a daily use pair and a special event pair. 

The everyday use pair can be wiped down and kept inside your closet as they are. For the special event one, you might want to consider investing in plastic shoe box cases. Keeping them uncovered can lead to damage through elements like moisture. Plus, original boxes can get cramped, and your boots might lose their shape.