Best Shoe Protector Spray

If there is one thing you must know about me, I am the messiest person in the world. It amazes me that there are some people out there who move about and still manage to keep themselves clean. Those people are not human. Beings like me always end up in a mess, and the brunt of that mess usually ends up on my shoes.

What Does a Shoe Protector Spray Do?

After ruining a few pairs of brand-new shoes, I realized that despite loving something, you might unintentionally end up ruining them. Yes, I am still talking about shoes. There are times you need to protect others from your habits. While you may argue that I should change those habits, I ask you, what about the time it will take to make that change?

And so, began my journey. After some preliminary research, I decided the best course of action was to try shoe protector sprays. My other option was to wrap plastic bags around my feet, so this seemed like a better direction. For different kinds of shoes, there are different kinds of sprays. It mostly depends on the texture and material of the shoe.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick look at our recommended sprays, followed by detailed reviews.

Best Shoe Protector Sprays

The first kind I found was an all shoe protector spray. These sprays are generally for most types of shoes and shield against most impurities. The impurities can range from a muddy walkway to rainwater stains. You can put your mind at ease when walking outside as the dirt just slides off after using this kind of spray.

If you buy suede shoes, I really commend you for your bravery. That material literally asks to be dirtied. But, lucky for you, I now have the solution to all your woes. A suede protector spray is specifically designed to provide a layer which will save your shoes from losing their luster.

Finally, there is also a spray for shoes made of textile material. The most common example here that comes to mind is sneakers. These are the shoes your son will beg you to get and then ruin in two days flat.

Now, what you can do is use a textile shoe protector spray. This will stop the material from absorbing any stain and keep looking brand-new. Keep reading to discover my personal list of sprays that have been tried and tested by my friends, family, and myself.

Best Shoe Protector Sprays

Kiwi Select All Protector

Kiwi Select All Protector (Large Can, 7.7 Oz.)

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When you hear kiwi, do you think of the fruit or the animal? What you should be thinking of is the company that makes shoe protectant sprays. This particular spray comes in a can similar to that of deodorant. It has no color, so you do not have to worry about it affecting the original color of the shoe.

It can be used on most materials such as leather, fabric, and even suede. The one caveat is that you should avoid using this on a shoe made from reptile skin. You are supposed to spray the surface of the shoe all over and wait for it to set. Make sure it is completely dry before taking your shoes out for a spin. Then you can observe the magic at play.

Recently, my friend Sam bought these stunning white joggers. The white was so pearlescent and unmarred that my own skin seemed dull in front of them. Imagine thinking a pair of shoes are more beautiful than you. The problem was that if you even seemed to breathe near those stunning joggers, they would look like they have been through a war.

When Sam tried the Kiwi All Protector Spray, he deemed it akin to a miracle. While the spray did require a few touch-ups here and there, it kept the joggers looking fresh as a daisy.

He did not feel the need to keep them enclosed inside a box anymore and could wear his joggers for whatever work he needed to do. At the end of the day, the joggers would still look like they had never been taken out of their packaging.

Solemates All Weather Protector

All Weather Protector - Solemates Water Repellent Spray for Shoes – Protects Leather, Suede, Sheepskin, Nubuck, Fabric (1pack)

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A good play on words is enough to attract anyone. All the romantics at heart come to attention when soulmates are brought up. Each individual would like to think there is someone out there made specifically for them.

For now, they can be content with the knowledge that there is a spray out there made specifically for their shoes. Solemates All Weather Protector is the ideal companion for your favorite pair of boots.

It is made from a natural wax, which makes it chemical-free and safe from toxic pollutants. It leaves no residue once sprayed and has no smell either which would irritate the nose. If you live in a place where the weather is unpredictable, this spray will shield your shoes.

My cousin Dany lives in London. If you live under a rock, you would not know that it rains quite frequently there. Another fun fact about Dany is that she is obsessed with Oprah. Hanging pictures inside a closet level obsessed. Instead of just purchasing rain shoes, she needs to flaunt her fancy purchases.

When she heard that Oprah endorses this spray, she (I am not exaggerating) got herself ten bottles of this stuff. On the bright side, she probably will not need to restock for a while. Constant moisture ruins the best of shoes in a heartbeat. When this is sprayed on the surface, it acts as a layer against the moisture and the shoe itself is kept dry. There you have it, a hero to save the day.

The Art of Crep Protect Spray

Crep Protect - 200ml Rain & Stain Waterproof Protector Nano Protection for Leather, Nubuck, suede & Canvas - Trainers - Sneaker Care

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When you look at the can of this spray, you would be reminded of spray paint. I can bet you can smell that heady paint aroma just about now and are transported to a childhood memory where you are vandalizing some corner alley.

The name Art of Crep also resembles something you would find in the art section of your local bookstore. Alas, this spray is meant for shoes only. Well, you could spray it on a wall, but it is not really going to show up. This spray claims to be water and stain-resistant.

It creates a resistance barrier so that nothing penetrates the shoe surface. It even has a tagline “Dirt is Done”, implying that this spray personally fights every molecule of dirt present in the atmosphere.

You meet some people in life that are very particular about the way things are. They are also the kind that carry around wet wipes with them all the time in case they need to clean something off them. Or clean a table. Or a door handle. You get the type, very germophobic.

My neighbor, Dean, is quite an eccentric fellow. The pro of his cleanliness habit is that everything around him is spick and span. The con is that besides what goes on inside his home, he cannot control most aspects in the outside world.

It irks him the most when he sees a stain on his shoes. He immediately whips out a wipe and starts scrubbing at it. But ever since he has started using this spray, his scrubbing has been contained to a minimum. And that is perhaps the best endorsement this spray could get.

X Water & Stain Repellent

X Water & Stain Repellent Spray, Premium Shoe, Sneaker & Boot Protector Spray, Repel Stain & Water – MADE IN USA (6.8 oz)

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I personally feel the color orange is very eye-catching. This company seems to agree with my sentiment as their label is bright orange on a clear plastic bottle.

It is made using natural ingredients and is safe to use on any kind of material which includes canvas and vinyl. The container has a nozzle that evenly sprays the product so that it evenly covers the surface it is sprayed on.

It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is clean your shoes to remove any particles. Spray this on the shoe from a distance of a few inches and then wait for half an hour for the layer to dry. If needed, spray on another layer. Wait half a day before adorning your shoes, so that the spray can perform at its best.

I have a son who is a lot like me. By that, I mean that he is also extremely messy. I cannot tell how he manages to do it, but I always find food stains on his sneakers. It would make sense for those stains to be on his clothes, but how they miss his pants and end up on shoes, is one of my life’s greatest mysteries.

Obviously, I cannot buy him a new pair every time he gets them dirty. If that were the case, I would need to buy a couple of pairs per day. Currently, his shoes take more baths than he does. I got this spray because orange is also his favorite color, and he uses the spray. This cuts down on some of the misery which accompanies cleaning up after him.

Cobbler’s Choice All-Natural Waterproofing Spray

Cobbler's Choice All-Natural Waterproofing Spray - Leather Protector - Easy Spray Application

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The design of this spray bottle just reminded me of a container I would find in my medicine cabinet. Most likely a cough syrup that has been there for a decade, but no one is willing to throw out for some reason. Just attach a nozzle to that bottle and you have Cobbler’s Choice All-Natural Waterproofing Spray.

I had no idea that cobblers had award ceremonies as well, and apparently, this spray won the whole thing. It is mainly for leather shoes and provides a finish around them which repels water. It is meant to last for quite some time without reapplication and is safe to use around children as it is made from organic elements.

There are people that have to walk around a lot for their occupations. Others cannot sit still and have to be moving around at all times. My colleague is both those people. Eric prefers walking to walk rather than sitting comfortably in a vehicle.

Eric also likes to go running before breakfast. Eric also keeps moving around the office, flitting from one cubicle to another. He says he does it to keep his fitness levels up. The guy already has the body of a swimsuit model.

Anyway, he told me he uses this spray quite often because of the wear and tear his shoes have to go through. This does a pretty good job in protecting his boots and joggers from outside evil i.e. dirt.

Best Suede Shoe Protector Spray

Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector

Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector, 7 Ounces, 7 Oz

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Think of a can of shaving cream. A shaving cream with the name of dish soap. Unlike either of those, this spray is not white or foamy. You know at times you spray some cream onto your hand and just play around with it, well, you cannot do that with this spray. However, this spray is meant to protect a very special material called suede.

Suede is soft and makes you want to keep running your hands through it. It also loses that softness near any sign of moisture or dirt. This spray is meant to create a whole new layer that resists water and oils, salt stains, dries down quickly without leaving any residue or odor. The best part about this is that the protection lasts for around six months.

If you have a daughter, you might have heard of the term Uggs. No, this is not an offensive term meant to describe fathers. They are a guilty pleasure kind of shoe with extremely soft insides and an equally plush outer area. Do not tell my daughter I said this, but I plan to get myself a pair as well.

However, the world also needs to be explored while wearing uggs. To protect my daughter’s precious shoes, I got her this spray. Now her uggs look like they have never been used before and even if they get dirty a simple suede brush can get them looking like new in minutes. And, just in case you are also missing one of those, here is a list of my favorite suede shoe brushes.

Cadillac Select Premium Water Repellent & Stain Protector

Cadillac Select Premium Water Repellent & Stain Protector Waterproofing Spray Great for use on Suede Shoes, Sheepskin, Nubuck, and Leather

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I thought Cadillac was a car. Have they expanded their business into the shoe spray industry? I joke! You probably have seen those fancy bottles in hair salons with names you cannot even pronounce. This bottle kind of resembles that.

The spray does not contain any chemicals. It also does not contain any silicone which most other products do. No silicone means the layer sprayed on the shoe is breathable and has no effect on the lifespan of the shoe. It also does not let any water pass through the surface to reach the feet.

You might think I name drop a lot of people. Maybe create an illusion that I have a lot of friends. Well, it is not an illusion, I do know all of these people, and you are just going to have to take my word for it, okay? My aunt Sheila is a hippie.

The proper living in tents and chanting mantras kind. She spends most of her time outdoors and realized sandals were not going to protect her feet. She got a pair of joggers, but then also had to protect those joggers against getting sullied. As this spray is also environment-friendly, she uses it to keep her shoes in good shape.

Nanoman Suede Shoe Protector

NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray. Waterproof. Stain and Water Repellent for Shoes, Sneakers, Trainers Sports Shoes, Bags, Purses incl Fabric, Suede & Nubuk. Premium Nanotech Formula

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I wonder what people think before naming their products. Where did this idea of a nanoman come from and what does it really signify? Back to the point here, this cannister also resembles prescription medicine. Maybe it was meant to be medicine for shoes.

This spray is designed in a way that particles escaping into the air are minimized and coverage goes towards the surface. It does not change the appearance of the shoe, nor does it leave behind any stains. It is a shield against all liquids such as coffee, juice, or even wine.

My uncle Patrick has a cat named Patty. At times when my aunt calls out “Pat”, both the cat and my uncle show up. They should have considered some other names for the feline. If the cat was not so dearly beloved, someone would have left her on the street immediately.

It has been over five years and she still has not learned where to go to the bathroom. Rather, she has learned, as every time she goes, my uncle’s shoes become suspiciously wet. To protect himself from Patty, he got this spray. The liquid slips right off the shoe, but now the cat is getting smarter and uses the inside of the shoe to relieve herself. Such wicked creatures!

Solemates Suede Fabric Leather Protectant

Suede Fabric Leather Protectant – Solemates Water Repellent Spray for Shoes – Protects Leather, Suede, Sheepskin, Nubuck, Fabric – All Natural, Made in USA – 6 oz. (236mL)

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We return to soulmates. They always are meant to find their way back to each other. When you think of love, you imagine pink and red hearts flying around in the air. This bottle picked up that theme and slapped on a shocking pink label.

It is made from organic material which not only protects the shoe but also the surroundings where it is sprayed. If you saw a puddle and had a sudden urge to splash in it, spray this on your shoes and go make a mess.

I am not the kind of person that would survive in a chilly area. I like it when it is all sunny and warm. Warmth outside is like getting a hug from the sun. Why people would want a harsh winter slap, I cannot fathom. My parents live in a place where it snows to about five feet.

When I ask them to move, they say they enjoy the snow and the relief from being sweaty. I would take being sweaty over freezing my pants off, any day. With all that snow, my parents needed to protect their boots from liquid.

This solemate spray does just that and my parents can go about their cold, sad lives, with their feet secure in their boots.

Best Textile Shoe Protector Spray

Hendlex Sneaker Protector Spray

Hendlex Shoe Sneaker Protector Waterproof Spray for Shoes 3.38 oz

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I am not saying this to be mean, but the bottle of this resembles the spray bottle you use to wet your clothes before ironing them. Or what the hairdresser would use to wet your hair. The Hendlex spray contains nanoparticles which form a guard layer around footwear (see how that rhymed).

Their greatest function is that they can even be sprayed on top of socks, and shoelaces. Does this eliminate the need to wear shoes? No. Wear shoes. It is disgusting to only wear socks.

I got this for myself because I might have wanted to try out the sock hack. There should be a law passed by the government that shoes should not be allowed inside a home. Sadly, no one would let me sit on furniture if I roamed around bare feet. I got a pair of socks, thoroughly coated them with this spray and then went about my day.

To give an added test, I even slid across the floors. What ended up happening was that I got yelled at by my wife. Other than that, the spray wears off the underside of socks. But it still had a lot less dirt than I expected. I am sure this would work much better on actual shoes.