Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

Dancing hip hop can be a pretty intense activity that will challenge not just every limb and muscle on your body but your brain as well when it comes to memorizing elaborate moves and keeping in time with the music.

Needless to say, the equipment you have can play a pretty vital role in promoting both comfort and minimizing the risk of any injury. Now when it comes to equipment, our attention is often directed specifically to one thing: shoes.

We strongly believe that a good pair of shoes play the most integral part in protecting both a dancer’s feet as well as enabling a dancer to perform all kinds of flashy moves without restraint.

So if you have not yet settled on a pair of shoes for your hip hop dancing sessions, we invite you to read on. Just down below you’ll find our take on the best shoes out there in the market right now!

Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

OOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneakers

Joomra Men's Walking Shoes Ankle Boots Leather Lace up High Mid Top Hip Hop Footwear Jogging Fashion Sneakers Red 10 D(M) US

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Crafted out of the best quality synthetic leather out there, if you prefer something vegan-friendly and stylish then the JOOMRA will be just right for you. With several unique color schemes to pick from along with a functional yet slick looking aesthetic design, don’t be surprised if your moves catch the eyes of any passerby with ease.

Within you’ll find a comfortable and snug fit, and, on its exterior, its sturdy rubber sole and unique lacing system will provide all the stability and support your feet might need for both dance and daily life.

Its exclusive roll-cage design on the outside will also ensure that your moves as well as your shoes stand out at every moment in terms of style.

BRONAX Men’s Stylish Graffiti Personality Sneakers

BRONAX Tennis Shoes for Men Casual High Hi Top Lace Up Leather Basketball Walking Sports Athletic Training Jogging Fitness Travel Workout Hip Hop Gym Sneakers All Red Size 13

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With as many colors to pick from as there are styles of dancing, the BRONAX Personality Sneakers lives up to its name by providing just about anyone with an aesthetic that will speak to them on a personal level.

From all white to all black to even green, blue, and more, it will have you covered on all colorful ends so to speak. It isn’t just a pretty looker though. Slip a pair on and you’ll immediately realize why we’ve added the BRONAX to our list.

With a tight-fit that’ll feel as comfortable as a second skin along with its soft collar and tongue, you won’t ever have to worry about it slipping out. From toe to ankle, everything will be placed in good hands here (or shall we say feet).

Hello MrLin Men’s Sneakers

Hello MrLin Men's Running Shoes Non Slip Athletic Tennis Walking Blade Type Sneakers Hip Hop Red

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If sweaty feet is something you struggle with especially during longer dance sessions, consider opting for Hello MrLin’s take on dancing shoes. Woven expertly with cutting-edge flying woven mesh throughout the shoe, upon slipping a pair of these on you’ll immediately notice how light and how breathable things feel.

It also features internal wicking meshes that’ll add even more breathability and will ward away any instances of foot odor or excessive sweat. Down below, its honeycombed sole will provide both great cushioning as well as shock absorption so don’t fret about those nasty ankle sores!

And yes, if you intend on using a pair like this for other purposes like going for a casual walk or hitting the gym, it’ll more than deliver on those ends.

XIDISO Fashion Sneakers for Men

XIDISO Fashion Mens Women Sneakers High Top Walking Shoes Sport Athletic Casual Shoe for Men

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Meticulously created out of pure rubber, the XIDISO sneakers will be right for anyone in the mood for something low profile yet reasonably stylish. With a variegated list of colors to pick from that include red, green, orange, and white, expressing your individuality here will be a no frills experience.

Look within and you’ll too find a whole host of neat features that’ll benefit just about any dancer. With sturdy shock proofing as well as anti-collision features, your feet will always find just the right about of stability during any dance session.

You’ll also be pleased to know that these sneakers are totally water-resistant and dust-proof so don’t fret too much about sweat and dust messing things up here.

Pastry Glam Pie Glitter High-Top Sneaker

Pastry Glam Pie Glitter Dance Sneakers, Black, Size 7.5

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With a 100% leather body coup-led with a sturdy and durable rubber sole that’ll withstand the long, harsh years to come, Pastry’s Glam Pie Sneaker dives straight into what defines a good dancing shoe: style and functionality.

With adaptive flection throughout at just the right spots that’ll allow for optimal and free-flowing movement paired with its sleek design that’ll let you stand out both inside the dance studio and out in the streets, you shouldn’t find want for more.

It’s incredibly light, comfortable, and breathable too thanks to its fabric lining and little perforations near the tip of the shoe. And yes, it comes in a range of multiple contrasting colors that’ll satisfy any dancer’s individual palette.

SANSHA Motion Dance Sneaker

M Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker,Black,9 M Sansha (8 M US Women's)

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We’ll shoot straight here – the SANSHA Motions are a great pair but we think they’d be more appropriate for those looking for something functional and not necessarily fashionable.

Unassuming in terms of its external appearance, for those willing to venture to give it a chance, gold is often struck. Coming in just two color schemes (black and red/black), you’ll find a shoe like this to fit snugly on just about any foot while providing all the arch and ankle support anyone might need.

Thanks to its fully mesh and suede composition, it’ll also easily weather the years to come while providing all the breathability for even the sweatiest among us. Its rubber sole down below too features a split design that’ll surprise any dancer with its full range of flexibility.

FRANK MULLY Fashion Sneakers

Frank Mully Mens Walking Running Shoes Lightweight Breathable Athletic Casual Sport Gym Shoes

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Pleasing to both the eye and foot, the Frank Mully Sneakers offers a great blend between dancing shoes and casual sport shoes.

With a mesh design that shaves any excess weight off while providing comfort and breathability along with a highly elastic and bendable outsole that’ll provide all the shock absorption and grip any hip hop dancer may need, know that safety is also provided here besides functionality.

Of course it’ll double perfectly as a cross-training shoe too so don’t stress about using it for your jogging, gym, and even casual walking sessions should the occasion arise.

Alexandra Collection High Top Dance Sneakers

Alexandra Collection High Top Dance Sneakers Shoes for Women Black

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As shiny as it is solid, Alexandra Collection’s take on dance sneakers is one not to be missed. Providing an extremely tight yet comfortable fit and coming as either a pair of glossy black, bright pink or red, you’ll be sure to be noticed anywhere thanks to its uniquely metallic aesthetic.

Though shoes like this were intended for jazz dancing, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll double as a pair of hip hop sneakers without issue. Even other forms of dance like salsa and tango and even ballroom dancing would be just right.

From adequate mid-sole cushioning to its light weight and anti-slip properties, the world of dance is truly your oyster here.

ZGR Men’s High Top Canvas Sneakers

ZGR Men’s High Top Canvas Sneakers Lace Up Classic Casual Walking Shoes (Black,US9.5)

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Taking on that classic look the world associates Converse with, ZGR’s take on canvas sneakers offers a far more palatable alternative in terms of price.

Offering a true canvas shoe experience with that iconic thick rubber sole, its anti-skidding properties along with its highly breathable fabric will provide any hip hop dancer with a surprisingly effective dancing shoe.

Of course with its stylish aesthetic, feel free to slip the ZGR sneakers on for just about anything else including work, walks, and even runs.

Pastry Unisex High-Top Fashion Sneakers

Pastry Cassatta Stretch Canvas Dance Sneakers, Black/White, Size 5.5

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Another solid pick by Pastry that takes on the Cassata styled shoe, this trendy option will provide full comfort and functionality for any dancer irrespective of level. A delicate balance between a classic design with contemporary considerations, we love this product for good reason.

With four colors to pick from along with its almost Converse-like appearance, this pretty looker will deliver on all ends. Featuring a sturdy fabric sole along with a canvas body that provides maximum air circulation along with its lightweight construction that still manages to use the best quality materials, a pair like this will easily last several years (of course this varies with intensity).

Further, because it takes on a unisex design, both men and women should be able to reap the benefits of a quality pair like this.

A Buyer’s Guide to Dancing Shoes for Hip Hop

Fit: A shoe is only useful if it actually fits the unique contours of your feet properly. Because dancing is such an intense activity, anything that fits too loosely or too tightly can negatively impact your performance.

A shoe that is too loose may come off midway during your dancing and might not be able to provide adequate support, leading to potential injury. Conversely, a shoe that is too tight can constrict blood flow in your feet and can even cause nasty blistering.

Make sure you properly measure your feet first before making any purchases to avoid injury and wasting your precious money.

Style: Hip hop dancing is usually known to be quite a flashy form of dance. We often see dancers adorned in all sorts of fashionable clothes from head to toe so when it comes to picking the right shoe for you, look to your personal preferences first.

If having a slick looking shoe and attracting the gaze of any onlookers is something that appeals to you, consider opting for a shoe that fits the bill. Likewise, if you’re content with wearing a shoe that only delivers on the front of functionality, this point probably doesn’t apply to you.

Functionality: Because hip hop often uses fluid, flexible, and above all else, physically demanding movements, it is imperative that the shoe you wear provides proper protection for your foot’s long term health.

All the options on our list should deliver on this end but should you look elsewhere, keep the following in mind. Look for shoes that provide ankle and arch support and shoes that are ideally made out of highly breathable materials.

The latter is particularly important to avoid any blistering or fungal infections later down the line. Further, you should also look for shoes that provide some degree of shock absorption as this will only preserve your feet’s health over the years.

Finally, look for a pair that has solid, anti-skidding properties. The last thing any dancer wants is something that feels like skating on ice!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can a pair of hip hop dancing shoes last?

Just like any pair of shoes, the answer to this widely asked question is it depends. It specifically depends on how often you dance and how intense your dance sessions are. While there’s isn’t any fixed rule for this, you can expect the following to happen.

If you dance daily for hours on end to the level of a professional dancer, you will absolutely burn through shoes like a hot knife through butter.

Expect to constantly switch shoes every 4-6 months or so. On the other hand if you only dance occasionally (perhaps once a week), your shoes will easily last years so long as you properly maintain them.

Do you need specialized dancing shoes for hip hop?

Absolutely not! You could honestly wear just about anything from regular gym shoes to cross-trainers to even jazz shoes and do just fine. Just make sure that the pair you settle on provides all the necessary features as we’ve outlined right above, and you’ll be all set for dancing success.