Best Shoes to Wear After Foot or Ankle Injury

The best shoes to wear after a foot or ankle surgery are healthy, soft, and comfortable. They not only provide support but also make it possible for you to walk with ease. To help you choose the right shoes for your type of injury, we have reviewed some of the best. After reading the detailed descriptions, you should be able to pick one that meets your needs. Let’s get going!

Best Shoes to Wear After Foot or Ankle Injury

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot | Walker for Fracture Recovery, Protection and Healing after Foot or Ankle Injuries (Medium)

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Do you have an ankle sprain, stress fracture, metatarsal fracture, a broken toe, or another ankle, foot, or toe injury? Are you into the period of post-bunion surgery? In either case, you need a BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Shoe for protection. The unisex shoe for wearing both on the left and right feet. Your foot enjoys protection on both sides, thanks to the rigid polymer plastic shell.

Some of its attractive features include a wide toe bed, deluxe foam liner, and an open toe design for adequate room for bandaging or swelling. It comes with a low-profile rocker bottom that provides a more natural step.

Besides, the medical-grade fastener straps make it possible for you to customize the fit to your foot.

Vive Post Op Shoe – Lightweight Medical Walking Boot

Vive Post Op Shoe - Lightweight Medical Walking Boot with Adjustable Strap - Orthopedic Recovery Cast Shoe for Post Surgery, Fractured Foot, Injured Toes, Stress Fracture, Sprains - Left or Right Foot

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The Vive Post-Op Shoe can protect your feet after injury or surgery to the leg, ankle, foot, or toe. Its protective shell keeps out dirt and moisture from your bandage or cast, allowing natural healing. The good thing about it is that both men and women can quickly heal injured feet.

Why does this shoe perform its functions so well? It comes with adjustable straps that make it possible to accommodate bandages and casts easily. Thanks to the versatile square toe design, you can use the shoes on either the left or right foot.

It comes with a non-skid rocker sole for extra stability, arch support, and pain relief. Besides, it is lightweight so that your injured foot doesn’t have to carry so much weight.

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Fits Left or Right, Small, Black

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The small-sized United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot has a design that promotes natural walking without worsening your foot injury. All that thanks to the shock-absorbing insole and rocker outsole that combine to reduce the impact on your foot. It is a universal boot that fits both the left and right feet, removing the necessity to buy another shoe.

There are several reasons for this shoe’s effectiveness in providing protection – first, and it has air bladders that offer custom compression and extra support and comfort to the injured foot.

Second, it has a sturdy plastic outer shell and upright supports for protecting the foot against further injury. Men who wear shoes of sizes 4.5 to 6.5 and women of sizes 6 to 8 can buy and use this shoe.

Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe

Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe - Non-Weight Bearing Medical Boot for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Protection, Metatarsalgia Pain and Post Bunion, Mallet or Hammer Toe Surgery (Medium)

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The Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe provides protection when you have a metatarsal fracture, a broken toe, diabetic foot ulcer, or when recovering from forefoot surgery. It has a 15-degree Dorsi-angle bottom that shifts the impact of your weight to the heel when walking. With that, it reduces pain to your toes and enhances recovery time.

It comes with a square-toe design that is spacious and comfortable enough, protecting from worsening injuries. Thanks to the adjustable medical-grade fastener straps, the shoe easily accommodates swelling, bandaging, and casting.

However, the manufacturers advise you to buy one or two sizes higher to ensure the perfect fitting. Lastly, it has a removable lightweight orthopedic foam insole that cushions the heel against shock while walking.

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

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From its name, the ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe protects your foot after surgery. It not only keeps the bandage or cast clean but also provides support to a recovering foot. Thanks to the square-toe design, the shoe remains comfortable all day long regardless of whether it is on the left or right foot.

It comes with a high ankle strapping for the proper positioning of the foot to prevent further injury. Another attractive feature is the rigid rocker outsole that reduces pressure and eases ambulation. Given its universal nature, the shoe is excellent for wearing on both the left and right foot (whichever has an injury).

Finally, it weighs only 12.8 ounces, ensuring your foot doesn’t suffer from unnecessary pressure.

DMI Cast Shoe, Cast Boot

DMI Post Op Shoe, Surgical Walking Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Pain, Broken Foot or Toes, Lightweight, Adjustable Straps, Universal Left or Right Foot Fit, 1 Each, Shoe Size 6-8, FSA HSA Eligible

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The best shoes to wear after a foot or ankle injury should provide support and improved air circulation to the foot. With the DMI Cast Shoe, you get all of that and much more. It has an open-toe and nylon mesh design that lets air in and out, preventing overheating.

Besides, it has an adjustable hook & loop Velcro strap that makes it possible to fit just any cast size for women in sizes 6 to 8.

Despite whether you have interacted with it before, you will find this shoe extremely easy to use. All you have to do is to pull it over your foot and adjust the Velcro strap. It comes with a padded insole that protects your foot against further injury while keeping it comfortable. 

MARS Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker Boot

MARS WELLNESS Premium Short Air Cam Walker Boot - Large - Fracture, Sprained Ankle/Foot Stabilizer - Broken Toe Walking Boots for Men or Women

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The MARS Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker Boot features a super-comfortable foam liner that absorbs shock, keeping your injured foot comfortable.

It also has an inflatable air bladder for custom compression pressure to the ankle and foot. In effect, it improves foot stability while reducing swelling due to sprains, soft tissue injuries, and fractures.

It is a premium quality medical ankle boot that makes walking on an injured foot a little more bearable. Regardless of your bandage or cast size, the shoe has hook & loop straps that fasten it firmly into place. Besides, the sole has a foot rocker that lessens the pressure on your toes.

Finally, this shoe is unisex and can fit both the left and right foot.

United Ortho Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

United Ortho Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Large, Black

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Here comes the second fracture boot from the United Ortho Company. It is similar to the one we featured earlier, only that its size is more extensive and is meant for men in sizes 9.5 to 12 and women in sizes 11 to 12+. The purpose of the shoe is to promote natural walking due to the protective action of the rocker outsole and the shock-absorbing insole.

By promoting comfort, the shoe ensures you do not worsen the injury to your foot. It also has a reinforced plastic shell and an uprights support for holding your foot in the perfect position for healing. This shoe’s key feature is the air bladder for custom compression, increased support, and comfort. 

ProCare XcelTrax Air Ankle Walker

ProCare XcelTrax Air Ankle Walker Brace/Walking Boot, Medium

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The ProCare XcelTrax Air Ankle Walker Brace is a universal shoe for both the left and right foot. It provides comfort and support after foot injuries and ankle sprains. If you want a shoe to stabilize a fractured foot for healing, then this particular product is a must-have.

It features a lightweight design with a standout pre-shaped ergonomic frame for pressure modification on the lower leg and malleoli injury. The soft foam and nylon liner further cushions your foot and absorbs shock due to walking.

Thanks to the integrated pump design, the pneumatic liner quickly inflates and adjusts around the injured foot.

Medline ORT30300WM Semi-Rigid Post-Op Shoes

Medline ORT30300WM Semi-Rigid Post-Op Shoe, Medium, Women, Black

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The Medline ORT30300WM Semi-Rigid Post-Op Shoes come with a durable nylon upper and a soft inner lining that holds comfortably over your feet. Besides, the molded heel collar readily secures your foot in place, reducing the chances of your heel slipping off.

It comes with a handy lock closure that ensures the shoe securely and easily fits over your feet regardless of the cast or bandage size. Even better, the universal shoe is excellent for both the left and right foot. Also, men (shoe size 7 to 9) and women (shoe size 8 to 9) can wear it for protection against discomfort due to foot injury.

Lastly, it comes with a removable tongue for optimal foot comfort and placement.

Best Shoes to Wear After Foot or Ankle Injury – Buying Guide

Possibly, you haven’t picked any of the shoes reviewed above. In that case, you need additional information (which we have provided in this buying guide) to choose an appropriate shoe. The following are the guiding factors before buying a shoe for a foot or ankle injury.

1. Type of Injury

Even though not so obvious, the type of injury you have determines the kind of post-op shoe you buy. For example, if you have a simple sprain on your ankle, you need a shoe to provide support and help in the healing process.

However, if you have multiple bone fractures, you should buy a shoe that aligns your bones, helping them heal. So, you have to bear in mind your injury before buying a post-op shoe.

2. Style & Comfort

Given that your foot is injured, you need a shoe that’s capable of maintaining high comfort levels when walking. That’s because you have no idea how long your injury will last. For that reason, you should buy a super-comfortable shoe that can serve you for a long time.

Mostly, the comfort levels depend on the shoe style (which could be ankle-high or knee-high), necessitating a wise choice.

3. Quality of Material

When it comes to the quality of material for making shoes for ankle or foot injury, you should ensure it is durable. In addition to that, the material should be soft, gentle, and not abrasive. The outer layer should essentially have a sturdy, strong fabric for maximum support.

Similarly, it should have a smooth, comfortable foam insole for absorbing shock and maintaining high comfort levels. Some shoes even have inflatable rubber linings for more customized pressure and support.

4. Type of Sole

One of the shoe’s critical features to wear after an ankle or foot injury is the sole. In that case, the outsole should be sturdy, healthy, and design that supports the effortless movement. The insole should be soft, comfortable, and able to absorb shock due to walking. Without that, it would be impossible to attain full benefits from that particular shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes are best for ankle support?

The best ankle support shoes are those with a comfortable insole, sturdy outsole, and adequate heel support. They are comfortable yet fully supportive of the injured foot, ensuring full recovery with time.

When can I wear shoes after ankle surgery?

You can wear shoes (if they are of the right kind) immediately after ankle surgery. All you need is to choose shoes designed for wearing over your bandage or cast. In that case, the shoes will keep away dirt and provide support for your foot for faster recovery.

How long does it take to walk again after ankle or foot surgery?

How long it takes to walk again after ankle or foot surgery depends on the physician’s recommendation. Soon after the second cast, the doctor may allow you to walk with crutches. That’s the time you should start wearing your post-op shoes.

Should I wear my walking boot all day?

You should wear your walking boot strictly according to the doctor’s instructions. If the doctor says you should wear the shoes 24 hours, you have no option but to do it. If he tells you to do it for a couple of hours, why shouldn’t you follow instructions?

Where can I buy shoes to wear after a foot or ankle injury?

You can buy shoes to wear after a foot or ankle injury from Amazon, a large online retailer with a wide variety of products. If you want to buy shoes to wear after a foot or ankle injury, we have reviewed some of the best.