How to Clean All White Huaraches? Explained in 5 methods!

Nike’s White Huaraches have been all the rage recently for good reason. They’re slick, stylish, and spellbinding, making them one of Nike’s hottest products as of recent months. Once you have a pair, you need to know how to clean all white huaraches, which we’ll explain here in 5 methods. If you aren’t sold yet, … Read more

How Do You Remove Shoe Polish from Plastic?

How do you remove shoe polish from plastic

Shoe polish is a lifesaver for old shoes as long as it stays confined to the leather parts only. If it gets on your clothes, on the rubber sides of your shoes, or the floor, then you have a serious problem. Its sticky and oily nature makes it worse if you just to rub with … Read more

What Do You Use Saddle Soap For?

What do you use saddle soap for

Hot weather is great, and I enjoy summer nights more than necessary, but it has a side effect on my winter gear. Genuine leather becomes cracked and dried from the heat as much as from exposer to UV rays, much like our skin does under sun. I use saddle soap to recondition all my leather … Read more

Best Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

Best Suede Shoe Cleaner Kit

Even though my sister is a huge suede shoes fan, she has no idea how to clean them properly, which is why she usually buys a new pair every season. Read below the suede shoe cleaner kit comparison and review guide based on her and my experience. Last month, she bought a pair of suede … Read more

How to Get Tar Off Shoes?

how to get tar off shoes

As I am sitting in my car, watching the rain fall on one of my favorite fjords in the world my mind drifts to the question of how to get tar off shoes. It might sound like a strange thing to ponder, but the facts are these: it is one of those frustrating days when … Read more

How to Clean Suede Shoes

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are extremely stylish and always fashionable, but cleaning them is very tricky which is why a lot of people avoid them. If you’ve spilled something on them or got them dirty and don’t know how to properly clean them, they’ll retain a stained and frayed look which will make you want to put … Read more

How Often Should You Wash Your Shoes?

how often should you wash your shoes

One of the most frequently asked questions is how often people should wash their shoes. A lot of information on the web tiptoes around the issue and doesn’t provide a specific answer since it depends on many factors, but we’re going to look at the most common scenarios and provide actionable advice in this article. … Read more