KIWI Shoe Polish Review

Sometimes, the reason your leather shoes, bags, or belts wear out early is because they’re not properly maintained.

Hitherto I used water to clean my leather shoes not only because I didn’t know how wrong that was, but because I didn’t know a good shoe polish to use. Truth is, I have tried other shoe polishes before, but after using them I got even better results using water.

But all this changed when I started using Kiwi Shoe Polish and I already have a favorite which I will share with you shortly.

Before then, you may be wondering…

Is Kiwi Shoe Polish good for Leather?

The best way to answer this question will be by highlighting what Kiwi shoe polish does for leather.

The Kiwi shoe polish unlike most shoe polishes which are cream-based is wax-based. The advantage this has over cream-based polishes is that it sits on the surface of the leather without permeating into it.

This is much better because by forming a film on the surface of the leather it protects the leather from stains and water. In other words, it makes the leather waterproof to a certain degree. It also makes the shoes shine.

The trick, however, would be not to apply too much so the leather can breathe.

So yes, kiwi shoe polish is good for leather because it protects the leather and gives it the shine it deserves.

Now, on to my favorite Kiwi products.

Kiwi Color Shine Liquid Brown Polish

KIWI Brown Shoe Polish and Shine | Leather Shoe Cleaner for Dress Shoes and Boots | 2.5 Fl Oz

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When shoe polish is mentioned, Kiwi is probably the first brand that comes to mind. This is because, since its founding in 1906, they’ve been at the top of their game, delivering quality shoe polishes.

The quality of a shoe polish is tested by its ability to sustain and prolong the life of the leather it polishes. It is not enough to make the shoeshine, else water, any oil or wax will be regarded as a good shoe polish.

This Kiwi Color Shine liquid brown polish has proven to be a good shoe polish and is one of the fastest-selling polish solutions from Kiwi.

Most leather shoes are brown-colored, so it is understandable and beneficial to most shoe owners that Kiwi made a polish especially for brown leather shoes. The polish is wax-based, which in addition to covering scuffs, nourishing and protecting the shoe’s leather makes it shine.

Most users have testified that they’ve been able to bring their old shoes back to life with this polish. The polish comes with a sponge applicator and needs no buffing.

You’d almost mistaken this polish for a dye with the result you’ll get from using it! This is why you are advised against using it on any shoe that’s not brown. You are also advised against using it on anything, not leather such as suede or nubuck.

Despite all these great reviews and advantages, we do not think this polish is best for regular use. As the name implies, it is liquid, and liquid does not do well with leather in the long run. Kiwi will also have to revisit their quality control department as some users complained that the shoe polish spilled when they tried getting it open the first time and the sponge applicator fell off after a few uses.

And now, my favorite shoe polish

Kiwi Parade Gloss Shoe Polish- Black

Kiwi Parade Gloss Shoe Polish - Black - 2.5 oz. - Large (Pack - 3)

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If you want your shoes shiny and reflecting the sun and even the moon and stars, then this polish is what you are looking for.

This polish will give your shoes the glossiest look they could ever ask for. Intended for black leather shoes, the polish renews, nourishes and protects black leather. These are true, and I know because I had a pair of black shoes that were showing signs of wear, probably because I was polishing with water before I got this polish. Not only did this polish cover the marks, it also healed the leather of the shoes after a few times of use. To add icing to the cake, it left my shoes shiny and looking brand new.

Since then, the polish got me hooked.

The polish which is a blend of premium and Carnauba wax also makes the shoes waterproof by forming a layer over the shoes so water can’t easily penetrate the leather of the shoes. This ability is however limited. Under continuous contact with water in a short period of time, the polish could wear off leaving the shoes penetrable. So, it’s best to keep the shoes away from water completely as it’s not good for leather shoes.

There’s also a Kiwi parade gloss shoe polish for brown shoes, I use that for my brown leather shoes if they are smooth leather shoes. I use the previously reviewed shoe polish- the Kiwi color shine brown polish- for my tan leather shoes.

How to apply:

  • Apply polish with a cloth or polish applicator
  • Allow to dry
  • Buff to a gloss

For an extra-high shine

  • Double coat, but the second coat should be light
  • Sprinkle with water, then
  • Buff with a soft cloth.

Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge

Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge, 0.23 fl oz, Black , 3-Pack

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Before you buy this, keep in mind that it’s a shine, not a polish. What it does is add to the shine of a polished shoe.

There’s always an easier, faster and better way of making your shoes shine and this shoe shine sponge offers you that.

The Kiwi express shoe shine sponge, unlike the previously reviewed polishes, is not a typical polish. It is intended to be used as a shoe shine sponge especially after you have applied a proper polish. It adds extra gloss to the shoes, but it can’t heal and nourish the shoes like the other polishes we reviewed.

The advantage Kiwi express shoe shine sponge has over the regular polish for the users is that it has a clear shine liquid that can be used on any color of leather shoe. It is not selective of what colour of leather it should be used on. It can also be used on leather belts and handbags to make them look new again.

However, this express shoe shine sponge is not suitable for use on suede, nubuck or fabric. No mess, no buffing needed with this shine sponge.

When you go to buy the shine sponge, ensure you buy from a trusted seller because some people complain that what they receive is just a dry piece of foam with no clear shine liquid, which means that’s a fake.