Peet Boot Dryer Review

Any outdoor adventurer will appreciate the value of a pair of dry boots in the morning. Being able to get out there fresh and all dried up is a great feeling. If you are a fan of fishing, running, hunting, camping, or in my case; skiing, then you know what I am talking about; nobody likes soggy boots.  

I don’t know about you but I like my shoes dry when I wear them.  Peet Boot Dryer not only helps you dry all your shoes fast, but it also dries your hats, helmets, gloves, or anything else that you can fit on its attachments. It certainly is a blessing if you go skiing as often as I do.

Why Choose the Peet Boot Dryer Company?

Gene Peet started the boot dryer phenomena all by himself simply because he didn’t like wet shoes. He came up with the first boot dryer, but his only intention was to dry his shoes not to create a whole new industry. After making a couple of them for friends and family, he finally gave in to set up what we know today as the Peet Boot Dryer Company.

It started as a family business but now operates in hundreds of countries with millions of products sold to this day. They are based in Idaho, producing all US-made products since 1968.

What Is the Best Peet Boot Dryer?

PEET, Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

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If you live anywhere in the world where you get a couple of months of snow every year, then you know that cold is not a temporary thing but a way of life. Yes, you can waterproof all your boots and shoes, but that does not mean that the outside leather will not eventually get drenched.

Plus, the inside of my boots still has some moisture due to cold weather regardless of them being waterproof. However, don’t get the wrong idea that these boot dryers are made only for winter, I use them in summer too. Mostly for my jogging sports shoes which get wet after running a few blocks.

Note that the boot dryer is a powerful odor fighter too. I don’t need to buy those foot powder sprays anymore, which is great since I never really liked them anyway. Moisture in or out of the shoes is never good; it only produces bacteria, fungus, and unnecessary odor. So, it is a good solution for a healthy foot too.

We upgraded to the 4-Shoe version from the two since I am not the only Peet Boot Dryer fan in the house anymore. Budget wise; it does not really cost anything to have this plugged in almost 24 hours.  I guess it really must be running on low power.

The Express version takes only a few hours to dry my shoes. How do I know? Well, there is a timer for 4 hours, and my boots and shoes come off all dried up when it stops. It also comes with a LED display. You have to get the gloves and other attachments if you are going to dry other stuff than shoes too.

I have to say that the original 2-shoe version is quieter compared to this one. So, if silence is important to you, then you might want to get two of those instead. Keep in mind that the 4-shoe version dries faster. This one comes with 2-year warranty, and the 2-shoe version comes with 25 -year warranty. Less electricity than a standard light bulb.

How Do You Use a Peet Boot Dryer?

Peet Boot Dryer equipment dries your shoes while you are sleeping. The basic principle is to suck up air from the room through its rear vents, and then warm the air by using silent thermal convection. This warm air rises up in the tubes and dries the shoes and boots pretty quick. So, when you wake up in the morning, the boots are warm and comfy for a new day.

All you have to do is to put your stuff on the tubes and plug in. It comes with various attachments for different gear, such as gloves, hats, etc. The Express version includes the option to apply heat or no heat while drying. It also comes with a timer.

What Is the Best Alternative Peet Boot Dryer?

PEET, Original Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer with 25 year warranty - Made in USA

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This is the original version of the Peet Boot Dyer. It might be a good alternative if you are new to boot dryers, or don’t have a large family. In fact, that’s how I got into all these a few years back. It will hold 2 shoes at a time as the model name implies.

All the other features are similar with the one I just described above which is the one we are using in our house currently. However, this one does not include the extra heat option, and takes longer to dry your boots since it only uses the fan.

Once you get accustomed to wearing warm shoes and boots in the morning, you kind of become addicted to the Peet Boot Dryer. It is a true convenience and extra comfort during cold winter days.

My only complaint would be that there is no on/off switch, and sometimes you don’t know if it is working or not since it is extra silent. But you can always check to see if it is plugged in for that matter. Otherwise, you can even keep it in the bedroom; it is ultra-silent.

The Peet Boot Dryer is a versatile product, and you can dry various footwear, gloves, and hats on it, not just boots. I also use Peet Boot Dryer for drying my sports shoes after I wash them. In fact, you can wash your shoes every day, and then dry them overnight. Another use would be to soften hard leather shoes that you don’t wear often.

All parts and materials are produced in the USA. And this product comes with the same, incredible warranty of 25 years.