Are Shoe Lifts Uncomfortable?

When it comes to using shoe lifts or any other shoe accessories, if you deviate from what the foot is used to, it will initially cause discomfort. In this case, any insert inside your shoes will feel weird in the earlier days. What you need to do, is pick an insert that is completely suited to your needs.

Whether it’s a muscle injury, a leg discrepancy, or just you needing a lift in height, you can read our article Best Shoe Lifts for our honest recommendations. Read on to know why shoe lifts are the right way to go.

Are Shoe Lifts Uncomfortable?

You might have heard a lot of opinions that shoe lifts are generally bad quality, they do not provide support, slide around in your shoe, and are generally difficult to use. Our top picks in the previous article refutes all of that. Insoles can be stuck on, they are generally made from foam or gel, and absorb shocks while walking. In short, no, they are not uncomfortable.

How to Choose a Comfortable Shoe Lift

The first question you should be asking yourself is why do you require shoe lifts? If you have an injured Achilles Tendon, you might want to find inserts that are specifically designed for medical purposes.

Those shoe lifts will relieve your pain while walking, as compared to normal inserts which might aggravate your condition. For similar injuries such as pain in your heel or arch, use orthopedic inserts for maximum relief.

You might also require lifts for a leg length discrepancy i.e. one leg is slightly shorter than the other. This might also occur because of a curved spine. You need both legs at an equal height for you to balance yourself, and not walk with a limp.

Walking with a limp can cause even more damage and intensify any damage already present. You need to research the perfect height of the insert you need to buy. If one insert does not provide that height, you can cut it to fit your shoe, or layer several inserts on top of each other. The insole should cup your heel, and not feel hard to push down on. This will provide support as well as comfort.

Finally, you could need lifts just to appear taller. There are many different kinds out there, but those that are most cushioning, usually have an air pocket inside the insoles. Also, look for insoles that are made of a soft yet stable material. You do not want the insole to wear down quickly, but also not feel like a wedge of wood under your feet.

Are Shoe Lifts Bad for Your Back?

When asking this question, you should consider the way you sit, slumped in your chair with your neck at an odd angle, will be bad for your back. The way you walk with a slouch and your shoulders bent forward will also cause damage.

Questions like these usually arise before trying a new product, which is understandable. A level of trust has not been developed yet.

Let’s imagine that you recently had hip reconstructive surgery. The end result was you having a quarter of an inch of a difference in between leg lengths. If this happens, one leg will have more pressure while walking than the other. The one not facing the pressure will go weaker from lack of proper use, and the one with the pressure will weaken because of the constant strain.

This is where the deterioration process starts, right from your feet. Should this continue, the injuries will extend to your back. In cases similar to these, shoe lifts provide more a supportive nature. They are recommended so that your feet are at the same level. This will give you stability, and also allow you to exercise without causing yourself harm.

Buying lifts purely for height purposes should be done with some caution. The greater the height, the more stress it will put on your back. Think of it just like wearing heels. While the height part has its attractiveness, heels start to get very uncomfortable when worn for long. Plus, you cannot jog or run in them, lest you want a sprained ankle.

Are Shoe Lifts Worth It?

Worth depends on your definition of the word. If you mean value for money, you can get shoe lifts online at minimal costs, and will last for a sufficient amount of time. You can check out our own compiled list and realize that a pair will not be hard on your pocket at all. 

You could also mean it in a medical sense. Getting surgery is a hassle in itself. All the tremendous costs aside, you have surgery prep, a recovery period, and aftercare. One slip-up and you could be right back where you started. Instead, just get a pair of lifts that will do the correction on its own. The mental peace of not going through surgery has worth in itself.

Finally, your worth could also mean self-worth. You might look in the mirror and feel your legs are not proportional to your body. You would have looked much better with a taller height. If you do not overreach, lifts provide a very subtle increase, which is usually gone unnoticed.

When you can hold yourself higher in front of people, confidence levels are also boosted. You can feel as if you are on the same level as everyone else. Keep in mind though, an inch will go unnoticed, several inches will raise some eyeballs.

Are Shoe Lifts Covered by Insurance?

Insurance is not a question that is generally at the forefront of someone’s mind. It should, however, be one of the primary concerns as healthcare tends to expensive. While this question mostly depends on the terms of your healthcare plan, if you have one, insurance does cover orthotics.

There are several conditions attached to your inserts being a part of your plan. The first is that they might be a diabetes-related requirement, serving severe diabetic foot disease. You will get custom made shoes, as well as yearly supplies of inserts. They can also be counted in corrective appliances, foot care, or prosthetics, which all come under the umbrella term: Durable Medical Equipment.

If this question was meant on a recreational basis, and not for medical purposes, finding insurance that supports height increase insoles might be somewhat of a challenge.

Products like these can normally be found online, where you have consumer rights. If you are not satisfied with a product, it is up to you if you want to return it and get your cash reimbursed. You can also get them replaced in case of dissatisfaction.