Best Insoles for Sweaty Feet

There are two kinds of people in the world: those with sweaty feet, and those who lie about it. It is nothing to be ashamed of, as there are plenty of ways to prevent moisture from gathering. Usually, when you are wearing shoes that are closed from all sides, and barely have any air passing through, heat accumulates. This heat consequently causes your feet to become slick. 

While sweating does not have any adverse effects, it can be uncomfortable when your foot starts to slide inside your shoe. It may also lead to foul odors being emitted to make others around you hesitant to be near.

Unless you planned to drive away people using the smell, I suggest you invest in some breathable insoles to keep your feet dry. Below is a list of our top insoles for sweaty feet.

Best Insoles for Sweaty Feet

Sof Sole ATHLETE Performance Gel Shoe Insert

Sof Sole Men's 7-8.5 Insoles Athlete, Blue

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People who are active in their daily lives are the most intimately acquainted with sweat. They do not feel energized unless every pore is leaking moisture, which, unfortunately, also includes feet. Sweat soaked clothes will dry off in the open air if you take a little rest. It is not the same case for shoes unless you take off both shoes and socks when you take a break.

To prevent the spectacle of removed wet socks, you should opt for these Sof sole insoles are specifically designed for athletes’ use. Not only will the gel provide cushioning while you exercise, but the insole is also treated with hydrologic moisture-wick. In simple terms, there is a layer present that will repel moisture and keep odors away.

Soxsols Wool Flat Insert

SoxsolS Brown Wool Flat Insert for Sockless Shoes for Women Size US 7, Euro 38

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Even while wearing casual shoes, feet tend to sweat when they are continually pressed against the shoe’s insole. The air flows over the top of your feet, but the bottom half does not avail the same luxury. For sandals, you cannot have very thick and noticeable insoles. They would also need to stick to the base as not to fall out while walking.

These wool inserts have a layer made from rubber, which ensures durability. Over the rubber is a layer of wool that not only provides a soft bed for your feet, but soaks up perspiration, odors, and any acids produced.

You also do not need to worry about disinfecting or frequently replacing these insoles as they can easily be cleaned in a washing machine. 

Odor-Eaters Ultra-Durable Heavy-Duty Cushion Insoles

Odor-Eaters Ultra-Durable, Heavy Duty Cushion Insoles, 1 Pair (285791)

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While the name itself, odor-eaters, should be enough to convince you that this insert will keep your feet fresh, the components of the insole should also help with the case. This insole has odor ventilators. These ventilators consist of charcoal and baking soda materials, two very active ingredients that help neutralize any smells.

Rest assured, the layers are only treated with zinc oxide chemicals to act as a repellant, there are no added perfumes.

The cushioning layer is also made of a breathable material that gives support and allows air to pass through to remove moisture. Excess perspiration is drawn in, so you will be able to go through the day without any discomfort. 

Dr. Scholl’s ULTRACOOL Insoles

Dr. Scholl's ULTRACOOL Insoles // Triple Action: Odor Protection with Activated Charcoal, Cooling with Vents and Supportive Cushioning for All-Day Comfort (for Men's 8-13)

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When you first look at these insoles, they will remind you of a bee’s hive, except in blue. This honeycomb design is intentional to have maximum ventilation. The comb is covered with a wicking cloth, which helps maintain a cool temperature inside your shoes. There is also a layer with odor-x innovations that fight against even the most extreme odors.

Awareness against foot odors is necessary, especially for people who frequently wear work boots. In that enclosed space, once your foot gets sweaty, that sweat spreads to first your socks and then gets soaked into the inner lining.

Now, bacteria have the perfect opportunity to fester and pollute your shoes with smells. A persistent odor will likely cause problems or even lead to a fungal infection. Hence, an airy insole is imperative.

Shoeslulu Magic Absorbent Ultra-Thin Lambskin Leather Insoles

Shoeslulu Magic Absorbent Ultra Thin Handcrafted Lambskin Leather Insoles with Breathable Activated Carbon Bottom (US Men 12 / EU 46, Natural Lambskin)

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At times you might not be facing any aches and pains in your foot and only have the issue of smelly shoes. For that, rather than getting a heavy-duty foam and gel insole, this ultra-thin lambskin insert will work well for your needs.

You can easily slip these inside your boots without removing the original insole or performing any trimmings. They will not take up extra space and make the shoe snug.

The insole may be light, but there is a padding that will provide relief to your arch. The inserts have a massaging functionality to aid your feet. The lambskin leather is of the highest quality, and as leather is already a breathable material, it will sop up all moisture.

Finally, there is a layer of carbon that prevents odors from persevering.

Fancy Feet Women’s 3/4 Insole

Foot Petals Women's ¾ Insole Comfort Cushion, Black, One Size

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Most people out there know that wearing heels is an entirely tricky experience in itself. Combine that with close-toed heels, and your feet will feel like they are being tortured. Lucky for you, these insoles provide multiple benefits. Firstly, since they are only 3/4th the full length, they can easily fit inside any kind of shoe.

Secondly, the insole will absorb most of the shocks produced from walking in heels, which will, in turn, thwart blisters from forming. Finally, the top layer is antimicrobial, which will keep your feet dry as well as deter any bacterial formations.

Dr. Scholl’s DOUBLE AIR-PILLO Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Double Air-Pillo Insoles, Men’s Size 7-13, Women’s Size 5-10 , 1 Pair

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My job mostly requires me to be in a chair for most of the day, but a lot of time is spent on your feet for some of you. You are faced with two sets of problems: your feet ache throughout the day and eventually start to stink. 

Dr. Scholl has made his air-pillo insoles also resemble pillows. They are made of memory foam that contours to your feet’ curves and has visible pores throughout that will allow the insides of your shoes to breathe.

FootScientific® Arches Type 3 Orthotic Shoe Insoles

FootScientific¨ Arches Type 3 (High Arch) Orthotic Shoe Insoles, MenÕs Size 5-5.5 / WomenÕs Size 7-7.5

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Rest assured that these insoles are scientifically designed to impede your feet from getting sweaty. To highlight some non-sweat features first, if you require that your foot’s alignment is maintained, a correcting molding pad is present. There is also additional padding in the heel area to keep your foot in position and sustain overall stability. 

Two significant aspects help maintain foot hygiene. Firstly, there is a mesh layer that limits the effects of perspiration by allowing your feet to remain dry. Secondly, there is also a microbe shield that restrains odors and subsequent stains. Both features combined help the insole last longer. 

Soft Sport Shoe Insoles

Soft Sport Shoe Insoles - Hemp Layer Comfort Insoles Breathable Shoe Insert for Sweaty Feet Trim to fit Insert (Men's 4-8/ Women's 5-10, Green Hemp Layer)

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Some people are prone to have allergic reactions to materials like polyester, leather, or gel. They need a natural solution for their foot-related problems, which this hemp cover insole provides. Hemp is an environmentally friendly material that will not cause any adverse reactions or allergies. It is naturally porous, hence will let air pass through.

There is no plastic used in the making of these insoles, keeping that eco-friendly image right on spot. There is also a mesh base present to detract sweat formation. A U-cup present inside the heel will keep you balanced as you take on a new journey.

Summer Soles Fragrant Footings Trim-to-Fit Women’s Insoles

Summer Soles Fragrant Footings Ultra Absorbent Trim-to-Fit Insoles, 2 Pairs - Stop Sweaty Feet with Natural Fragrances - Adhesive Backing

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If you ever forget to wear deodorant or perfume, fret not, these insoles will have your back. Considering these inserts are scented, it is advised that people with sensitive feet do not use them, as irritation might occur.

The scent itself is infused through essential oils. You have two options; your feet can either smell like jasmine or mint. The aroma is not overpowering, rather a soft scent.

You can place these insoles inside a range of shoes, from flats to pumps, to sandals. They will not fit inside flip-flops, but other than that, these inserts have you covered. They are made from a combination of wool and rayon, which will absorb all moisture and keep your feet healthy.

Best Insoles for Sweaty Feet Buying Guide

There are various reasons why sweaty feet are a common occurrence. You might live in humid temperatures where every part of you is sweaty at all times. You exercise daily, and the enclosed joggers, combined with the heat working out, generate sweat.

There are long working hours that require moving around in closed shoes. Whatever the reason might be, it is an easily preventable affliction. The following factors should be kept in mind before making a purchase:

Three key terms are essential in terms of keeping feet dry:


The basic definition of an insole being breathable is that air can be passed throughout. Whether it may be the porous material, there are vents built-in, or there are tiny holes all over the insole, the airflow ensures that your feet will be in a temperature-controlled setting even in enclosed shoes.

Antimicrobial Layer

In simple terms, this layer protects your feet against the accumulation of bacteria. When microorganisms obtain an environment to thrive in, unpleasant side-effects such as foul odors follow. You will then have to disinfect your shoes to get rid of that smell. Instead of taking reactive measures, a proactive step ensures that your insole has an antimicrobial layer.

Wicking Layer

This layer prevents a moist environment inside your boots. By performing tasks that correlate with odor expulsion and breathability, your feet are kept free from wetness.

Odor Ventilators

This layer can be any extra addition that contains materials that absorb smells. A few examples of such materials include carbon, baking soda, and zinc oxide. Any one of these will neutralize foul odors.


Leather is one naturally breathable material, hence works well in maintaining airflow. Most insoles are made of memory foam or gel. You need to ensure that the foam has an adequate ventilation system.


Usually, these insoles will be either full-size, or 3/4th the size to fit into shoes like heels and sandals. You can choose according to your preference.

However, I would also like to mention the thickness here. If you are not looking for extra padding in your boots, you can easily find insoles that have thin layers. These thin insoles provide comfort as well as protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there insoles that specifically cater to odors?

The majority of insoles you will find cater to foot problems and provide support for heels and arches. The breathability factor is a side feature that enhances its product offering. 

However, as a few are also mentioned in the list above, you can find odor insoles that particularly tackle the issue of sweaty feet. 

You have two options with odor insoles. While both perform the function of absorbing perspiration before bacteria can grow, there is one significant difference. The insole will either just nullify the smell through chemicals like carbon or emit their own fragrance in return. If you do not want an added aroma, you should opt for plain odor insoles.

Is there a specific placement of insoles that enhances breathability?

You might be thinking that there are specific areas present in the foot that produce sweat. If those areas are curbed, your problem is solved. However, it does not work that way. Besides ensuring that your insole has ventilation, you will place it normally over the original insole, or make adjustments through trimming to fit perfectly inside your boots. 

If you want to allow for more space inside your shoes, opt for a 3/4th sized insole that will also provide all the same functionalities. 

What are the alternatives to insoles to prevent sweaty feet?

I would suggest taking care of your foot hygiene by constant washes. Please ensure that you get soap the area between toes. You can apply powder inside your socks to absorb the sweat and neutralize some of the smell.

However, it is not possible to wash your feet every few hours and reapply the powder that does eventually wear off. That is why a more permanent solution, such as insoles for sweaty feet, will suit your requirements better.