Best Shoes for Hair Stylists

With a simple makeover, hair stylists can elevate one’s self-confidence. They are also some of the bubbliest personalities around who are always up for a good chat. However, behind this facade is a familiar and hidden problem.

Hair stylists often complain about foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and general discomfort during the day as they stand for long hours styling other people. In order to be protected against these problems, it is therefore important that they only use proper and comfortable footwear at work.

With the wide variety of choices, we have made things easier by identifying 10 comfortable shoes that are great for hair stylists as they take on the crucial work of making people look their best.

Best Shoes for Hair Stylists

Dansko Women’s Professional Shoes

Dankso Women's Professional Black Patent Shoes 36 M

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Like other professionals, hairdressers can render 8 to 12-hour shifts depending on their place of work. Dansko’s stapled collection offers professional shoes with comfortable support perfect for hair stylists. To add appeal, the clogs are made from patented leather with synthetic soles for its insides.

The heel measures approximately 2” with a platform of around 0.75”. It is reinforced with a padded instep collar for great comfort and a unique toe box to allow plenty of wiggle room for your toes.

A polyurethane (PU) leather midsole propels your foot forward and offers shock absorption. The shoes also come with a protective heel counter for better stability. Dansko’s clogs come in different colors and designs which can match your beauty salon’s theme.

At the end of the day, it is not only your clients who should look good and feel good. With the Dansko shoes, you can work comfortably while equally being fashionable.

Skechers Women’s Ghenter Srelt Work Shoe

Skechers Women's Ghenter Srelt Work Shoe, Black, 8 M US

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Skechers continues to impress with its comfy and fun line of shoes. If you want to look sporty in the salon, the Skechers work pair is definitely for you. This slip-on is lightweight, soft on the inside and outside, and is comfortable to wear all throughout the day.

It features an electrical hazard defense design to protect you against long cords that may be running inside a beauty parlor. The pair is also water-resistant, protecting your foot from drops of liquid from that hairspray.

For hectic workdays, the shoes are equipped with a slip-resistant rubber traction outsole for added safety. It has a 1” heel height for better floor grip and is bungee-laced to make it easy to wear.

With a soft fabric, relaxed fit, and air-cooled memory foam, wearing these shoes for long hours will be a breeze.

Kizik Slip-on Shoes for Women

KIZIK Miami Hands Free Navy 7.5 M

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Kizik believes that functionality and fashion can go hand in hand. The Kizik slip-on shoes for women are a casual everyday pair that promise comfort and style that you would personally love.

As a unique feature, the shoe offers hands-free functionality for busy hairdressers. The F.A.S.T technology Kizik tout allows quick entry of your foot by releasing the back of the shoe. It then locks your heel back in place. This comes really handy especially when your hands are literally full at the salon.

Promising comfort, the shoes have high-quality uppers, contoured foot beds, and durable outsoles. Kizik’s drive to create innovative shoes emanate from this pair to make them a great choice as stylish yet functional hair stylist shoes.

Clarks Women’s Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafers

Clarks womens Sillian Paz Slip On Loafer, Black Synthetic Nubuck, 8 Wide US

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With a subdued and straightforward look, the Sillian Paz loafers are made for the modern woman with an on-the-go lifestyle. They have everything a hair stylist or beautician might be looking for in a comfortable shoe for all-day wear.

Every pair of shoes made by Clarks starts with hand carving a single block of hornbeam to deliver tailor-made perfection. For the Sillian loafer, its materials are made from 100% textile. It has a soft fabric lining, a removable soft cushion with an ortholite footbed, and a lightweight and shock-absorbing outsole. Its heel measures a comfortable 1.5”.

At first sight, you will know that the construction of the shoe screams exceptional craftsmanship. If you’re looking for an easygoing shoe for any activity, this pair from Clarks should definitely earn a spot in your shoe rack.

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Webster Loafer

Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Webster Loafer, Black Patent/Microfiber, 8.5 US

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Who says you can’t be a fashionable hair stylist at work? With added comfort perfect for long hours at the salon, looking fresh to death is now achievable with this pair from Dr. Scholl’s. The Webster loafers are edgy, trendy, and comfortable.

They are made from microsuede with soft linings. Recycled fabric from plastic bottles make this pair eco-friendly. With a heel that measures approximately 1.26”, the pair provides anatomical cushioning due to a soft insole technology.

The lightweight shoes are slip-on with a faux-leather back pull tab. Shock absorption is integrated to reduce fatigue and foot pressure from all-day use. With different designs, ranging from simple monochromatic colors to leopard prints, this standout is guaranteed to land you a few compliments from your customers.

Crocs Women’s Neria PRO II Embellished Clog

Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, Black, 11

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Over the years, the Crocs brand may have been taking all the heat from sneakerheads who claim to be fashion forward. Little do they know that a pair of Crocs brings so many benefits that they may be missing out on. They also come with different designs, from floral to funky for that updated look.

If you are looking for comfortable and durable clogs to use at the salon, then these shoes from Crocs may be the one that fits the bill. They are dependable for long days at work. As the clogs are fully molded, they are easy to clean using soap and water. They are quick to dry, too.

The Crocs Women’s Neria PRO II has a roomy fit and meets most workplace standards. It has an updated style to blend in any salon or beauty shop. The construction of the shoes also protects you from liquid spills. Lastly, they are also non-slip for added safety.

Ferro Aldo Sterling Men’s Casual Chelsea Slip-On Ankle Boots

Ferro Aldo Sterling MFA606325 Mens Casual Chelsea Slip on Ankle Boots – Black Size 13

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Ferro Aldo Sterling provides high quality dress shoes for male hair stylists without hurting their wallets. They are designed to maximize comfort during long hours of work.

The Ferro Aldo pair is made from a unique synthetic material featuring different patterns and styles that cannot be replicated with animal leather. The form has elastic gores for an easy and ergonomic fit.

The shoe designs are made to have longer toe boxes. Because of this, Ferro Aldo is known to run a size bigger than conventional shoe brands. It has a padded interior, double-stitched exterior, and 3-layered synthetic sole for flexibility, comfort, and shock absorption. This makes the Ferro Aldo ideal for any activity, be it for daily use at the salon or for a night out at the pub.

WHITIN Women’s Athletic Sneakers

WHITIN Women Running Shoes Tennis Ladies Mujer Size 8.5 Female Walking Training Tennis Joggers Lightweight Workout Athletic Fitness Gym Sneakers Arch Support Zapatos Sport Exercise Active Black 40

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WHITIN is way ahead of its competition in that it designs shoes specifically for women, and by women. This athletic sneaker caters to the specific form of the female foot. It has a narrower heel, a higher in-step, a longer arch, and unique metatarsal spacing.

The form factor is great with a highly durable rubber outsole. The shoe is responsive and almost trampoline-like due to its impressive midsole cushioning. The insoles are also removable so that you can easily clean them up when they get dirty.

The shoes come with a high performance design that provides supportive comfort for your feet and heels. They work great for everyday wear in an active salon environment.

If you are going to the gym after doing all that styling at work, you won’t even need to change your shoes as the WHITIN’s athletic sneakers are also a perfect workout pair. With a very inexpensive price tag, that is a deal we can all get behind!

Athlefit Women’s Wedge Sneakers

Athlefit Women's Hidden Wedge Sneakers Shoes Lace Up Fashion Black Wedge Sneakers Size 5.5

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These wedge sneakers from Athlefit make a trendy hair stylist’s outfits more fashionable and chic. It has a comfortable wedge height of 2.5” that also appears to lengthen your legs. Its soft insole will provide comfort and confidence as you perform your daily routine at the beauty shop.

The lace-up front allows you to fit it well, too. The design of this shoe has your comfort in mind, ensuring that you can strut in them with ease all day.

The quality in the shoes’ stitching protects the wedge from the elements. In effect, this will make them last longer compared to average ones. With their signature look, Athlefit’s wedge sneakers are nice to pair with your casual jeans or skirts and dresses.

Their flexibility in terms of style allows this pair to be your go-to sneakers for different occasions, even outside of the salon, as you see fit.

DADAWEN Women’s Platform Lace-up Wingtips Oxford Shoe

DADAWEN Women's Platform Lace-Up Wingtips Square Toe Oxfords Shoe Red US Size 5/Asia Size 35/22.5cm

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Roundhead oxfords from DADAWEN are designed using a comfortable material. They are finished with a platform and soft sole for all-day comfort in the workplace.

The shoes are made from all leather and boast of an exquisite brogue carving achieving that vintage style to set you apart from other professional hair stylists.

The DADAWEN shoes take inspiration from runways and fashion magazines to create the most coveted and comfortable everyday shoe for women hairdressers. Despite how they look, the shoes are actually lighter than you think.

They offer great support and elasticity so you can be free to wiggle your toes. Their vintage style matches all kinds of clothes to create that perfect look that will seal your customers’ approval.

Best Shoes for Hairstylists – Buying Guide


Cushioning protects your feet from impact. It absorbs pressure as you walk around the workplace. The cushioning in shoes should balance responsiveness and comfort. Some cushionings are lightweight and are lower to the ground while others are heavier varieties such as those found in running shoes.

A pair of shoes with great cushioning prevents foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and to some degree, knee and back problems. It also maintains one’s posture so she can provide excellent service to customers.

Size and Shape

As you age, your feet may change in size and shape. Before you buy a pair of shoes, it is recommended to trace your feet with a clear piece of paper. This will help determine the curves and arches of your feet so you can get a clearer picture of the right kind of cushioning and support that you will need.

Over the course of the day, feet also expand as you walk and do your day-to-day tasks. Shopping for shoes is ideal in the afternoon or at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.


A pair of shoes shouldn’t just look good, they should also be made with the right materials. Textile, leather, and polyurethane are just some of the materials that make up a shoe. Leather and textile are durable, whereas shoes made of synthetic materials often degrade faster. Because feet often sweat, it is important that the shoes are breathable to allow release of moisture. Leather is exceptionally good at this. For soles, rubber is often used.


The individual models come in different designs and prints so that their price may vary. You can buy simple shoes which already incorporate comfortable functions from as little as $30 to over $200 for the high-quality shoes from known brands. Of the different materials, premium leather is often the most expensive while those made of synthetic materials are the cheaper variety.


How do I measure my shoe size?

The best way to measure the size of your feet is by tracing them onto a piece of paper. Make sure that they lie flat on the ground. The distance between your heel and your longest toe, measured in inches or centimeters, should then be compared to standard women’s and men’s charts to determine the correct sizing. If one foot is larger than the other, use the measurements from the larger foot.

What is a midsole?

The midsole is the part of the shoe where cushioning and shock absorption are integrated. Located between the upper and the outsole, it is usually made of a foam or rubber-like plastic material that allows for maximum comfort.