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Pole dancing and fitness have become popular and widely accepted as a hobby, competitive art form, and exercise routine. Nothing compares to the confidence of a pair of sexy stripper heels, whether getting in shape, practicing your moves at home, for personal enjoyment, or working your magic through a performance on stage (skip straight to the best stripper shoes).

best stripper shoes
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What are the best stripper shoes?

The best stripper shoes make pole dancing easier and safer. They’re sturdy, hard-wearing, comfortable, and soft on your feet and provide vital support to help improve your posture, balance, and flexibility while preventing foot pain. They’re also stylish and can help boost your confidence whether you’re performing for an audience or a practicing beginner.

If you’re curious about pole dancing and are looking for the best stripper shoes to help you grow as you practice and improve your overall experience, you’ve come to the right place. This guide explores our editor’s top picks of the best stripper shoes to help you get the perfect pair for your needs.

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Best Stripper Shoes Table of Contents

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  1. Pleaser Women’s 1020 Boots – Overall Best Stripper Shoes
  2. Pleaser Kiss Ankle Strap Shoes – Best Stripper Shoes for Beginners
  3. Alexandra Women’s Open Toe High Heels– Best Stripper Shoes for Value
  4. Tent Stretch Boot Shoes – Best Stripper Shoes Over The Knee
  5. Dream Pairs Swan-30 High Heel Shoes – Best Stripper Shoes for Comfort
  6. Pleaser Sky 308 Shoes – Best Clear Stripper Shoes

1. Pleaser Women’s 1020 Boots – Overall Best Stripper Shoes

Pleaser Women's Sky-1020 Ankle Boots

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Heel height: 8 inches

Material: 100% synthetic

What we like: Durable, comfortable, inside zipper, ankle support, stain-resistant, high-quality

What we don’t like: They can feel tight

Pleaser is a top brand in sexy footwear. The Pleaser Women’s 1020 Boots combine high-gloss fierceness with an extraordinary lift to make you look sexier than ever. They’re comfortable, have an ideal height for the perfect look with a high-quality finish, and have a stylish, sexy design that makes you look good in anything.

You could wear them in pajamas and still turn heads and slay. They’re super comfortable and highly versatile, making them one of the best stripper shoes for runway models, fashionistas, dancers, and anyone looking for ultra-sexy, sturdy, and supportive footwear.

The Pleaser Women’s 1020 Boots are so popular you sometimes have to wait months to nab a pair. They match the aesthetic of erotic pole dancing and can help accentuate your legs while making your walk or dance routine more stable and attractive.

The Pleaser Women’s 1020 boots offer extra ankle stability and support and can suit anyone, no matter their skill level or experience. The inside zipper closure makes it easy to walk in, while the 4.25-inch platform adds weight to aid in balance, flexibility, and momentum. They can feel a little tight so order a size up for a perfect fit.

2. Pleaser Kiss Ankle Strap Shoes – Best Stripper Shoes for Beginners

Pleaser Women's Kiss-209 Ankle-Strap Sandal

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Heel height: 6 inches

Material: Patent leather

What we like: Comfortable, adjustable straps, shiny, ideal height, secure, stable, durable

What we don’t like: They can feel tight on wide feet

Finding suitable pole dancing shoes when starting is a huge plus, and it can help you progress quickly and enjoy the experience. The Pleaser Kiss Ankle Strap Shoes are one of the best stripper shoes for beginners, thanks to the ideal height, comfort, and adjustable ankle straps.

You’ll get a high-stepping, ultra-sexy look from the Pleaser Kiss Ankle Strap shoes. Unlike other heels that feel like they can break at any moment, these stripper shoes exude confidence and are perfect for beginners and advanced exotic dancers or performers.

You can use the ankle straps to keep the shoes secure to your ankles and heels without worrying about the shoes flying off during intense dancing and quick spins. The upper is shiny, and you get a provocatively high platform and heel that looks great and feels stable.

The Pleaser Kiss Ankle Strap Shoes are durable and high quality, with most customers praising how long they’ve outlived other stripper shoes. The upper is made of patent leather, and the soles are polyurethane. They feel tight if you have wide feet, but you can use a hair dryer to make them wider.

3. Alexandra Women’s Open Toe High Heels– Best Stripper Shoes for Value

Alexandra Womens Open Toe High Heels Platform Shoes Stiletto Dress Sandals

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Heel height: 5 inches

Material: Premium vegan

What we like: Affordable, versatile, smooth, comfortable, zip closure, easy on and off, cushioned, non-skid

What we don’t like: Straps and not adjustable

The vegan-friendly Alexandra Women’s Open Toe High Heels from Macrorepublic are one of the best stripper shoes for value, thanks to their affordability, versatility, and construction. They’re made with smooth, premium vegan material and feature an open-toe, high platform with a stiletto heel design.

The Alexandra Women’s Open-Toe High Heels are ideal if you’re a fan of open-toe heels and want to add memorable details to your outfits and look. They feature a cut-out strap design around the ankles and a rear zip closure for easy on and off.

The cushioned insole and padded footbed on the Alexandra Women’s Open Toe High Heels guarantee all-day comfort, so you can dance or stand in them for long hours. The textured outsole gives you added stability and non-skid traction on various surfaces.

The straps are supportive and provide enough tightness at the right spots without hurting or suffocating your feet. At under $50, you get great value with the casual, stylish, and sexy Alexandra Women’s Open Toe High Heels. They’re suitable for wide feet, but the straps are not adjustable and can feel roomy if you have narrow feet.

4. Tent Stretch Boot Shoes – Best Stripper Shoes Over The Knee

20Cm/7.87In High Heels Sexy Boots Black Patent Leather Thigh Boots Thigh High Over The Knee Stretch Boot Shoes for Nightclub Pole Dance Show Plus Size

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Heel height: 7.87 inches

Material: 100% Synthetic

What we like: Water and stain-resistant, up-front laces and fastenings, comfortable, protective, stable

What we don’t like: They can feel hot in warm weather

If you’re looking for water-resistant, high heel boots that will give you a charming look and turn heads on the stage, at functions and parties, the Tent Stretch Boot Shoes are a perfect choice. They’re super comfy, stunning, and ideal for the perfect look, no matter the season.

They feature three fastenings and a lace-up front and are made of 100% classic synthetic material that lasts long without fading. The Tent Stretch Boot Shoes are water and stain resistant and make you feel like a goddess at weddings, prom parties, or on the pole.

The Tent Stretch Boot Shoes are available in a matte or glossy back finish with a modish and graceful design. They’re easy and comfortable to wear and provide excellent support and stability while improving your posture. They nicely fit your feet and provide protection even without knee pads.

The rubber-soled heels of the Tent Stretch Boot Shoes keep your feet in a stable position, while the tall above-the-knee height makes it effortless to pull off hooks with your knee on the pole. The inner material is soft, comfy, and airy, so you don’t get sweaty when dancing. However, the boots can feel hot in warmer months.

5. Dream Pairs Swan-30 High Heel Shoes – Best Stripper Shoes for Comfort

DREAM PAIRS Women's Swan-30 High Heel Plaform Dress Pump Shoes

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Heel height: 5.5 inches

Material: Faux leather

What we like: Stylish, elegant, high-quality, steady, comfortable, sweat-absorbent, wide-toe box, easy slip-on and off

What we don’t like: They run small

Regarded as a must-have chic staple, the Dream Pairs Swan-30 High Heel Shoes are hot pink pumps that are incredibly stylish, elegant, and well-made. They can give you legs for days, and the sleek silhouette makes you feel sexy, smart, and confident while making your calf muscles pop.

A TPR rubber outsole on the Dream Pairs keeps you stable and steady when walking or dancing, while the padded faux leather insoles keep you comfortable all day. The platform is covered for more base and a reduced heel-height ratio while standing tall for added comfort.

The insoles also feature a comfy, sweat-absorbent PU cover, so you don’t have to worry about moisture when busting your moves. The Dream Pairs are perfect for straight boss lady vibes and can boost your confidence straight through the roof. The platform heel ratio is excellent, and you’ll love the toe box if you have wide feet.

The Dream Pairs are aesthetically pleasing and can easily match any outfit. They’re easy to wear and remove and are available in various colors to ensure you don’t compromise on your swag. However, they tend to run small, and you should order a size up for the perfect fit.

6. Pleaser Sky 308 Shoes – Best Clear Stripper Shoes

Pleaser Women's Sky-308GF Ankle-Strap Sandal

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Heel height: 7 inches

Material: Synthetic

What we like: Clear upper, glittering platform, comfortable, durable, sturdy, stylish, adjustable ankle strap, secure

What we don’t like: Pricey

If you want to get the illusion of no shoes, the Pleaser Sky 308 Shoes is an excellent choice. They’re gorgeous, comfortable, and durable, with the platform filled in glitter, and look even greater in the dark. They feature a polyurethane sole and are made from synthetic material, so you don’t need to worry about toughness and longevity.

The Pleaser Sky 308 Shoes can help you step out in style, whether on the pole or on a casual night out. The clear vinyl upper makes them one of the best stripper shoes that make your feet look sexy and allow you to show off various movements, especially if you have tattooed feet or use henna.

The ankle strap on the Pleaser Sky 308 Shoes is adjustable, making it easy to tighten or loosen the fit as needed. It also adds security and ensures your shoes stay firmly on your feet when making complex movements on the pole. It also makes it easy to put on or remove the stripper shoes.

The Pleaser Sky 308 Shoes are a classic thanks to the comfort and clear straps that give the illusion that the heels are an extension of your leg and make you look taller and more elegant. They’re available in various colors, including red, black, and silver but can have a high price tag.

How to choose the best stripper shoes

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With an enticing and extensive selection of stripper shoes available in the market, choosing the best pair for you can be challenging. Here are a few things to think about when making your selection:


A few brands are widely accepted and popular, including Pleaser and Ellie. These trustworthy brands have been time-tested and loved by various dancers worldwide, so you can’t go wrong with a pair from them.

Although many smaller brands also feature excellent stripper shoes, Pleaser and Ellie stand out as the top dogs for shoes you can wear for hours and safely perform different routines.


The size you choose can influence the fit and comfort of the shoes. Stripper shoes that are too small can cause pain and injuries; if they’re too large, they can slide and affect your confidence and stability.

The perfect fit can vary depending on the brand, so ensure your order based on the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Ensure you size up for closed-toe heels and size down for open-toe heels.

Heel height

The taller the shoes, the sexier you look, but it doesn’t mean you should go for the most high-heeled shoes available. Consider your experience wearing stripper shoes and how well you can walk or dance in them.

A range from 4 to 6 inches is advisable for beginners, while more experienced dancers can go for higher heights.


The best stripper shoes are comfortable and can be influenced by the material and arch support. Some good materials that maximize comfort for your feet include synthetic, patent, faux leather, and vinyl. Ankle straps can also help improve comfort levels and ensure security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are stripper shoes suitable for pole dancers?

Stripper heels can help you feel sexier and more confident while elongating your legs and providing a counterbalance to help you perform tricks and movements easily.

The best stripper shoes can also add momentum to your spins, save energy during inverts so you don’t tire out quickly, and improve muscle tone.

Are stripper shoes only suitable for strippers?

No. Anyone can wear stripper shoes as a hobby, a competitive art form, or an exercise routine to help them get in shape.

Why do Pleasers rank at the top of the best stripper shoes?

Pleasers feature some of the best stripper shoes in the market, thanks to their design, style, comfort, and stability.

The platforms make it easy to distribute your weight evenly. They also feature premium padded insoles and ankle straps, with most styles using vegan-friendly, durable material.

Which soles should I choose for my stripper shoes?

The best stripper shoes feature rubber soles for added traction and grip to ensure you don’t slip or fall when dancing or spinning on the pole.

Which is the best starting height for stripper shoes?

Although this will usually come down to personal preference, an excellent starting height is six inches. They’re medium, comfortable, and stable to help you get the benefits of a taller height without the instability.

As your confidence and skill improve, you can increase the height gradually.


The best stripper shoes are sturdy, comfortable, hard-wearing, supportive, and stable, ensuring you can dance on the pole easily and safely. Some top recommendations include Pleaser Women’s 1020 Boots, Pleaser Kiss Ankle Strap Shoes, Alexandra Women’s Open Toe High Heels, Tent Stretch Boot Shoes, Dream Pairs Swan-30 High Heel Shoes, and Pleaser Sky 308 Shoes.

Feel free to ask any queries you may have in the comments.

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