Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses

Nurses and healthcare workers typically spend hours on the job standing, walking, and, in some cases, running. As a result, it is critical to wear reliable shoes that offer support and keep your feet fit throughout the day. Hoka is well-known for producing some of the top running shoes on the market. They’ve also gained popularity among healthcare professionals in recent years due to the support and comfort the below best shoes for nurses can provide.

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Nursing is, without a doubt, one of the most demanding jobs. Nurses can stay on their feet all day, averaging up to 5 miles in a 12-hour shift. If you’re a nurse, you probably stand, walk, and even run up and down for long hours caring for patients, translating to tremendous stress on your feet.

With prolonged standing, your feet bear your weight for extended periods, predisposing you to conditions like plantar fasciitis, calluses, swelling or leg edema, and pain in the heel or the ball of the foot. Thankfully, interventions like the right shoes can help alleviate such risks, and Hoka shoes stand out as one of the best shoes for people on their feet all day.

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What are the best Hoka shoes for nurses?

The best Hoka shoes for nurses provide adequate support for gait mechanics, comfortable cushioning, grip, and ventilation or breathability. Most feature a Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), ensuring it promotes foot health and can help keep your feet healthy through the physical demands of nursing.

If you’ve been wondering which shoes to keep your feet comfy and healthy, you’re at the right place. This guide explores some of our editor’s top picks of the best Hoka shoes for nurses to help you stay energized through long shifts while preventing foot issues.

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Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses Table of Contents

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  1. Hoka Bondi SR – Overall Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses
  2. Hoka Arahi 6 – Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses for Support
  3. Hoka Bondi 8 – Best Comfort Hoka Shoes for Nurses
  4. Hoka Challenger All Terrain 6 – Best Non-slip Hoka Shoes for Nurses
  5. Hoka Cavu 3 – Best Value Hoka Shoes for Nurses

1. Hoka Bondi SR – Overall Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi SR Leather Trainers

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Support Type: Neutral

Heel-to-toe drop: 6 mm

What we like: Water-resistant, plush cushioning, slip-resistant, full-ground contact

What we don’t like: Bulky design

Dubbed the comfort shoe that works overtime, the Hoka Bondi SR is a workplace warrior created to meet the medical and service industry’s demands. It’s suitable for people with normal gaits and those who supinate, where your weight rolls onto the outer edge of the foot.

The Bondi SR rank as the overall best Hoka shoes for nurses thanks to the water-resistant leather, EVA midsole for all-day cushioning, and slip-resistant outsole. It provides ultra-grippy, full-ground contact, making it an excellent choice for those working in hospitals where wet floors are typical.

Excellent traction ensures you can stand and walk confidently, while the plush cushioning gives your feet a comfy cradle to help you get pain-free through the most extended shifts. Despite the chunky demeanor and solid construction, you’ll be surprised by how light the Hoka Bondi SR feels.

The early-stage meta-rocker technology ensures smooth transitions with every step, and your ankles are also taken care of thanks to the memory foam collar on the Hoka Bondi SR. It’s also available for men and women in monochromatic colors of black or white, making it even more suitable for the workplace. The only con of the Bondi SR is the bulky design.

2. Hoka Arahi 6 – Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses for Support

HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6 Mens Shoes

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Support Type: Stable

Heel-to-toe drop: 5 mm

What we like: Stabilizing J-frame, protective cushioning, lightweight, comfortable

What we don’t like: Unreliable grip

If you tend to overpronate and need a shoe that will give you that extra support and stability throughout your busy workday, the Hoka Arahi 6 is an excellent choice. It’s one of the best Hoka shoes for nurses who need stability thanks to Hoka’s stabilizing J-Frame, cushioning, and medial arch support.

The Hoka Arahi 6 provides a gentle nudge that corrects your posture and stride when standing or walking long hours instead of overcorrecting your gait. It’s an excellent option for long, slow, or fast-paced days and you’ll enjoy its comfy-as-a-cloud balanced cushioning.

It’s very light for a stability shoe, weighing only 9.4 oz, and thanks to the high stack height in the heel and forefoot, the Hoka Arahi 6 delivers lots of padding to ensure your feet don’t feel stiff on long work days. The early-stage meta-rocker provides forefoot support and ensures you glide smoothly through the wards.

A responsive toe-off helps you move faster, while protective cushioning in the Hoka Arahi 6 reduces impacts on your feet when standing or walking. The sole of your foot remains supported throughout the day to reduce the risk of foot issues, and the mesh upper features zones of breathability, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet. However, the grip can be unreliable when moving fast.

3. Hoka Bondi 8 – Best Comfort Hoka Shoes for Nurses

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Support Type: Neutral

Heel-to-toe drop: 4 mm

What we like: Ultra-cushioned, protective, broad base, rear crash pad, breathable

What we don’t like: They can feel heavy

Highly rated by professionals who stand long hours at work, the Hoka Bondi 8 is one of the best Hoka shoes for nursing looking for extra comfort. This ultra-cushioned game-changer has a Seal of Acceptance from the APMA, recognizing its benefits to foot health.

Plush cushioning on the Hoka Bondi 8 ensures your feet stay comfortable through long shifts, while the higher stack provides high shock absorbency to protect your feet from impacts and hard-bearing floors. The memory foam collar can conform to different ankles and ensure your Achilles are cradled in cozy comfort.

The Hoka Bondi 8 gives a nice, light sense of rebound and isn’t overly springy. The broad base ensures you stay stable and your balance isn’t compromised despite the high stack design. A generously padded heel counter and rear crash pad provide a balanced ride from heel-strike to forefoot transitions.

You’ll not feel like the laces are eating into your skin thanks to the thick, gusseted tongue that stays in place no matter your movements or how long you wear the shoes. The upper of the Hoka Bondi 8 also features a plush mesh construction for breathable comfort, and it comes in different colors to complement most nurse scrubs. The only downside is it can still feel heavy.

4. Hoka Challenger All Terrain 6 – Best Non-slip Hoka Shoes for Nurses

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Challenger ATR 6 Textile Synthetic Trainers

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Support Type: Neutral

Heel-to-toe drop: 5 mm

What we like: Excellent traction, versatile, adaptable, comfortable, protective

What we don’t like: The toe box can feel tight

The Hoka Challenger All Terrain 6 offers versatile traction and is one of the best non-slip Hoka shoes for nurses. Developed with broad, closely placed, 4 mm lugs, you can be confident of smooth transitions from one surface to another with excellent traction on flat and uneven surfaces, including wet environments like hospitals.

The Hoka Challenger All Terrain 6 is adaptable and ideal for travel nurses who frequently work in different environments. The CMEVA foam ensures you have comfortable, stable footing while protecting your feet by absorbing impacts when walking or standing.

The early-stage meta-rocker gives you a smooth heel-to-toe transition plus a responsive bounce to each step. For increased protection and durability, the Hoka Challenger All Terrain 6 features a toe rand reinforcement to keep your toes safe while preventing the premature breakdown of the area.

They feel light thanks to the midsole construction, and the distinctive outsole construction optimizes grip on any surface. This ensures you stay balanced when walking or running around various times a day in environments exposed to different liquids and fluids. The upper is breathable, but the toe box can feel cramped if you have wide feet.

5. Hoka Cavu 3– Best Value Hoka Shoes for Nurses

Hoka One Women's Cavu 3 Amparo Blue/Arctic Ice, 9.5 B(M) US Women

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Support Type: Neutral

Heel-to-toe drop: 5 mm

What we like: Flexible, breathable, reliable traction, comfortable, supportive

What we don’t like: Restrictive forefoot for large feet

The Hoka Cavu 3 is your go-to choice if you’re looking for smooth and form-fitting shoes that give you the best features at a reasonable price. They’re flexible and breathable, so you dint have to worry about stinky or sweaty feet after standing or walking for hours, and they offer a responsive ride and reliable traction.

The knitted fabric of the upper on the Hoka Cavu 3 is stretchy to ensure form-fitting security, and it hugs your feet comfortably without limiting movement. The shoes are lightweight with a molded underfoot platform that follows the curvature of your feet, and you get an energized foot experience thanks to the full-length EVA base.

The generous thickness on the Hoka Cavu 3 provides consistent, long-lasting support, while ProFly cushioning above the EVA base mitigates against any impacts while increasing propulsive power. Your weight will not flatten the platform when standing or moving, and you’ll love how your body feels after long shifts.

The upper also features zonal perforations to ventilate your feet and ensure they feel relaxed and dry. Seamless construction on the Hoka Cavu 3 prevents hot spots, and they’re flexible to different gait styles with a natural motion supported by the slightly rockered midsole. However, the forefoot can feel restrictive if you have large feet.

How To Choose The Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses

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You need to consider a few factors when choosing the best Hoka shoes for nurses to ensure you get a comfortable work experience. These include:


Adequate cushioning will keep your feet comfortable while absorbing the impact of your weight and constant standing. Cushioning is essential for all-day comfort and support that can help stabilize your feet and ankles.

The best Hoka shoes for nurses feature excellent cushioning that makes standing and walking for extended hours tolerable and safe.


Nurses must wear closed-toe shoes because of the work environment, and having their feet in such confinements for hours without proper ventilation can take a toll.

Breathable shoes are vital to prevent bacterial or fungal infections and ensure odor, moisture, or sweat don’t accumulate. Most Hoka shoes feature breathable uppers with perforations that allow adequate ventilation.

Think about your work setting when choosing the level of ventilation. If you work in general settings, more breathability is welcome. However, solid uppers are preferable to avoid skin contact if you’re likely to come into contact with fluids, chemical spills, or germs.


An appropriate fit is one of the most important considerations when choosing the best Hoka shoes for nurses. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can lead to painful deformities and foot issues.

Always ensure you get your feet measured every time you try new shoes, and try them on at the end of the day since your feet will be swollen and large to help you avoid ill-fitting shoes.

Go for shoes with a little room at the toebox, where you can freely wiggle your toes. The shoes should be snug but not tight. Ensure you wear the socks, insoles, or orthotics you plan to use with the shoes when trying them out, as they can affect how the shoe fits.


A non-slip sole ensures you maintain balance and stability, which is vital for nurses standing and walking for long hours on smooth, artificial floors that are likely to have spills and various types of liquids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Popular Nursing Shoes?

Hoka shoes are the most popular for nurses thanks to their excellent cushioning, support, traction, and breathability.

Why Are Hoka Shoes So Popular Among Nurses?

Hoka shoes are popular among nurses because podiatrists recommend them for people who spend long hours on their feet.

Some of the best Hoka shoes for nurses are good-looking and stylish and feature a Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting foot health.

How Can Nurses Protect Their Feet?

Standing and walking in long shifts can negatively affect nurses’ foot health. Wearing the correct shoes is one effective intervention to ensure your feet stay healthy and protected from issues like plantar fasciitis, calluses, swelling or leg edema, and pain in the heel or the ball of the foot.

Can The Best Hoka Shoes for Nurses Help With Foot Issues?

Yes. The best Hoka shoes for nurses feature meta-rocker technologies that enable smooth heel-to-toe transitions and limit excessive flexing and forefoot slippage that causes pain and foot issues.

Which Hoka Shoe Can Nurses Wear All Day?

The overall best Hoka shoe for nurses is the Bondi SR which suits the demands of the medical and service industry. It’s water-resistant, slip-resistant, and has excellent cushioning.


The demands of nursing can place excess stress on the feet because of prolonged standing and walking. The best Hoka shoes for nurses can help prevent foot issues and ensure you stay healthy while working long hours. Some top recommendations include the Hoka Bondi SR, Hoka Arahi 6, Hoka Bondi 8, Hoka Challenger All Terrain 6, and Hoka Cavu 3. Ensure you consider cushioning, breathability, fit, and grip when choosing.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have in the comments.

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