Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

A sweaty foot often comes with a bad odor, and everyone knows this can be embarrassing if not taken seriously. While the issue is fairly common, not a lot of people know the best ways to combat the problem.

One of the most important things to do is to get yourself some breathable footwear in order to maximize ventilation and minimize sweating. Slippers are an especially good alternative to shoes if you’re having a particular bout of sweaty feet.

In this list, we review slippers with the best anti-sweat features to help manage your sweaty foot situation.

Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

1. RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper, Size 9-10 US Men, Dark Gray/Blue

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This pair of slippers from RockDove has memory foam insoles that remember your foot and automatically contours itself to fit your comfort level. The upper has a waffle knit that prevents sweat and odor, therefore keeping your feet fresh all day.

The outsole is made with sturdy rubber that is also used in trail running sneakers. This makes it possible to step outside the house without switching to your shoes. It is non-marking and doesn’t produce any sound even when walking on tiles or hardwood floors.

The slipper is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is machine washable. It is an easy on/off slipper that will not slip during use. The heel has a collar to maintain fit and keeps your foot secure.

Aside from keeping your foot sweat and odor-free, the outsole has a spiky massager arch support that soothes pain due to plantar fasciitis. This slipper from RockDove is very affordable and should keep your feet comfortable as you use it.

2. Gecko Man Men’s Slippers with Arch Support

Mens Slippers with Arch Support, Canvas House Slipper for Men with Cozy Fuzzy Wool and Velvet Lining, Slip On Clog House Shoes with Indoor Outdoor Anti-Skid Rubber Sole, Navy

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The Gecko Man men’s slippers are made with moisture-wicking velvet lining and fuzzy insoles to make your feet relaxed, comfortable, and odor-free when you’re wearing them. The material is skin-friendly and the orthotic insole gives you an accurate footbed.

It has contoured arch support and a deep heel cup that adjusts itself to your feet relieving you from foot pain. It greatly reduces stress after a long day of working in the office or driving for hours.

The slipper has a wide toe box design to make wearing it an even more relaxing experience. The thick wool fur arch support on the insoles is easily removable. They keep you warm during cold weather.

This slipper is a great find if you’re looking for the best footwear for your sweaty feet because you can return it to the manufacturer within 30 days. You can request an exchange if you’re not satisfied with the slippers for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

3. Hanes Everyday Venetian Moccasin Slippers

Hanes Mens Slippers House Shoes Moccasin Comfort Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Fresh IQ, Black, Medium

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The Hanes everyday Venetian moccasin slippers are one of our top picks for the best slippers for people with sweaty feet. It has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and with good reason.

The slippers look luxurious, are durable, and keep your feet comfortable and cozy all day while staying sweat and odor-free. Through the “Fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology”, Hanes is famous for keeping the slippers and your feet fresh even after hours of wearing them.

The insole uses ComfortSoft memory foam cushioning that molds your foot’s shape to create a comfortable custom fit. This allows great flexibility and support while you’re wearing the slipper.

The footwear has a synthetic sole that provides grip preventing you from accidentally slipping or sliding on any surface. It works well in any indoor or outdoor setting.

Lastly, this slipper is unisex and is suitable for men and women, making it a perfect room slipper as everyone can comfortably wear it.

4. CIOR Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

CIOR Unisex Men's and Women's Memory Foam Slippers Comfort Knitted Cotton-blend Closed Toe House Shoes Indoor Scuff -U118WMT002-darkgray-M-42.43

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The CIOR men’s memory foam slippers are the perfect pair of footwear to relax your feet when at home after long days at work or doing activities outdoors.

The slippers are made of high-quality cotton and have a distinct waffle design that immediately makes your feet comfortable and relaxed as you slip them on.

The cotton material absorbs the sweat from your feet, which makes it one of the best slippers on Amazon if you have sweaty feet. It keeps your foot fresh and is perfect for everyday wear for all seasons.

The slipper has soft but durable TPR rubber soles with an anti-skid texture to keep you stable and secure when walking on any surface. You can wear it indoors or outdoors without any issues.

It is a great house slipper that everyone can wear and is suitable for a variety of activities like cooking, playing with the kids, or simply pampering your feet with a well-deserved rest.

5. LongBay Men’s Comfy Memory Foam Slippers

Men's Comfy Memory Foam Slide Slippers Breathable Mesh Cloth House Shoes (Large / 11-12 D(M) US, Black)

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The LongBay men’s slipper is the ideal footwear for people with sweaty feet as it has a breathable mesh in the upper and footbed of the slippers. Your feet stay cozy and cool as the soft texture lining on the upper controls the temperature to keep it dry all day.

It utilizes a high density and thick 100D memory foam footbed that provides stable support and a comfortable fit as you wear it. The multi-layer sponge and EVA insole absorb shock thereby reducing fatigue. Your feet will feel relaxed even when wearing the pair for hours.

The outsole of the LongBay slippers is made from a durable rubber that provides great traction to keep your stance secure and stable. It is slip-resistant and waterproof for the times you have to wade through wet conditions.

The slipper can be worn indoors or outdoors. It will keep your feet dry all day without fear of it accumulating odor from sweat because of the extra support foams that absorb moisture.

6. RockDove Women’s Adjustable Wrap Slide Slippers

RockDove Women's Adjustable Wrap Memory Foam Slide Slipper, Size 11-12 US Women, Tangerine

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Women with sweaty feet can also enjoy a great pair of slippers that they can wear indoors or sometimes outdoors with the adjustable wrap slide slippers from RockDove.

The slippers have an open-toe style that keeps your feet cool and fresh during the summer months. The adjustable wrap is great as you can fit it according to your foot size. The slipper is also ideal for people with sensitive or swollen feet because of its versatility.

RockDove used terry cloth lining wicks on the upper and insoles that keep moisture from sweat or water away. The outsole is made from durable rubber and is compatible with indoor and the occasional outdoor surfaces such as when you’re taking out the trash or receiving deliveries from the mail.

The slipper is fully washable allowing for easy maintenance and care. The only drawback of the slipper is that it doesn’t have adequate arch support which may pose a problem for people with plantar fasciitis.

7. ULTRAIDEAS Open Toe Slide Slippers for Men and Women

ULTRAIDEAS Women's Memory Foam Slide Slippers, Slip-on Open Toe Cross Brand House Shoes with Anti-Skid Rubber Sole, White, Size 8-9

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If you have sweaty feet and have issues wearing enclosed slippers, the ULTRAIDEAS open-toe slide slippers are the best footwear for you.

It has an open-toe style design with a breathable mesh band to keep your feet cool and fresh during warm weather. The slippers are slip-on and are perfect for all ages. It can be worn by men and women alike.

The footbed has a thick layer of high-density memory foam which absorbs shock. It reduces fatigue to make you feel relaxed. Additionally, it further reduces the chance of sweating due to its cool cloth lining wicks that get rid of moisture.

The rubber soles have anti-slip traction making for the versatility of use. Finally, the materials are machine washable which makes the pair a good option if you’re looking for a dependable and affordable slipper for your sweaty feet.

8. Master Komfy Women’s House Slippers

Master Komfy Women's Comfy House Slippers Scuff Faux Fur House Shoes W/Indoor Outdoor Anti-skid Rubber Sole(Camel,Small)

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The Master Komfy house slipper for women is an ideal slipper for people who have problems with sweaty feet. The suede upper is 100% water-resistant and the breathable texture keeps your feet away from moisture.

It uses high-density memory foam that contours to your feet and offers considerable arch support making it a comfortable wear for hours. The colors are surprisingly elegant to match your casual outfit.

Like other slippers out in the market, this pair has a durable rubber sole that is thick and hard enough to withstand different surfaces. The faux fur looks cool, and the wide toe provides you with sensational comfort.

Sometimes, feeling comfortable on your slippers is enough to reduce the chance of your feet sweating. The fluffy insole should keep your feet warm and comfy all day.

9. Git-up Soft Wide Slippers with Memory Foam for Women

Git-up Women Soft wide Slippers Memory Foam Closed Toed Diabetic Arthritis Edema House Slippers......

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If you’re having problems looking for the perfect pair of slippers due to your incessant sweating, the Git-up slipper for women offers a solution to ease your worries.

The soft striped knitted upper of their slippers are designed to get rid of moisture from sweat and eliminate odor simultaneously. It has an easy on/off design thanks to its flexible hoop and loop design. It uses a Velcro closure making it easy to wear, take off, and adjust as you see it.

It has great support and a thick cushion to relieve some of the pressure when you walk. The rubber sole has an anti-skid texture at the bottom. It makes the slipper an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

There are multiple colors of the Git-up slippers to choose from to fit your personality. Aside from being your slippers of choice, the pair can also be the perfect gift for your friends and family who often complain about their sweaty feet.

10. Nordikas 234 Comfy Slide Slippers for Women

Nordikas 234 Women's Comfy Slide Slippers, Genuine Suede Fuzzy Wool-Like Plush Fleece Lined Clog, Relaxed Fit Slip-On House Shoes, Indoor/Outdoor, Made in Spain

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The Nordikas slide slippers for women is the priciest slipper we have on the list. It has a latex foam insole with breathability and shock absorption that keeps your feet dry better than other molded plastics insoles other brands use. The latex foam reduces heat and friction keeping your feet fresh and dry all day.

The slip-on design Nordikas used for the slipper makes it easy for you to put it on/off all the time. The fluffy plush fleece lining covers your feet very well and gives you soothing comfort in any weather condition.

It’s the perfect indoor or outdoor slipper because of its anti-skid rubber sole that produces no sound on any surface. It has a 1” wedge for arch support and added cushioning so that you won’t feel tired when wearing the slippers.

What to Look for in Slippers for Sweaty Feet


You may not notice it, but the weight of your footwear plays a significant role and is one of the contributing factors that cause your feet to sweat more. Consider wearing lighter slippers as they tend to reduce strain and are more comfortable in general for longer use.


You also have to consider if your slippers are washable as chances are your slippers will accumulate dirt and moisture over long periods of use. Aside from being more hygienic, having the ability to clean them is a plus to make sure your slippers last longer.


Should I go for open-toed or enclosed slippers?

If your sweaty feet problem is causing issues, we recommend going for open-toe slippers. This way, breathability is addressed and there is proper airflow to help manage the sweat levels of your feet.

Can I stop my feet from sweating?

Sweating is a natural human process that you shouldn’t worry about. It is more important to manage the side effects of sweat like moisture and bad odor with proper hygiene. To do so, make sure your feet are comfortable by wearing breathable and well-ventilated footwear.


Having sweaty feet can make us feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Taking care of your feet with proper hygiene is a great start. Selecting a pair of breathable slippers also offers a solution to your problems.

Therefore, consider trying out our recommendations so that you can see for yourself which one works best for you.