Best Jordan For Wide Feet

Many people wear inappropriate shoe sizes, which can cause pain and diseases. If you have wide feet, you may have trouble locating a pair of shoes that are the proper size. As a sneakerhead, you want to know the best jordan for wide feet, we’ll help you with thorough advice and neutral reviews.

Fortunately, numerous Jordan shoes available for you are suitable for large feet. If you fall into this category, we’ve taken care of all the research, and we’ll go over a few of them to help you decide. 

When choosing a Jordan pair for wide feet, there are various variables to consider including comfortability and arch support. In this article, we’ve included a list of things to think about and the benefits and drawbacks of each pair.

best jordan for wide feet
Air Jordan 1 is one of the best Jordan for wide feet

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Read on and check out some of the greatest Jordans for wide feet available on the market. 

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Best Jordan For Wide Feet

Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23

Nike Air Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 GS Trainers AO1538 Sneakers Shoes (UK 6 US 6.5Y EU 39, Black University red 023)

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The Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 is a fabric basketball shoe that is ideal for large and wide feet. The top shoe is made of cotton with an interesting weave that allows for plenty of breathability and aeration. Because the laces are constructed of the same material, keeping a tight knot for optimal safety and fit customization is easy.

Moving on to the sole, the pair has a rough, non-skid surface that provides excellent traction and smooth gaming. It also provides adequate elevation and heel support for outstanding arch support.

This shoe is also perfect for casual wear for those who don’t play basketball because it comes in a variety of colors, including blue, white, red, and many others.

With a great design and exceptional durability, the Jordan Men’s Flyknit is definitely a must-cop when looking for an air Jordan for wide feet!

Jordan Air Big Fund

Jordan BV6273-101: Men's Big Fund White/Infrared 23 Black/Grey Sneaker (10.5 D(M) US Men)

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The Jordan Big Fund is one of those pairs with a really attractive appearance that will draw attention to the person wearing it. The shoe’s upper half is constructed of leather for a high-end appearance and comfort. It is woven with circular and zigzag lines to provide better traction on indoor courts.

It also doesn’t hurt that, despite its quality, you won’t have to break the bank to get a pair of these sneakers. The pair provides adequate comfort, traction, and an elegant appearance, earning it a spot on this list. Its fantastic-looking style is incredibly lightweight and fits huge feet perfectly.

However, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s long-term durability. It’s possible that it’s not the best choice for basketball or other sports.

Nevertheless, this is a low-cost choice for basketball players on the court. It gives a decent performance, but nothing outstanding.

Air Jordan 7 Retro

Men's Jordan 7 Retro Flint White/Flint Grey-Black-Varsity Purple (CU9307 100) - 13

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The Air Jordan 7 Retro boasts a variety of intriguing features and is available in large children’s sizes ranging from 5.5 to 10.5 inches. It comes in 13 different sizes, the largest of which can accommodate exceptionally wide feet.

The shoe’s top and body are made of leather, while the sole is made of rubber, which is a terrific combination that makes it a long-lasting piece. Its solid sole allows it to be used for a variety of activities, including walking, running, and high-intensity sports like basketball. Because of its small weight, you won’t have to exert too much effort or put too much weight on your foot.

If you check inside, you’ll notice an inner lining that’s ideal for keeping you warm in the winter and wicking moisture away in the summer.

Many of the colors on this shoe are versatile and may be worn with practically any outfit. This makes it an ideal shoe for semi-formal occasions, sporting events, and casual outfits.

For the greatest quality, it is made of 100% genuine leather. Its versatility allows it to be worn with a variety of outfits and combinations. It comes in a variety of bright colors, too!

Nike Unisex Basketball Shoes

Jordan Mens Air Jordan 1 Mid 554724 271 Tan/Gum - Size 12

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Simply by glancing at the Air Jordan 1 Retro, it’s clear that it’s a good choice for people with broad feet due to its unique design. Aside from the design, it also performs admirably in practically any activity. Moreover, it has proven to be ideal for dealing with prolonged tension and strain. Its long-lasting synthetic and fabric leather are responsible for its strength and durability.

Because of its solid form, it maintains a firm hold and can readily cut sideways. The pair also boasts of a thick rubber sole that provides exceptional traction, allowing athletes to utilize it for high-intensity exercises such as basketball.

Overall, if you decide to buy this sneaker, you will not be disappointed. It provides excellent all-around performance comparable to that of other wide-feet shoes. Its most distinguishing characteristics are its stylishness and its weight, which make it extremely versatile.

Lastly, it is a robust shoe that can bear pressure and is made of high-quality materials, lightweight, and a good value for money.

Jordan Nike Men’s Air 13 Retro

Jordan Mens Air Jordan 13 Retro DJ5982 600 Red Flint - Size 9

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When compared to the other shoes on our list, the Jordan Nike Men’s Air 13 Retro is a popular choice, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a really comfy shoe for everyone, but especially for people who have wide feet.

The inside and toe box region are spacious enough to accommodate a variety of foot sizes while being comfortable. This shoe is also suitable for children because it is designed with them in mind.

The Jordan Nike Men’s Air 13 Retro is crafted entirely of leather, ensuring high quality and long wear. When you look at the bottom of the shoe, you’ll see that it has a rough texture that provides good traction during games and other strenuous duties. You can almost always be certain that you will not fall or slip while strolling or playing your games.

Importantly, there is plenty of room for huge feet. The pair is adaptable and comfy to wear for lengths of time. Its long-lasting leather material preserves it in good condition. However, note that there are only a few color selections.

Overall, if you have broad feet, this is a wonderful alternative for casual or sportswear. Put these sneakers on and head out onto the court for a spectacular showing!

Jordan Men’s MAX Aura

Nike Jordan Max Aura Mens Cq9451-001 Size 8.5

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Ideal for folks with large feet, the MAX Aura is available in sizes 13 and higher. If you have a typical foot size and want to purchase this shoe, we recommend going for a smaller size to ensure a suitable fit. This shoe is available in two major colors: gold-black and a dazzling white combination.

On the main body, it is made entirely of genuine leather, indicating its high quality and longevity. Rubber soles feature excellent traction-preventing capabilities that keep you secure even in the most extreme conditions. It’s a highly adaptable sneaker that goes with a wide range of casual clothes and is also suitable for basketball.

You can’t go wrong with this sneaker, much like the others bearing the Jordan name. The main drawback is the limited color palette, which is reliant on your tastes. Overall, this is a high-quality, long-lasting pair that can fit even the heaviest of feet.

Nike Jordan Men’s Shoes Air Jordan 12 Utility Grind

Jordan Mens Air Jordan 12 Retro DC1062 006 Utility - Size 10.5

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The Air Jordan 12 Utility is a new take on a classic from 1996. On the surface, nothing appears to have changed, yet the outsole speaks for itself. This is one of the first Air Jordans to join Nike’s Move to Zero campaign, whether retro or not.

The tongue was also modified, and the lovely layers of this silhouette were muted. If you’re seeking a shoe that combines new and old, you’ve come to the perfect place. As a bonus, it fits people with wide feet well.

Best Jordan For Wide Feet Buying Guide


Material is an important consideration for every shoe, as well as every piece of clothing. The wearer’s level of comfort is determined by the material’s quality. Shoes made of woven or stitched material are ideal for those with wide feet since they can expand and suit the wearer’s size.

The disadvantage of this material is that it may extend beyond its intended length, exposing you to lower leg wounds. Engineered cowhide material should be avoided since it cannot stretch and will not mold nicely to your wide foot.


Checking the outer sole is another easy approach to see if the shoe is suitable for wide feet. When compared to shoes designed for wide feet, regular sports shoes often have a smaller sole. With broad feet, bigger sole shoes are more prevalent. In fact, you might be able to find a good fit only by checking the size and sole.


Typically, you’d want a shoe that checks off the material and sole while remaining light. On the court, heavier shoes make it difficult to move quickly and take action. Quality and superior materials are typically heavier than inferior materials, making this a difficult balance to achieve. Therefore, you must choose which qualities are the most important to you.


Before purchasing basketball shoes for broad feet, be sure to look at the cushioning system. Cushioning provides support and allows you to move more freely on the court. Different technologies are used to create different shoes, but remember to pick one with the optimum cushioning system.


When you play basketball, you make a lot of quick moves to try to pass your opponent. Choose a pair with excellent traction for added safety and security. These shoes offer varying degrees of traction. The more grippy a pair of shoes is, the safer and faster you’ll be on the court.


Another important consideration when selecting the best basketball shoes for wide feet is style. This is because most athletes wear fashionable footwear. They are, after all, celebrities. However, don’t choose basketball shoes with a lot of flair but poor quality or a purpose that isn’t clear.


Basketball shoes should be as supportive as possible. A variety of injuries, including ankle injuries, can occur on the court. To have a good sporting experience, find shoes that will correctly support your ankles. Because you can do a lot of cut and jump moves during the competition, you’ll need a pair to support your ankle.


The best wide-footed shoes are those that not only fit you well but also give you enough breathing room and room for your toes. As a result, when buying basketball wide feet shoes, keep a wider toe box in mind. Most Air Jordan for wide feet come in many sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jordan the same as Nike?

Jordan is a sub-brand of Nike, a company that is well-known for producing high-quality footwear. Today, the Jordan name has distinguished itself from the Nike brand and built a name for itself. Jordans are distinguished by their high-quality, expensive-looking design. The majority of Jordan sneakers are quite huge, which makes them ideal for people with wide toes. 

Is Jordan footwear suitable for people with wide feet?

Jordan sneakers are excellent for people with wide feet. Jordan shoes are often huge, with sizes ranging from five to ten. It also helps that Jordans are among the top sneakers in terms of design and functionality, so you get the best of both worlds.

Best Jordan for wide feet explained (video)

Sneakers for Wide Footers MARKCHES


The factors stated above determine the finest basketball shoes for wide feet, hence the best Jordan for wide feet overview above. Not all feet can fit into the shoes on the list. It is for this reason that we advise you to select a size that is appropriate for you. Because they are not as common as conventional feet shoes, having the opportunity to try them on before purchasing is crucial.

It’s also a good idea to pick a pair of shoes that have the attributes you want in terms of your experience and sports duties.

When you’ve found a pair of shoes you like, look up reviews on them. Only choose basketball sneakers that are well-fitting and comfortable if you want to perform well.

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