Which Hoka Shoes are Best for Me

Hoka shoes are one of the shoe industry’s most popular and sought-after footwear brands. Hoka has a stellar reputation for producing high-quality, consistently performative, comfortable, and durable shoes for walks, runs, casual outings, and just about every activity. Hoka offers a good shoe selector, but it’s best to do some extra reading and define which Hoka shoes are best for you.


Intending to help customers feel like they’re flying while providing access to fitness, walking, running, and the outdoors, Hoka shoes are innovative and so well-designed that they have the seal of acceptance and approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Hoka has different shoes that suit almost any activity, so you may wonder which is best for me.

The best Hoka shoe for you will depend on your goals, needs, and the surfaces you plan to wear the shoes. To determine which Hoka shoes are best for me, consider whether you want them for running, walking, standing all day, hiking, trekking, training, or solving foot issues.

Below we explore our editor’s top picks of the best Hoka shoes in 2022 and why Hoka is one of the best shoe brands to help you make an informed decision.

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Key takeaways to finding the best Hoka shoes

  • Hoka shoes have a unique design that provides exceptional cushioning and support.
  • The shoes are designed with extra-thick soles and a rockered shape, which helps to promote a natural, smooth stride and reduce the impact on the joints.
  • Hoka shoes are available for men and women in various styles and colors.
  • The brand uses high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure its shoes are durable and comfortable.
  • Hoka offers a range of shoes for different activities, including running, hiking, and walking.
  • Many professional and recreational runners swear by the comfort and performance of Hoka shoes.

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Table of Contents

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  1. Hoka Clifton 8 – Overall Best Hoka Shoes
  2. Hoka Arahi 6 – Best Hoka Shoes for Stability
  3. Hoka Bondi 8 – Best Hoka Shoes for Cushioning
  4. Hoka Speedgoat 5 – Best Hoka Shoes for Trail Running
  5. Hoka Rincon 3 – Best Hoka Shoes for Value

1. Hoka Clifton 8 – Overall Best Hoka Shoes

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Womens Shoes

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Heel-to-toe drop: 5 mm

Weight: Men’s 8.9 oz, Women’s 7.2 oz

What we like: Comfortable, lightweight, grippy outsole, durable

What we don’t like: Needs breaking in

The Hoka Clifton 8 is excellent for endless miles of soft amazingness underfoot. If you’re wondering which Hokas are best for me, you can’t go wrong with the Hoka Clifton 8. They’re lightweight, durable, flexible, reliable, and comfortable, thanks to Hoka’s signature EVA sole, making them the overall best Hoka shoes.

Hoka’s Clifton range is famous for flexible and soft cushioning, and the Clifton 8 is even softer than its predecessors. If you’re looking for recovery or long-distance shoes and are wondering which Hoka one shoe is right for me, give the Clifton 8 a try. It feels like a couch under your feet and is like a luxury cruiser that rolls effortlessly through your stride and gait for a smooth ride.

The Clifton 8 is nice and wide underfoot to ensure stability with every step. It runs comfortably with plenty of energy return and plushness while remaining bouncy but not overly springy. Designed with toughness and durability in mind, the Clifton 8 features plenty of foam underneath to ensure it doesn’t pack out prematurely.

The Clifton 8 has lots of volumes, so you don’t need to worry if you have wide feet. It’s not meant for fast running and is more suited to slow days or training and recovery. The midsole can feel stiff under the midfoot, so you’ll need to break it in with a few runs for a soft feel.

2. Hoka Arahi 6 – Best Hoka Shoes for Stability

HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6 Mens Shoes

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Heel-to-toe drop: 5 mm

Weight: Men’s 9.3 oz, Women’s 7.6 oz

What we like: Versatile, protective midsole, lightweight, stable platform

What we don’t like: Not durable

If you experience overpronation and are wondering which Hoka one is right for me, the Hoka Arahi 6 is an excellent choice. They’re ideal for overpronators looking for a comprehensive, stable platform with gentle support. It’s impressively light for a stability shoe with firm padding that ensures your foot doesn’t roll inward excessively.

A secure ankle collar and low-profile cushioning provide extra security, while the Meta-Rocker technology guarantees a firm, responsive midsole with excellent propulsion. The Hoka Arachi 6 doesn’t compromise comfort, and you’ll enjoy running or walking in these bad boys.

The Hoka Arachi 6 features J frame stability technology, providing you with agility and stability with every stride. The shore is supportive and smooth but still manages to prioritize performance. You’re gently nudged towards the proper stride in each step by the J-shaped high-density foam around the midsole.

The Hoka Arachi 6 is available for men and women, and you’ll enjoy increased breathability with the updated upper. Unlike other stability shoes that feel and look clunky, the Arachi 6 is comfortable and stylish, ensuring you feel and look good with every step. The only downside is they may not be as durable as other options.

3. Hoka Bondi 8 – Best Hoka Shoes for Cushioning

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 8 Mens Shoes

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Heel-to-toe drop: 4 mm

Weight: Men’s 10.7 oz, Women’s 8.9 oz

What we like: Extra cushioning, comfortable on different terrain, and wide

What we don’t like: They can feel heavy or bulky

If you’re looking for an extra cushioned ride and are wondering which Hoka running shoe is best for me, try the Hoka Bondi 8. The shoe is versatile and can keep your feet comfortable whether you’re training, working long hours on your feet, taking long walks, or running.

The Bondi 8 is one of the most cushioned Hoka shoes and features an ultralight, resilient foam that delivers plenty of bounce while absorbing all kinds of impact while moving. Despite the extra foam underfoot, you’ll notice that it doesn’t feel clunky.

The Bondi 8 reshapes and extends your heel for increased stability and shock absorption. It features a memory foam collar and a pillowy tongue for a better feel and fit around your ankles. Thanks to an open mesh upper that increases breathability and airflow, you don’t have to worry about smelly feet with the Bondi 8.

You’ll get smooth landings and easy transitions from heel to toe with the Bondi 8. It’s for going long distances in the ultimate comfort. However, the extra cushioning can make it feel heavier and bulky.

4. Hoka Speedgoat 5 – Best Hoka Shoes for Trail Running

Speedgoat 5

Heel-to-toe drop: 4 mm

Weight: Men’s 10.3 oz, Women’s 8.5 oz

What we like: Excellent traction and grip, protective, stable

What we don’t like: They can feel tight on wide feet

If you love long runs off the pavement and are wondering which Hoka is right for me, the Hoka Speedgoat 5 is the perfect option. Paying homage to professional ultra-runner Karl Meltzer, the Speedgoat 5 is an excellent trail-running shoe.

The updated Vibram Megagrip lug pattern on the outsole provides improved traction on loose ground and enhanced grip in all conditions. The Speedgoat 5 also features a double-layer mesh upper for increased protection from debris while ensuring the shoe remains breathable to prevent odor.

You can firmly transverse uphill or downhill with excellent stability, even on unpredictable terrain. The toe box is slightly larger to give your toes some room, and a toe cap ensures they stay protected from debris or rocks on the trail. The Speedgoat 5 is available for men and women, and you can choose from different colors, including red, blue, or back with orange.

The Speedgoat 5 makes it easy to conquer the great outdoors, and you’ll love how it feels on fast runs on very technical terrain. However, it can feel tight on broad feet, and you’ll likely experience some press on your pinky toes.

5. Hoka Rincon 3 – Best Hoka Shoes for Value

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Rincon 3 Synthetic Textile Trainers

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Heel-to-toe drop: 5 mm

Weight: Men’s 7.7 oz, Women’s 6.5 oz

What we like: Budget-friendly, lightweight, versatile

What we don’t like: They can feel narrow

The Hoka Rincon 3 is the most budget-friendly Hoka shoe that also delivers the best cushion-to-weight ratio. It’s a popular Hoka shoe thanks to its soft and light build, and it gets its inspiration from the Rincon surf spot’s smooth waves. If you’re looking for good value for money and are wondering which Hoka one is best for me, the Hoka Rincon 3 is an excellent choice.

The Rincon 3 is versatile and can suit various needs, from high-speed runs to slow walks and training, providing you with more savings since you’ll not need multiple shoes. The midsole features a compression-molded EVA that will help absorb impacts with every step.

The strategic positioning of the rubber on the Rincon 3 makes it more durable, ensuring you don’t have to worry about a short lifespan even when repeatedly running on concrete. The heel and forefoot also have added rubber for increased confidence and traction on different terrain.

Perforated holes in the upper mesh increase breathability, so you don’t have to worry about sweating too much on warm days or your feet getting smelly. Ventilation slits on the side of the shoe and toe box also make the Rincon 3 suitable for running on hot days. It can feel narrow so ensure you choose a wide-size option if you have wide feet.

How Do I Know Which Hoka Is Right For Me?

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You need to consider various factors to know which Hoka shoes are right for you. These include:

  • Intended Use

The most important consideration when determining which Hoka shoes are best for you is how you intend to use them. Do you want shoes for running long distances, hiking, trailing, short walks, training, or standing all day at work?

Hoka designs different kinds of shoes to suit different purposes. Some have extra cushioning for increased comfort, while others have increased traction for a better grip on all terrain.

  • Stability

Shoes with increased stability help to prevent overpronation. Your heels usually push off from your toes when running or walking in normal pronation. In overpronation, the push-off rolls more inward than usual, and it can gradually cause knee pain, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

Most Hoka shoes can help prevent such rolls, and you want shoes that offer extra stability if you overpronate often.

  • Cushioning

Hoka shoes are known for their soft and comfortable feel, but some offer more padding than others for extra comfort and shock absorbency. Extra cushioning can be ideal if you need recovery shoes or something that can help you endure long distances while protecting your feet.

  • Reviews

Reviews from previous products can provide unbiased feedback on how the shoes perform in the real world to help you make an informed decision.

Learn more about how to choose the right Hoka Shoes for you (video)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hoka Model Is Right For Me If I Have Foot Issues?

Hoka shoes with extra stability are ideal for people with foot issues, and podiatrists recommend them for heel or front foot pain patients.

Do Hoka Shoes Last Long?

How long your Hoka shoes last will depend on usage and maintenance. Generally, you can expect them to last six to eight months before replacing them. You may need to replace them sooner with extended daily use on hard surfaces.

Which Hoka One Is Right For Me For Arch Support?

Hoka shoes offer different arch supports depending on your arch type. You can choose a neutral, medium, or high arch depending on the level of arch reinforcement you need.

Which Hoka Shoes Have The Most Popularity?

The Hoka Clifton model has the most popular shoe. It provides an excellent balance of lightweight, cushioning, and style to suit various purposes.

Why Are Hoka Shoes So Popular?

Hoka shoes feature unique advanced technologies that make them highly cushioned, breathable, and lightweight. Some core features include an active foot frame, Meta-Rocker technology, J-frame, and Hubble heels that reduce impact for smooth transitions.


If you’ve been wondering which Hoka shoe is best for me, consider your goals, needs, and surfaces on which you plan to use the shoes. Some top recommended Hoka shoes include Hoka Clifton 8, Hoka Arahi 6, Hoka Bondi 8, Hoka Speedgoat 5, and Hoka Rincon 3. Ensure you consider the reviews, stability, cushioning, and intended use before deciding.

Don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section if you have any questions.

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