Best Shoes for Kickball

Kickball leagues are springing up all over the country and expanding faster every single year.  

In a game that’s all about speed and accuracy, the most important piece of gear you can have is the right pair of boots or shoes. Whether you’re looking for stability and kicking power, mobility and the ability to react, or just a set of boots that are going to get you round the bases in record time, our list of shoes for kickball contains absolutely everything you need to know. 

Kickball is a sport that’s increasingly enjoyed by people of all ages and genders, so we’ve decided to divide our list in two; the best kickball shoes for adult men and women, and the best kickball shoes for kids and teens.

Best Shoes for Kickball for Adults

Diadora Men’s Capitano TF

Diadora Men's Capitano TF Turf Soccer Shoes (11.5, Navy/Red)

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Light, flexible and fast. We’d recommend these if you’re looking for a great generalist shoe that’s built to last, can handle almost any situation, and is going to draw admiring looks on the field.

What makes them so good? First, they’re made from great quality material that keeps the weight down, helping you hit those all important bursts of speed, but heavy enough to last a season of heavy work. The striking, distinctive upper, that comes in multiple colors, is made from synthetic PU leather, that’s backed up by flexible, shock absorbing EVA and a soft, cotton insole. 

The sole is heavily studded, and designed specifically for performance on turf, but doesn’t have blade or spike style cleats that you see on a lot of outside sports shoes, so these are equally comfortable on dirt, or even flat, indoor flooring. 

The fit is true, so there’s no need to size up or down. The design is also reasonably wide fitting, with a flexible lace set up that’s great for people with wide feet. All of this together adds up to something that’s going to be perfect for anyone who plays kickball, and the really reasonable price is just an added bonus!

Betoosen Unisex Futsal Shoe

BETOOSEN Unisex's Futsal Turf Soccer Cleats Shoes Boys Girls Professional High-Top Sock Outdoor TF/AG Football Soccer Boots Training (6.5 M US Women/6 M US Men, Black)

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Unique on this list, these boots are designed for futsal, (high speed indoor soccer) but everything that makes them great for that sport, also makes them amazing for Kickball. 

Light and responsive, these boots are built out of incredibly flexible and mobile materials, with a TPU upper and a rubber sole with grippy, studded indoor style cleats. The sole extends upwards and outwards, giving you a lot more grip in sharp turns, and when you’re on the edges of your feet; perfect for those hard corners on the diamond. 

The design is also unique because these shoes have an integrated, knitted elastic top that looks like a built in sock, but helps hold everything in place, backed up with lacing.

Despite appearances, these shoes are equally at home indoors or outdoors. Unisex, they’re great for men, women, and older kids like teens, who especially will love the loud, standout styling.    

Adidas Men’s Performance Mundial

adidas Performance Men's MUNDIAL TEAM Athletic Shoe, black/white/red, 6.5 M US

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Styled after Adidas’ classic sneakers, the Performance Mundial is a sporty, generalist choice of shoe that are just as happy indoors or outside, and can easily be used for kickball, soccer, running, or any other sport you choose. 

Designed and constructed from ultra-high quality material, these catch the eye instantly, with a combination of black suede and leather, with the distinctive three stripes down both sides. 

A lacing closure ensures a close fit, with extra cushioning on the midsole, and an EVA foam cupsole that hugs your foot in the tight turns and rough kicks. The outer is rubber, with low profile cleating that’s grippy and responsive, and comfortable on every surface. 

Much more of a general sneaker, rather than a dedicated kickball shoe, if you play a lot of sports, and want something that can be used on any field, in the gym, or even day to day, these are a solid option. 

Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond 3

Nike Hyperdiamond 3 Keystone Womens Softball Cleat Shoes Womens (Black/Purple, Numeric_7_Point_5)

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Designed for softball, everything about this shoe is literally perfect for kickball as well. Strikingly beautiful, they come in a choice of two colors on the soft, breathable upper. A flexible tongue and lacing closure lets the shoe flex, and fit comfortably, and the front molded toe is designed to be durable enough to take the impacts of multiple kicks. 

The sole is rubber molded, with a 12 cleat design that’s great on grass as well as harder ground, and is light and flexible enough to be used on any other surface in a pinch. Internally, the foam cushioning is light and flexible, with a lot of cushioning. 

One thing to bear in mind is that these are close fitting, and run a little small, so it might be worth buying half a size up. But apart from that tiny thing, the fit, stability and comfort make this a great choice.

Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM

Under Armour Women's Glyde RM Softball Shoe, White (100)/White, 10.5

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Built to be a softball shoe, the Glyde RM is a sneaker style boot that’s light and comfortable enough for easy wear, but has all of the support, and dedicated sole, you need for a high speed sport like Kickball. 

Made from 100% synthetic materials, the entire shoe is airy and lightweight on your feet, great for mobility and movement, whether you’re outfield or on base. But this doesn’t mean it’s weak. The areas that take the most impact, the upper and especially the toe, are reinforced with extra-strength overlays that are designed to last. 

Compared to a lot of sneakers, these are high in the shaft, which offers you increased foot support, and less chance of rolling your ankle. The sole is also incredibly grippy, especially out on the field. 

The only downside is that these run a little small, so buy up, and that there’s no option to remove the insole, in case you have special requirements like extra arch support. But beyond that, these sneaker style cleats are gorgeous, effective, and will perform again and again. 

Best Shoes for Kickball for Kids

Adidas Goletto Vi

adidas Unisex-Kid's Goletto VI Firm Ground Football Shoe, Black/Shock Pink/White, 5 M US Big Kid

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A smaller version of one of our top adult picks, the Adidas Goletto is here for much the same reasons. 

The striking design comes in a variety of colors that your kids can choose from, including ultra visible hot pink and black. Made from almost fully synthetic material, the boot is light and comfortable, but still touch where it needs to be. 

A lace closure makes sure that the shoe stays put, with a flexible outsole and cleats that are designed for grass and dirt, ideal for the kickball square! Sizes are available to suits boys and girls from 4 to 12. 

Nike Superfly 6 Academy Kid’s

Nike Superfly 6 Academy Kid's Firm Ground Soccer Cleats, Wolf Grey/Light Crimson/Pure Platinum, 2.5 Little Kid

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High necked and breathable, these soccer cleats by Nike are designed specifically for hard ground use, making them the perfect choice if that’s the conditions in your child’s most played league. 

High shafted, these are sock style cleats that have a flexible material neck around the shaft of the shoe that adds extra control. The upper is close fitting and comfortable, with an outer skin that’s designed to grip the ball and aid their ability to aim their kicks. 

The sole has large, spike style cleats that bite into the ground and provide a lot of traction, while having a flexible, open arch that has been sculpted to provide support all through the foot. 

Available in multiple colors and styles, sizes start small enough that as soon as your child can run, they can fit into a pair of these. 

WIFEQYL Kids and Adults Soccer Shoe

WIFEQYL Kids Soccer Shoes Men Women Indoor Outdoor Football Boots Athletic Turf Team Cleat Running Sports Lightweight Breathable Professional Spikes, White 43, 12 Women/9 Men

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Bright, and distinctive, just because this is the most budget friendly boot on the list, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. 

First off, it’s going to grab attention, with a stylish, almost graffiti aesthetic that comes in multiple colors. The upper is tough leather, with a mesh lining that lets your feet breathe, and a comfortable woven mesh inner that hugs the foot and adds a lot of support. 

The sole is designed for turf. Made from tough, flexible TPU, it provides a lot of grip no matter the conditions, and performs well on slick, wet grass, dirt, as well as indoors. Arch support is built in, and the shoe also has impact pods built around the sole, placed in areas that see the most wear, which really helps to extend the life of the shoe. 

Sizes start at adult 3, making these suitable for children approaching their teens, and up. 

Adidas Unisex Nemeziz

adidas Kids Unisex's Nemeziz 19.3 Turf Boots Soccer Shoe, FTWR White/Team Royal Blue/Team Royal Blue, 6 M US Big Kid

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Utterly distinctive, your kids are either going to love or hate the design of these at first glance, but we think they’re awesome. 

A completely laceless design, the shoe has a high shaft that wraps around the ankle and holds everything in place. It can take a little getting used to, but once your feet are used to these they’re like a pair of gloves that mould themselves perfectly to your needs. 

The upper is textile, making it breathable and lightweight, with a flexible, tough rubber sole that’s split across the arch of the foot for exceptional fluidity and mobility. 

Suitable for turf, soil, as well as indoor use and other sports, sizes start at 4 and up.

WETIKE Kids Soccer Cleats

WETIKE Kids Soccer Cleats Boys Youth Cleats Football Boots High-top Cleats for Soccer

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A budget version of the Nike Superfly kids cleats we featured higher in the list, these boots are a solid choice that offers a lot of the same features for a slightly lower price. 

The elastic mesh fabric upper with extended, sock like gaiters are comfortable, supportive and breathable, meaning that these shoes are light and mobile, perfect for speed, but tough enough for full power kicks. 

The sole is supportive but flexible, using spike style cleats that are hollow to cut down on weight, without compromising stability, and specially designed outsoles that spread the force of every step. 

So why are these not as highly recommended as others on the list? One, they come in limited sizes, meaning that they’re probably not going to fit smaller children, and two, the provided laces are disappointing, meaning that we’d recommend buying a second set and replacing these before wear, which is an unnecessary step that other boots just don’t need. 

Best Shoes for Kickball Buying Guide


There’s no denying that we all want to look good, and your choice of kickball boot or shoe is a great way to express individuality and style. 

This is something everyone agrees on, too, judging from the thousands of styles of sneaker and boot on offer. 

If in doubt, choose something neutral, with just a touch of flair. A shoe that’s white, black or grey as a base color will match any color and style of uniform or other clothing you wear for your games and training sessions. 


Sports shoes aren’t the cheapest thing, so finding a set of kickball shoes that are going to go the distance is a good thing. 

Durability comes from a lot of different sources in sports shoes. High quality materials, reinforced stitching, specific focus on the areas that take the most force, like the sole and toe. 

Everything on our list has been chosen with durability in mind. But if in doubt, look for recognisable brand names, because most brands have been making sports shoes for decades. 

Comfort and breathability

When it comes to choosing sneakers for kickball, two things are going to affect how comfortable the shoe is. 

The first is cushioning, which absorbs the impact of every step, important when you’re sprinting around for hours. Check for a high quality sole, both insole and outsole. 

An insole is responsible for keeping your foot cushioned and stable inside the shoe. It’s responsible for the vast majority of how comfortable a shoe feels, and it’s also the thing that’s going to help if you have a range of specific foot issues, for example a high arch or flat feet. 

The outsole is, unsurprisingly, everything on the outside of the shoe. A shoe for kickball needs to have a solid, stable, comfortable sole that is thick enough to take the impact of running, but not too heavy, so it doesn’t put excess strain on your joints.  

The second major thing to look for is breathability and air flow. Trust us, after running around for an hour, your feet are going to be hot, and you’ll appreciate a shoe that has a little more airflow. 

Most good sneakers or boots designed for sports will be built to allow good airflow, including having adequate venting and using lightweight materials in its construction. 

Lacing and closure

The best closure style for kickball is still, and always will be, the traditional lacing closure. 

Laces offer the tightest, most stable closure possible. Other choices, for example velcro, just don’t offer the stability and tightness that you need from a shoe that’s going to be used for sport. 

Grip and stability

Kickball is a fast paced, dynamic game, and you’re going to need good grip for the necessary bursts of speed, quick turns and hard kicks. 

Sports shoes come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to buy something that’s going to help you perform. Most games of kickball are played on a baseball diamond, so you should buy shoes that have soles designed around this. 

Specifically, look for soft cleats or hybrid cleats, that are able to comfortably run on turf, grass and dirt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear soccer cleats for kickball?

Yes, you can. Soccer shoes are a great choice for kickball, as the games can be quite similar, which means that you’re going to look for the same needs in the footwear you choose to wear. 

Obviously the same rules apply when you’re wearing cleats. If you’re playing on grass or astroturf you’ll be fine, but if you’re playing in an indoor league on hard flooring, a sneaker style boot with a flatter sole may be more suitable, because it should have more grip and be better for your feet. 

Can you play kickball indoors?

Absolutely. There are entire indoor kickball leagues across the US and further afield, played inside sports halls and other larger venues. 

If you’re playing indoors, your shoe needs are going to be completely different. Instead of looking for a boot style of shoe that uses cleats, conventional sneakers or running shoes are much more suitable. 

Should you wear sneakers for kickball?

Because kickball is a fast paced game that requires a lot of running, and a lot of rapid turns and fast movements outside on turf and dirt, sneakers are not recommended for kickball. 

This is because standard sneakers don’t normally have the ankle and foot support or specialised cleating on their sole that are needed for a game like this. It’s always recommended to have the correct footwear if you’re planning on playing kickball.