Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Every experienced retail worker knows that the right pair of shoes is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need to work in this sector. 

Spending hours a day on your feet looking presentable can really take its toll.  Foot cramps, rubbing and swelling are just some of the unfortunate side effects of working in the wrong pair of shoes. 

To excel in this line of work, you need shoes that look great and offer consistent support just when you need it. 

Read on to find some of the best shoes for retail workers currently on the market. 

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

ECCO Men’s Soft 7 Long Lace Sneaker

ECCO Men's Soft 7 Long Lace Sneaker, Cognac, 42 M EU (8-8.5 US)

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Ideal for casual retail workers, this ECCO long lace sneaker excels in both style and comfort.  It is made from a combination of suede and a rich full grain leather that provides a soft feel that is light and flexible. 

The synthetic sole is fitted with a full anatomical lasting shape that molds itself to the shape of your individual foot for maximum support.  These shoes will continue to provide lasting support even if you’re on your feet for hours per day. 

New Balance Men’s Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe 

New Balance Men's Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe, Black, 11 X-Wide

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This shoe is of a more robust variety than the ECCO option above, and is ideal if you anticipate doing more manual work.  The stylish, sporty design provides continuous support throughout the day and is made from 100% leather. 

They are fitted with an internal shank for added stability, so that you can feel comfortable and confident throughout the day, whatever the task.  The slip-resistant outsole has strong traction and grip to ensure maximum stability. 

The rubber sole is fitted with crash pads that absorb impact through a combination of cushioning and compression technology.  These features make working on your feet all day seem like a breeze.     

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe, Black, 11.5 2E US

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Designed to provide easy comfort and support all day every day, these smart leather walking shoes are perfect for a day on your feet.  The latex foam bed serves as a generous cushion to reduce foot fatigue and keep it relaxed. 

An impact absorbing midsole structure offers flexible, lightweight protection, while the breathable mesh lining keeps your feet dry and fresh. 

For extra comfort, these shoes also have a wide base for added stability, an additional padded collar to soften any friction with the heel, and a strong traction non-slip sole that firmly clings to difficult surfaces. 

Skechers Women’s Squad SR Food Service Shoe

Skechers womens Squad Sr Food Service Shoe, Black Flat Knit, 8.5 US

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These women’s work shoes provide ideal comfort and support if you expect to be on your feet all day.  They have a memory foam foot bed that moulds itself to accommodate the specific shape of your foot.  This increases comfort, but also stability.  A neatly fitting shoe is much more healthy for your feet. 

The soles are flexible and slip resistant, so you can be confident that they will meet any challenge.  Made from 100% synthetic plastics, these shoes are specially designed to be lightweight and easy to work in.    

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 860v11 

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 860v11, Black/White, 11.5 Medium

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These fresh foam shoes have been specially designed to provide the best in comfort, support and mobility performance.  More towards the sporty pole of this list, they are not so good if you’re looking for a smarter, more traditional look. 

They are made from a combination of synthetic materials and mesh netting.  This makes them lightweight, airy and breathable.  The foam sole cushions the foot throughout the day and provides long-lasting comfort.  The special heel design hugs the bag of the foot for a comfortably snug, supportive fit. 

Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe  

Skechers mens Flex Advantage Bendon Wide Work Shoe, Black Mesh/Water/Stain Repellent Treatment, 10 Wide US

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A robust, durable work shoe that will provide long-lasting support and protective comfort.  It is fitted with a breathable mesh to help keep your feet healthy and make wearing them all day much more comfortable. 

A synthetic memory foam sole protects the foot and accommodates its natural shape.  The outward design is stylish while being subtle and discreet. 

Rockport Men’s Zaden Plain Toe Ox Oxford 

Rockport mens Zaden Plain Toe Oxford, Boston Tan Leather, 11 US

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This is a smart/casual shoe that is made from 100% leather.  It is perfect if you’re looking for a smarter, more traditional look.  It has a removable memory foam foot bed to add support to your foot, along with a rubberized outsole that provides a moderate grip. 

While these shoes offer a sleek look, they are not quite so kind on the feet as the shoes higher up on this list. 

AX BOXING Mens Casual Shoes Fashion Sneakers

AX BOXING Mens Casual Shoes Fashion Sneakers Breathable Comfort Walking Shoes for Male(Brown, Numeric_10)

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These classic fashionable sneakers are a great choice for retail work if you’re looking for footwear that is both smart and casual.  They are made from good quality leather that is soft and comfortable, and feature advanced upper stitching which strengthens the shoes and makes them more durable. 

The classic lace-up design allows you to freely adjust the shoe to your ideal fit.  The rubber outsole is equipped with anti-slip grooves that lend support and stability, and make them more comfortable to stand in for long periods. 

The interior is fitted with a soft mesh material that helps your feet breathe throughout the day.  

Fila Women’s Memory Flux Slip Resistant Work Shoe 

Fila 5SG3003300110 Memory Flux Sr Black/Black/Black 10

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These womens work shoes are crafted to offer the support you need if you’re on your feet for long periods.  Made from nylon and synthetic leather, they are strong, durable and provide long-term solid performance. 

The rubber sole is slip-resistant to an industrial standard, offering solid traction on all kinds of surfaces.  Designed for comfort, the shoes are fitted with a memory foam sockliner and midsole so that each shoe is tailored to your particular shape. 

The relaxed styling has perforations to allow for breathability and a lace-up front closure for an ideal fit. 

Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide

The right pair of shoes is perhaps the most important piece of equipment for a seasoned retail worker.  Standing up for hours and always looking presentable can really take its toll on your feet.  The wrong pair of shoes can make your job miserable and your feet swell up like balloons. 

If you want to excel at work you will need shoes that are both comfortable and presentable.  The best option will achieve the right balance between these two qualities.  Let’s take a closer look at three things you need to keep in mind to succeed in finding your ideal shoes for retail work.

The first thing to consider is the shoes’ appearance.  It is important that your shoes fit in with the style of the company you work for.  If you work in a store that is smart and traditional in its look, it is important that you buy shoes that are smart and traditional in appearance. 

This might mean soft leather and subtle colors.  On the other hand, if the company appeals more to young people or sells products in the sports niche, a pair of shoes that are more sporty and modern will probably fit better.  T

hese will often be made of synthetic materials and have a more stylized shape.  You will have to use your own judgement to ensure you invest in a product that harmonizes with the store you work in. 

Second, it is vital that you look for shoes that are designed for maximum comfort and support.  This means selecting shoes that have plenty of features that improve the experience of wearing them. 

Good examples of these features include memory foam soles, heel support, padded interiors and breathable mesh linings.  Investing in a pair of comfortable shoes is one of the smartest moves if you’re in retail. 

And third, you need to think about functionality.  How effective will these shoes be in my job day to day?  Desirable features will vary depending on your job role. 

But generally speaking, the most effective shoes for retail workers will be lightweight, have strong grip traction on the outsole and be made of tough, durable materials.  Shoes that meet these criteria will be trusty companions whatever challenges your job may throw at you.    

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do shoes for retail workers need? 

Shoes for retail workers need to be both comfortable and presentable.  It is very important that the shoes are both of these things in equal measure. 

For maximum comfort, invest in shoes that have self-shaping insoles, heel support, cushioning, breathable linings, strong traction on the outsole and flexible shapes.     

What is the difference between the best shoes for retail work and other kinds of shoe? 

The key difference is that the best shoes for retail workers are designed to be as comfortable and as attractive as possible.  Not one more than the other, but both in equal measure. 

Other kinds of shoes tend to be designed more for appearance or more for practicality.  Just think of high-heels or walking boots.  The right pair of shoes for retail will get the perfect balance between these two features.   

What are the best shoes for being on your feet all day? 

The best shoes for being on your feet all day will provide consistent cushioning and support to the foot.  They will have memory foam or self-shaping insoles that mould themselves to the shape of your foot. 

They will also have padded heels to reduce rubbing, and a breathable mesh to keep your feet clean and healthy. 

What materials are best for retail workers shoes? 

The best shoes for retail workers will be light, airy and provide cushioning for the foot.  These can be made out of leather, synthetic fibers or a combination of these. 

It largely comes down to individual taste and the style that you’re looking for.  Comfortable insoles are often made of memory foam, and the airiest shoes will be lined with a breathable mesh on the inside.